March 8th, 2011

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Twilight (A Bay City Paranormal Investigation 3) by Ally Blue

The first book I read in this series was for sure good but in the end I wasn’t sure if it was a romance; that story indeed was more about the BCPI agency than the relationship between Sam and Bo. More than once I had to go back reading some chapter to actually pick up the sign of a blossoming love relationship between the two men, and when the novel reached its end, the love relationship didn’t, on the contrary it was more or less at its beginning and it was not even sure being long-lasting. That was the situation at the beginning of book 2, with Bo still in the closet, his marriage in crisis but not closed and Sam who had his moments of discouragement, so much that he was even tempted by another man. Starting book 3, this book, Sam and Bo are still plodding up an hard path, but I’m finally seeing some light at the end of that path.

On a nice contraposition, while the importance of the relationship grows book after book, the paranormal side of the story loses its own; that is not necessarily a bad thing, at least not to my own perspective: as I told above, in the first book I had my difficulties to “find” the love in the story, while now, in Twilight, it’s clear from beginning to the end, clear that we are reading about a love story, and as any other love story, the two men involved will probably have their trouble, but at least we know they are fighting for it, together.

I like that the author didn’t underestimate the problem Bo is having in admitting his homosexuality; true, he has no problem with Sam, but he is still scared to come out with anyone else. A simple explanation can be that he is scared to be judged, but I think that, unconsciously, he is still uncertain of himself. In most cases, situations like this one will lead to the man to stay in the closet since the lover of the moment will not have the patience to wait; Sam instead is willing to go to a slower pace to allow to Bo all the space and time he needs. This translates not only on not having public display of affection, but also to limit their sexual experience, to not “scare” Bo off of some possible positions… and I will not detail further the concept.

On the contrary of other books in series that can be easily read as standalone, I would advice people to read this series in its releasing order, otherwise you will not grasp how the author has planned Sam and Bo’s love relationship’s evolution.

Amazon: Twilight (Bay City Paranormal Investigations)
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Paperback: 230 pages
Publisher: Samhain Publishing (August 26, 2008)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1599988380
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Series: Bay City Paranormal Investigation
1) Oleander House:
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3) Twilight

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