March 18th, 2011

andrew potter

Man Candy Day: Dean Monroe & Zachary Jared

This week Dylan was REALLY generous with us, not one but TWO wonderful men, and sincerely I'm not able to pick between the sexy Dean, with his grown man appeal, or pretty Zachary, with his youth blush... well I will not pick at all and share both of them with you ;-)

Last week Dylan added porn star Dean Monroe to his site (

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Dean Monroe's a gorgeous, brown-haired stud with Greek blood who got his big break in the British porn film The White Room in 2000 before being snapped up by US outfit Falcon. He now works in both the US and Europe and is something of a musician and portrait artist - he released his first single Closer To You late in 2008 - but keeps returning to porn with the likes of UK Naked Men to keep his fans happy.

You can find more info about Dean here:

Zachary instead is a FULL FRONTAL EXCLUSIVE to the site (, and he is a 22 year old New York fashion model:

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Age: 22
Height: 6'
Where were you born: Houston, Texas. "Everything's bigger in Texas" ;)
Where do you live: Brooklyn, New York
Occupation: Model, Singer, Actor
Favourite TV shows: Ru Pauls Drag Race and anything with Kathy Griffin
Favourite music/band/artist: Aretha Franklin, Lauryn Hill, John Legend, Adele, Whitney Houston .. So many, I love music.
Favourite Food: Anything my mom makes
Interests/hobbies: Art, painting, music, singing, dancing, enjoying life
Goal in life: To always stay happy, have fun, laugh, I love to play.
How long have you been modelling: One year
What you wear in bed: Boxers. Sometimes a tank top, I make them myself.
Your best feature: My sense of humor ... and my hair ;)
Anything else you want to add or promote: Not just yet, but my music is up and coming. I'll keep you posted!

He is definitely slimmer than most of the guys Dylan has on his site but Dylan loves featuring models that have more of a fashion look. It adds variety, and getting fashion models to do full frontal is a special treat? Dylan is honored Zachary agreed to do it and me (and I think you) are happy, very happy ;-)

More info about Zachary here:

In an effort to make his site more collaborative, Dylan will be trying to expand the guest photographers over this year and try find a few guys that can become regular contributors. Another section he is considering is a MEMBERS GALLERY. This is where you come in. Dylan would like to feature a page of images each week, or each month, that features nude shots (no clothing in the shot) of you guys or your friends. You can show face or not, your choice. One rule, the model must hold a piece of paper with the words "The Male Form" on it. It could be a close shot of your chest, or other body part, a full length shot, explicit, or PG. Dylan will only choose shots that look good so please send reasonable quality. Who knows, maybe this will lead to a full on shoot with some of you guys?

The MEMBERS GALLERY will only work if he gets enough good shots, so we will have to wait and see what response Dylan gets. The shots will only be in the members section of the site and will have your NAME (can be fake name), AGE, LOCATION. So get snapping...