March 23rd, 2011

andrew potter

Treasured by Cari Z.

The novella is a modern fantasy intake on the cinderfellas story, or better on the handsome rake/blushing virgin pair. Now don’t get me wrong, Daniel, the young man in this story, is not a virgin, but he is innocent and somewhat naïve; he is a good guy and easily fascinated by the beautiful stranger who enters the museum he is working for. Reese oozes sensuality, wealth and why not, even a little bit of danger that doesn’t hurt; Daniel is too much attracted by him to question Reese’s motives.

In this modern fantasy everyone has some psychic power, Daniel has a short futuresight, and Reese is a shapeshifter, even if he doesn’t want to confess to Daniel of what type. Daniel is also a poor grad student, working in a museum for a little wager and when handsome Reese vows him with dinner and incredible sex after that, plus bringing him to an exclusive party the day after, Daniel of course is so blinded by all of this that probably doesn’t notice Reese’s interest for Daniel’s works. Or maybe Daniel wants to believe that for once he has found someone who is so interested in him that wants to share the love for the same things.

I don’t think everything was premeditated for Reese, he is indeed a handsome rake and as such he knows when to take advantage of the chances presenting him, but he is kind and attentive with Daniel, and he is no selfish with compliments; plus sex is really good.

Both Reese than Daniel really care for each other and for that reason they will bend justice to their own reason; in the end Reese will remain the villain he is, but to Daniel’s eyes he is also the man of his dreams and as such, well, Daniel can forgive him some little “sin”.

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Publisher: Pink Petal Books (September 2, 2010)

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andrew potter

White Shadows In Darkness by Carolina Valdez

Inhabiting the Night by Carolina Valdez

Little Grizzly Lake is not exactly your ordinary mountain location, vampire, werebears and one werecat inhabit it, but as usual the danger doesn’t come from them.

Trent is the last arrival to the town and he is soon “welcomed”: drugged and almost raped by some punks. Lucky him Martin was out there in the night mind his business and decided he didn’t want to witness to that. When Trent awakes in Martin’s cabin, the handsome Iroquois Native American not so subtly make him aware of his interest, an interest that Trent would be willing to reciprocate if not for the fact that he is in Little Grizzly Lake to search his lost twin.

The author chose to plunge the reader directly in the middle of the story. That Trent is newly arrived in town and that it was not the first time he met Martin are all details the reader learns in a second-hand way, through memories and chatting. Even Trent’s real reason for being in town, Paul, is somewhat like an afterthought, and even if Trent is a cop he doesn’t really behave like one, actually Martin, the owner of a gym, appears to be more “professional” than Trent.

The author mostly focuses on Trent and Martin’s blossoming relationship and on Martin’s everyday life; even Choco, Martin’s cat, has a bigger role in the story than Trent’s search for his brother. And due to the “abrupt” ending, I think the author didn’t really “close” this story, and that she is maybe planning a sequel, since, more or less, there are a lot of loose ends, like for example the simple fact that Trent is a L.A. cop and that I don’t see Martin moving away from Little Grizzly Lake.

The small town itself is very interesting: a place where an ancient clan of werebears is living in peace, even if not really all the town is aware of their true nature; moreover also a group of vampires made of Little Grizzly Lake their own reserve and they grudgingly cohabit with the weres, even if there is not really good neighbour relationships between them, but more a live and let live motto.

All in all the story was good above all since it was an original intake of an abused theme; I’m not really sure I fully understand everything, I had the feeling there was even a “sad” undertone I’m not sure it was willingly intertwined by the author in the plot.

Amazon Kindle: Inhabiting The Night (print book)

Amazon: White Shadows In Darkness
Paperback: 144 pages
Publisher: Amber Quill Press (November 17, 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1611249961
ISBN-13: 978-1611249965

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