May 1st, 2011

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Beautiful Disaster by J.M. Snyder

Corey and Ian are the 2ICE a pop duo loved by the fans, in particular female fans. Both very young, barely 20 years old, Corey and Ian react in different way to the sudden success: Corey loses himself in meaningless sex every night with a different female partner, and Ian loses himself in the alcohol. Both aren't finding in their escape way what they are searching.

Ian is in love with Corey, and he can't bear to see the man brings a different woman every night in his bed. Corey instead is searching to prove to the world that he is real, that he is not only an empty body on the scene; he believes that, giving a piece of him every night to a different person, he will at the end affirm that he is real, that he is a man and not a song.

But one night Corey realizes that he is tired to not knowing who is in bed with him, and when he turns around to find an help, Ian is there for him. Corey suddenly understands that the only real thing in his life in this moment is his friendship with Ian, a friendship that could be love. And since Corey associates love with sex, he now wants to move his relationship with Ian to the next level, to a sexual level. But Ian isn't willing to be one more body in Corey's bed, he wants to be the one and the only and he asks time to Corey.

Both Corey than Ian are very tender, and it's right for them to be so, since they are really young, not more teens but not yet men. Ian asks time like a old fashioned virgin maid, in a way he believes that giving up to Corey, allowing him to have his body, he would be consider "easy"; he wants to give to Corey his body along with his soul, he wants for Corey to really know him before allowing the man an entry to the altar of his body. On the other hand Corey is not the rakish man that usually seduces the virgin; Corey is as young as Ian, as in need of love as the other man. Corey pouts and whines, and he always obtains what he wants; but when Ian is not willing to let Corey in as soon as Corey asks, Corey didn't react with hurt, instead he becomes even more sweet and tender: not having immediately what he wants, makes Corey think and in a way, he becomes an adult even before Ian.

This is a very nice book, I always like when the characters are so young. Neither of them is a really dominant character, neither of the is a really fully grown man; it's tender to think that they will grow together and that they will be happy, since the bad world outside can't touch them.

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Amazon: Beautiful Disaster
Amazon Kindle: Beautiful Disaster
Paperback: 186 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace (May 1, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1461064473
ISBN-13: 978-1461064473

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Denise Robins (February 1, 1897 – May 1, 1985)

Denise Robins (1 February 1897 - 1 May 1985) was a prolific British romantic novelist and President of the Romantic Novelists' Association. She wrote under a variety of pen-names, producing short stories, plays, and some two hundred novels. Her books sold over one hundred million copies. Her maiden name was Denise Naomi Klein.

Denise Klein, later Robins, was the daughter of Kathleen Clarice Cornwell, who was also a prolific author who wrote under several names, and of her first husband, Herman Klein, who was a professor of music and journalist. Of Russian ancestry, he had been born in Norwich in 1856. Two of the Kleins' children became writers. Adrian Bernard Klein (1892-1969) was an artist and wrote books on photography and cinematography. After serving as an officer in the British Army, he became a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society and changed his name to Adrian Cornwell-Clyne. There was a third child, Daryl, born in about 1894.

Kathleen Clarice had been born in Melbourne, Australia, on 11 March 1872 and was the daughter of George Cornwell and his wife Jemima Ridpath, married in 1850. George Cornwell was a railway guard who became a successful gold prospector in Australia, operating several mines. His eldest daughter, Alice Cornwell, born 1852, was spectacularly rich by the 1890s, returning to England and buying the Sunday Times newspaper.

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First Book – Love's Broken Idol (1918) as Denise Chesterton

Last Book - Illusion of Love (2000)


Source: Passion's Fortune: The Story of Mills & Boon

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As Luck Would Have It (Le hasard fait bien les choses) (2002) directed by Lorenzo Gabriele

Teacher watches his life become upside down after Justice appoints him as tutor of a troubled kid.

Director: Lorenzo Gabriele

Writers: Philippe Le Dem, Julie Gilbert

Release Date: 20 November 2002 (France)
29 November 2005 (DVD premiere, USA)

Genres: Comedy

Storyline: When the courts appoint college professor Jean-Pierre (Jean-Claude Brialy) as the guardian of a hopelessly troubled teen (Julien Bravo), the teacher instantly fears that his carefully constructed yet precarious life will be turned upside down. That includes a seemingly happy marriage juggled with a homosexual lover (Antonio Interlandi). But the more he protests the ruling, the more suspicions are aroused, giving him some explaining to do.

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Cast (in credits order) Jean-Claude Brialy ... Jean-Pierre Muller
Sabine Haudepin ... Alice
Antonio Interlandi ... Armando
Julien Bravo ... Antoine
Elena Noverraz ... Ana
Jean-Pierre Gos ... Bernie
Lorriane Cherpillod ... Samantha
Anne Kreis ... Mme le juge
Jacques Michel ... Le recteur
Juan-Antonio Crespillo ... Grégoire
Florence Quartenoud ... Assistante sociale #1
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Jean-Pierre & Armando

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Overdrive by Ariel Tachna

Ariel Tachna has the skill to write out-of-ordinary love stories (like her Partnership in Blood series) but also very ordinary “extraordinary” love stories like this one: Overdrive is set in the World Championship Rally world, that is a little less shining than the F1 circuit, but is still a “public” setting; nevertheless, this is a behind the scene story, about very ordinary guys falling in love and having to face the common step by step routine to build a long-term relationship.

Daniel “Dany” is a French driver who desperately needs a good navigator; when the chance comes to hire Francois “Frank”, a young French-Canadian, the little detail that Frank is without job after being kicked out from his previous team since he is gay it’s not a problem at all: Dany is bisexual, and the fact that Frank is young and hot is a bonus.

When I said the story is ordinary, I meant it in a positive way: even if Dany and Frank’s love story isn’t, and cannot be, only a private affair (there is their team to consider, sponsors and public opinion), for most of the novel the author concentrate on their private life; how they first share an home together, allowing them to know each other and instil in each other heart the seed of love; how they discover common interests and target; and above all how they can replace the first rush of attraction with something deeper and more lasting.

Another point that I like was that, even if Dany and Frank had any chance to “consummate” this love immediately, the author preferred to delay the moment when sex becomes part of their relationship; I think the choice was to prove that, if you build steady basis, the love will be stronger. Dany is actually a don juan, basically playing the field with both men and women, always searching the next thrill, in love, sport and career; but once he “tests” it, he is always on the hunt for the next one, easily forgetting the previous flavour of the day. It’s not actually Frank’s choice to “deny” Dany, it’s more something just happening, even supported by Frank’s sudden need to go back home for some weeks, leaving Dany in France wondering what it could have been and what can be if they take a chance on this love. Once they arrive to the sexual part of their relationship, in any case they regain the lost time, and it was quite nice to see Dany, the “driver”, letting Frank taking the lead at least in bed.

The private side of the love story remains center stage for most part of the novel, and only in the last chapters the public side will make its appearance; even in this case, the author chose to deal with it in a quiet and romantic way, no drama at all.

Amazon: Overdrive
Amazon Kindle: Overdrive
Paperback: 204 pages
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (April 8, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1615819029
ISBN-13: 978-1615819027

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Referrals Program: April Top 10*

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