April 9th, 2011

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Esther Wyndham (July 31, 1908 – April 9, 1999)

MARY LUTYENS, who became the acknowledged world expert and writer on the Indian spiritual philosopher Krishnamurti, was only two years old when her mother, Lady Emily Lutyens, became a theosophist.

In 1911 Annie Besant, president of the Theosophical Society, which based its teaching on Hindu ideas and philosophy, brought Krishnamurti, a brahmin child named after the Hindu divinity, and his brother Nitya, to England. Lady Emily took the two boys "under her wing" and the young Mary grew up knowing them well.

Although in later life she was not a strict theosophist, she was interested in psychic matters and remained dedicated to Krishnamurti, writing several books about him, including Krishnamurti, a three- volume biography (1975-88), and The Life and Death of Krishnamurti (1990). Her determination to preserve Krishnamurti's good name extended to her writing a secret rebuttal of an Indian woman's derogatory account of his life.

Lutyens remembered Annie Besant as being the only person in her life for whom she felt any hero worship, and from her childhood encounters with theosophy she gained a respect for the beliefs of others which stayed with her throughout her life.

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Source: Passion's Fortune: The Story of Mills & Boon
andrew potter

Around the World: Vilnius, Lithuania

All right, you almost managed to get rid off me, I risked to freeze to death to take these pictures ;-) I rented a bike (what an experience, even the renting itself) and then wandered around the city; even if there is plenty of bike paths, I don't think they are much used, and the wind was terrible... I'm still trembling!


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