March 16th, 2011

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Lord of Misrule by Kannan Feng

This was quite an interesting fantasy novel mixing pain with pleasure but above all giving to a Dom/sub relationship is true and original meaning, that is no only that of being a sex game.

Verity Lysimachus Severi Sephandus Fen of the House of Fen has probably a name longer than his age; even if for the current standard he is not so young (around 25 years old), he is still what you can identify to a post-graduate student in a fantasy Veiled University. As one of the older students he has some rights, like they were not enough those his spoiled self already were claiming, and so he is assigned a servant, Iskander. Even if younger than Verity, Iskander has a dignity, and a self-consciousness, that make him appear older and for sure savvier. Iskander has that dignity that sometime you see in Asian people, even when they are forced by economic conditions to accept job under their status, nevertheless they perform the task with accuracy and perfection. Iskander is so perfect that Verity almost forgets he is around and so Verity goes back to his bratty attitude, hopping up and down the bed of almost strangers, all linked together by the characteristic of being young and pretty, and so easily conditioned by Verity who leads them around like lap-pet.

One night Iskander, who has never questioned his Master’s behaviour, decides to teach him a lesson: in a way, Iskander is doing his job again at perfection, his duty is to take care of Verity and to make him perfect as well, and teaching Verity a lesson is the best way to straighten up the romp student. Iskander was taught since he was young how to deal with servants and similar and so he mixes this skill with sex: bondage, flogging, gagging are all good methods, and by the way, it’s not that Verity is complaining so much.

But one thing is to enjoy the sex in the privacy of their bedroom and another thing is to admit to strangers that he is having sex with a servant; and so Verity gets distracted, or maybe search distraction in the arms of Liulfr. In Verity’s eyes this is not a betrayal since, first he is not yet arrived to admit that he has a relationship with Iskander, and second, he is still convinced that he is the Master, and since he cannot perform his masterly duty on Iskander, then he has to find another willing recipient.

I like that, even with being an heavily fantasy setting, the story was not too much out of the ordinary to not allow the reader to identify with the world setting. Sometime, especially in the first part of the story, I was so focused on the blossoming relationship between Iskander and Verity that I almost forgot this was a fantasy, it could have been well a college romance set in a maybe ’40 or ’50 of the XX century European University. Then the second part of the story out-tracks a bit, or better the fantasy side comes out strongly than before; again nothing too much, but definitely clearly fantasy.

Amazon Kindle: The Lord of Misrule
Publisher: Circlet Press, Inc. (September 14, 2010)

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andrew potter

Rob Gibb: A Study in Blue

Rob Gibb was born in 1963 but would have prefered 1974, however he is happy with the month of August.

His life was uneventful with nothing significant happening until he entered Edinburgh College of Art in 1988. Here life became average yet he still managed to leave with a 1st and a masters degree.

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On entering the real world a fashion stylist persuaded him to sell his soul, and for the next years was forced into a life of relentless surreality as a fashion photographer. With work published both nationally and internationally.

He is currently Head of Photography at the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design, and occasionally exhibits some of his more poignant and frivolous works, but only when forced to.

More Photographers at my website:, My Ramblings/Art

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Handcuffs and Spreader Bars (A Rawlings Men Story) by Kim Dare

From the dedica of this novella (To taking a chance, even after you’ve been hurt) to the following development, I think the author wanted to launch a message to someone, in a nice and direct way: Detective Sergeant Alasdair Grant is a good cop, he is gay, out and proud, but he was burned in the past and so now he doesn’t trust so much domineering man and that is an issue when you are a sub,

Even if Alisdair is clearly attracted by Harland Rawlings, he doesn’t want to admit it and if Harland let him decide, never would ever happen between them; but of course Harland, like a good Dom, will not that happen, above all since a good Dom knows when to push his sub and when to pull away. Now is the time to push and he comes full front to Alasdair that practically isn’t able to oppose any resistance.

Sure, people can find Harland’s attitude a little too pushing, and in a way Harland is like to now have misunderstood Alasdair’s needs since sincerely he didn’t give the boy much space, he cornered him and had his way. Lucky Alasdair, instead of taking what he wanted without giving anything back, Harland first of all thought of Alasdair, and in doing so he insinuated the doubt in Alasdair that not all the domineering men are the same.

This is not a long story, just 3 encounters and a good start for something good between the two men; again what probably is the nicest thing is to see not only the interaction between Alasdair and Harland but also with all the other Rawlings men that are practically colonizing this London police station.

Amazon Kindle: Handcuffs and Spreader Bars (Rawlings Men)
Publisher: Resplendence Publishing, LLC (February 22, 2011)

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The Victorian Period: A Game

This was too fun and I'm sure a lot of my friends will like it:

and btw the pictures and the home they used were wonderful and even if I chose all the right dresses I would have love to use all of them :-)

Are you a 'civilized' person, suited to the Victorian period?

To find out, select the role of a man or woman by clicking on one of the two portraits over the fireplace.
Then use the game board on the table to move from one situation to another.
You can visit five different places. In each, you will have to choose the appropriate type of clothing to wear, or determine which is the best way to react.
You win or lose points depending on your answers. You can accumulate up to a total of 1,000 points, 500 per character.
Each character?s progress will be displayed in a dial in the upper right of your screen. You can click on a dial at any time to return to the menu and select another character.
To select a new place, you can go back to the game board at any time by clicking on the BACK arrow located at the top of the screen.
Beware! If you quit a place before you answer all the questions, you will lose all the points you accumulated there.
And, once you answer all the questions related to a place, be aware that its entry will be locked on the game board.