May 2nd, 2011

andrew potter

HellBourne by Amber Kell

HellBourne series is not exactly a romance but more a discovery journey. It's the story of Lucifer "Luc" Hellbourne, half-fae half-devil, who is trying to find his place in the human and otherworldly world. After 20 years spent as Alpha male's lover of a werewolf pack, Luc is on the loose; his werewolf lover dumped him to marry a woman and have kids, a thing that even Luc, with all his special power, can't have. Wandering alone after so many years living in a pack is disconcerning and when Luc sees a night club called the River Styx, he feels a bit at home, and enters the club and a new stage in his life.

Obviously the Master Vampire of the club, Nikko, is all of the idea to make Luc his own personal thrall, and Luc, at first, is not against the idea: Nikko is a very good piece of a man, not exactly the emaciated vampire of legends. He is a stud, and Luc is not against the idea to have a rebound lover like him. Nikko is thinking to have found his personal pet, and in his magnanimity, to give protection to Luc, but he doesn't know that Luc has no need of his protection, Luc stays and goes when he wants and how he likes.

At the same moment Luc is in a three-way: his former lover Bran wants him back, his actual lover Nikko doesn't want to let him go and there is a new young vampire with the face of an angel, Jerrod, who needs his help, and how can a demon not being drawn by an angel?

Hellbourne is a continuing series, I have the feeling that also the following novella in the series will be centered around Luc and his search for a new home, and probably his real mate. The quality of the story is way better than the first attempts by this same author, she always plays with stereotype (the Alpha Male werewolf, the Master Vampire), but this time they are all elements mixed in a slightly more original way. Not that the previous short stories weren't good, but I feel like this new novella being more mature and complete.

Amazon Kindle: Hellbourne
Publisher: Total-E-Bound Publishing (May 2, 2011)

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andrew potter

Indigo Knights 1: Squire by Jet Mykles

It’s true that a Gay Romance novel can be serious and even a little bit drama, but I think that what can so many reader hooked on this genre were stories like the Heaven Sent series by Jet Mykles, or at least that was for me. I eagerly read all 4 books in that series, plus the bonus stories with all 4 pairs together; I’m guilty of not having yet read the spin-off, but it’s never too late. I admit that I was a little sad to see that series end, pretty and a little bit crazy guys playing in the show business field was a good treat for me, every time a new novel was out it was first in my reading list.

With Squire Jet Mykles comes back to that world, and starts a spin-off series, Indigo Knights; Rabin Squire already appeared in a previous novel of the Heaven Sent series, and he was for sure an interesting character; as other in that series, he was not openly gay, but let us say that he was at least bi-curious. In his own story, Rabin meets Izzy, Brent’s cousin (Brent is part of the Heaven Sent band and he is paired with Hell); Izzy is a bit of a stereotype: long, flowing black hair, lithe and smooth body, as much if not more pretty than a girl, if Rabin is bi-curious, Izzy is probably the right boy to experiment.

Izzy is coming out from a bad breakup and he says he doesn’t want nothing serious; he admits he has a crush on Rabin, and he is more than willing to be his buddy “f**k” friend, with strings attached. But saying and doing is different and without almost realizing that, both Rabin than Izzy develops a deeper feeling for each other, something that can easily turn in love if they give it a chance.

The story is pretty much on the light mode, there is really no drama, and I liked that, even if there was a little bit of thinking on the straight versus gay issue, in the end Rabin had more or less a “what feels good is good” attitude: being with Izzy is good, they are not doing anything wrong, no one will suffer from it, so, where is the wrong in that? They are young, they are free, and they are good together. True, someone could question Rabin’s easiness in accepting being involved in a gay relationship while he was “apparently” straight, but that is, the author suggests that while Rabin was fine in his “straight” relationship, he has never had anything serious with a woman since it was not really his fate.

Squire, and I suppose all the Indigo Knight series, like the Heaven Sent was, is a light show business themed story, with pretty boys, good sex and little if nothing drama, perfect for a R&R night.

Amazon Kindle: Squire (Indigo Knights)
Publisher: Loose Id LLC (September 7, 2010)

Series: Heaven Sent
1) Heaven:
1.5) Pretty Red Ribbon:
2) Purgatory
2.5) Sexy Spring Surprise:
3) Hell:
3.5) Feisty Little Firecracker:
4) Faith:
4.5) Sly Spectral Trick:
5) Genesis:
6) Revelations

Series: Indigo Knights
1) Squire

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Cover Art by P.L. Nunn
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The Dancer & Sexy Big Man by Jeff Adams

Todd is a pretty ordinary guy, an electrician working for tv shows and enjoying every minute of it. He is a big fan of America’s Next Top Dancer and in particular of Nathaniel, one of the dancer; when he has the chance to sub for one of the electrician working for that show, he would have never guessed that was also the chance to meet Nate. Even if working for a real show, Nate is as much ordinary as Todd, and when the two guys meet, a sweet and romantic love story will start.

I liked the contraposition of their bodies, Todd strong and big, bear-like, and Nate small and lithe, a real dancer, with the pretty much similarity of their attitude; Todd and Nate like the simple things of life, they have common interests and it’s clear their love story will be a lasting one.

There are no obstacles to their love, and while Todd has no a public life like Nate, nevertheless they don’t clash together; both Todd and Nate are on the shy side, but Nate will kindly lead Todd a little out of his shell, just enough to allow them to start a good thing together.

The Dancer & Sexy Big Man is only a short story, but it didn’t feel like that; the story was well plotted and the characters were nice and good together. I wouldn’t mind to see more of them together, seeing how they will manage their life together, I have the feel that Todd would be a good supporter to Nate’s beginning career in the show business.

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The Popsicle Tree, A Dick Hardesty Mystery, by Dorien Grey

I’m too lazy too read all the Dick Hardesty Mystery and so I asked for the books where the relationship between Dick and Jonathan first started and then developed into a family with the addition of Joshua, Jonathan’s little nephew.

At the beginning of this novel, Dick and Jonathan are having a pretty good “bachelor” life together: they travel, they work, they have enough money to spare and enjoy the life; nothing apparently bad, if not that Dick is not really yet convinced this is the life he really wants. You can understand his indecision in the way he ogles all the pretty boys he comes upon to, even if he has a good fine boy, Jonathan, at home all for himself. Dick in a way would like to play the field, and the “ifs” are still plenty in his day-to-day routing, even if he doesn’t actually follow any of them.

Then suddenly Jonathan is appointed guardian for his nephew Joshua, a four years old baby; to Jonathan, aside for the pain of losing his brother, is like the realization of his dream: he has always wanted kids, but he was not expecting for his dream to come true, and above all not so soon. But Jonathan also knows that, even if he was joking with Dirk on building a 2.5 kids family in the suburbs, Dirk is not ready, or willing, to be the other half of that dreams.

Dick in a way surprised me: I was not expecting for him to put his feelings for Jonathan in front of his own personal desire. Actually both of them do that, Jonathan not wanting to force Dick, and Dick realizing that Jonathan and Joshua are an item and that if he wants one he has to take also the other. But Dick was even more surprising in “really” accepting Joshua: for Dick is not only doing a favour to Jonathan, he really likes the kid and while it’s clear that Joshua is Jonathan’s responsibility, it’s also clear that Dick is more than willing to share the burden.

In the end, I think that Joshua, instead of destabilizing Dick and Jonathan’s relationship like the most common plot would have implied, helped on the contrary to make it stronger, giving it a chance to last that without Joshua was probably less likely; as in an old fashioned romance, the kid in question worked as cement to the relationship.

Again, the personal subplot for me was more interesting than the mystery main theme; and again I’m not really able to summarize it without spoiling the fun for the mystery lovers. Enough to say that Dorien Grey put together a good numbers of possible suspects and that me, like him, until the end were not sure of who really was the one who killed Jonathan and Dick’s single mom neighbour.

Amazon: The Popsicle Tree (Dick Hardesty Mysteries)
Paperback: 247 pages
Publisher: GLB Publishers (January 2005)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1879194554
ISBN-13: 978-1879194557

Series: Dick Hardesty Series
1) The Butcher's Son
2) The 9th Man
3) The Bar Watcher
4) The Hired Man
5) The Good Cop:
6) The Bottle Ghosts
7) The Dirt Peddler
8) The Role Players
9) The Popsicle Tree

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