July 29th, 2011

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Awake edited by Tracey Pennington

Worth Waiting For by Nancy Garden: This was my first experience with Nancy Garden but I know she is like an icon of the lesbian Young Adult genre, and after reading this short story I can understand why. The story is sweet and full of hope, about a small town girl, Mari, who falls in love for the first time; her love is new-in-town Molly and in this girl meets girl plot there is a lot of angst (small town short-end mentality, gratuitous cruelty among the other kids, difficult relationship with parents) but there is also romance, a romance that, as the title says, it’s worth waiting for. Mari and Molly are contemporary girls, with contemporary comparison: unfortunately for them, they are not those of the big city that maybe are detached, but at least are various; in the farm country where they live, the past is Matthew Shepard, the present is the everyday fight to have a GSA group at school, the future is the problematic relationship with your mother, who listens to much to her pastor and the town gossips and not so much to the silent plead of her daughter.

A Line in the Sand by Robin Reardon: Robin Reardon’s story is completely different from Nancy Garden’s one, but very much in line with what I’m used to read from her; here we have a teenager gay boy who had the lucky to come out to his parents and find them supporting. Dustin is nor your typical teenager, he loves beautiful things like fashion and having a pic-nic with silverware and crystals and he dreams to be a designer (for fashion or theatre he has not yet decided). In his young life he has already had a broken heart due to a guy who was not out, and now that he meets Randy, he wants to play it cool. But Dustin is a romantic at heart, and Randy, even if a little older and still in the closet, is a dream comes true. Pity they have only a summer week and then a life on the opposite site of the country. Even if this story has not the classical happily ever after (but suggestion, Randy wants to be a jazz player, Dustin a designer, what place is best than New York City for that?) in the end the story was sweet and full of hope, I can see that, even if Randy and Dustin will not end together, in any case they will have a good life in front of them.

Shattered Diamonds by Jordan Taylor: I’m sure this story will break your heart like it did to mine, but I had a fair warning; beginning scene is about an unnamed teenager who is remembering the death of a schoolmate, Jeremy, and how he feels guilty about it. Little by little we understand that actually Jeremy had his own issues and that maybe unnamed guy is not really guilty if not of not have been a friend. I’m not sure that, with a friend, Jeremy would have overcome all his troubles, but at least he would have been a chance, a chance to not shatter in thousand of pieces like a beautiful, but fragile diamond.

Pervert by Brian Katcher: this is not my first experience with a transgender story but I think this is, among the few I read, one of the best. Again the author decided to not give a name to the boy/girl who are living their hell in high school, feeling they are inadequate, a pervert. The boy/girl are so scared of their own skin they don’t realize they are not alone in this world. Unfortunately I cannot say they have not reason to believe so, the few real life cases of transgender people I read about usually are not story with an easy happily ever after, transgender people seem to have it even harder than gay or lesbian, but I think that with this short story Brian Katcher wants to prove that, with the support of the family, even a miracle is possible.

All net proceeds from the sale of this book will benefit The Trevor Project
MISSION: The Trevor Project is determined to end suicide among LGBTQ youth by providing lifesaving and life-affirming resources including our nationwide, 24/7 crisis intervention lifeline, digital community and advocacy/educational programs that create a safe, supportive and positive environment for everyone.
VISION: A future where the possibilities, opportunities and dreams are the same for all youth, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.


Amazon: Awake
Amazon Kindle: Awake
Reading level: Ages 9-12
Paperback: 218 pages
Publisher: Cheyenne Publishing (June 29, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0982826761
ISBN-13: 978-0982826768

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Event: A Reading with Michael Schiavi

Date: 07/30/2011
Time: 5:30 pm
Place: Giovanni’s Room
At 12th & Pine Streets in Philly's "Gayborhood" in Center City
345 South 12th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Michael Schiavi is the author of Celluloid Activist: The Life and Times of Vito Russo.

The first critical biography of gay-rights activist Vito Russo. "Celluloid Activist" illuminates, through the life of this fascinating individual, some of the most explosive cultural revolutions in American history and significantly expands the fields of gay film studies, biography, and history.

Celluloid Activist: The Life and Times of Vito Russo by Michael Schiavi
Hardcover: 320 pages
Publisher: University of Wisconsin Press; 1 edition (May 10, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0299282309
ISBN-13: 978-0299282301
Amazon: Celluloid Activist: The Life and Times of Vito Russo

Celluloid Activist is the biography of gay-rights giant Vito Russo, the man who wrote The Celluloid Closet: Homosexuality in the Movies, commonly regarded as the foundational text of gay and lesbian film studies and one of the first to be widely read.

But Russo was much more than a pioneering journalist and author. A founding member of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) and cofounder of the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power (ACT UP), Russo lived at the center of the most important gay cultural turning points in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. His life as a cultural Zelig intersects a crucial period of social change, and in some ways his story becomes the story of a developing gay revolution in America. A frequent participant at “zaps” and an organizer of Gay Activists Alliance (GAA) cabarets and dances—which gave the New York gay and lesbian community its first social alternative to Mafia-owned bars—Russo made his most enduring contribution to the GAA with his marshaling of “Movie Nights,” the forerunners to his worldwide Celluloid Closet lecture tours that gave gay audiences their first community forum for the dissection of gay imagery in mainstream film.

Biographer Michael Schiavi unravels Vito Russo’s fascinating life story, from his childhood in East Harlem to his own heartbreaking experiences with HIV/AIDS. Drawing on archival materials, unpublished letters and journals, and more than two hundred interviews, including conversations with a range of Russo’s friends and family from brother Charlie Russo to comedian Lily Tomlin to pioneering activist and playwright Larry Kramer, Celluloid Activistprovides an unprecedented portrait of a man who defined gay-rights and AIDS activism.
andrew potter

Event: Jodi Picoult Book Signing

Date: Sunday, July 31st
Time: at 11 AM
Place: Now Voyager Bookstore & Gallery
357 Commercial St.
(Across from the Provincetown Library)

Jodi will be signing copies of her new book, Sing You Home

A portion of book sales will be donated to GLAD (Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders)

Sing You Home: A Novel by Jodi Picoult
Hardcover: 480 pages
Publisher: Atria Books; Har/Com edition (March 1, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1439102724
ISBN-13: 978-1439102725
Amazon: Sing You Home: A Novel
Amazon Kindle: Sing You Home: A Novel

Every life has a soundtrack. All you have to do is listen.

Music has set the tone for most of Zoe Baxter’s life. There’s the melody that reminds her of the summer she spent rubbing baby oil on her stomach in pursuit of the perfect tan. A dance beat that makes her think of using a fake ID to slip into a nightclub. A dirge that marked the years she spent trying to get pregnant.

For better or for worse, music is the language of memory. It is also the language of love.

In the aftermath of a series of personal tragedies, Zoe throws herself into her career as a music therapist. When an unexpected friendship slowly blossoms into love, she makes plans for a new life, but to her shock and inevitable rage, some people—even those she loves and trusts most—don’t want that to happen.

Sing You Home is about identity, love, marriage, and parenthood. It’s about people wanting to do the right thing for the greater good, even as they work to fulfill their own personal desires and dreams. And it’s about what happens when the outside world brutally calls into question the very thing closest to our hearts: family.
andrew potter

Rainbow Awards: Current Submissions 131-140

131) Julie Bozza - The Definitive Albert J. Sterne, Manifold Press, Gay, Mystery / Thriller
171,000 words/680 pages
Publication 1 November 2010

Albert Sterne, forensics expert with the FBI, is so obnoxious on the surface that no-one bothers digging deeper. When he's sent to Colorado to investigate what turns out to be the work of a serial killer he encounters Special Agent Fletcher Ash and they end up reluctantly joining forces to unravel the case. It's only a matter of duty, though; it can't be more, because Albert doesn't do friendship - and he certainly doesn't do love!

132) Andrew Ashiling - A Dish Served Cold, Ormidon Publishing, Gay, Coming of Age / Young Adult
Publisher: Ormidon Publishing; 1 edition (October 31, 2010)

There is one upside to almost getting raped. It proves that you're at least desirable to someone. Maybe Andrew Ashton is just a little bit too rational for his own good. Not however where it concerns his best friend Sean Denham, scion of a political dynasty, and like him from a privileged background. There's only one problem: Sean is straight. Of course he is. Being born into money was up until now one of the smartest moves Andrew Nathaniel Ashton VII ever made. It keeps him free from worries about his future, earning a living and more of those trivialities, so he can dedicate himself to the really important things in life. Like getting laid. In his society indentured servitude, commonly known as slavery, has been reintroduced for several, but mainly economical reasons. It doesn't bother him all that much. Slaves are kept on large farming corporations, in factories, in the backside of stores and such. Out of sight. Andrew knows slavery exists, and he doesn't approve, but on the other hand, it is not as if he made the system what it is, is it? Yes, there was this one time when it touched him personally, but what could he do about it? It is not as if slavery is ever going to become a personal issue, is it? Andrew thinks the future, all in all, looks bright and carefree. He thinks he is about to find true love. He thinks he is safe. He is wrong.

133) Rachel Haimowitz - Counterpoint (Song of the Fallen 1), Guiltless Pleasure, Publishing, Gay, Fantasy
Paperback: 386 pages
Publisher: Guiltless Pleasure Publishing (August 31, 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 9659151101
ISBN-13: 978-9659151103

It is the twilight of mankind. Depleted by generations of war with a dark race, the human kingdoms and their ancient alliance stand on the brink of extinction. The outlands are soaked with the blood of the fallen. The midlands are rotting with decadence and despair. Elfkind, estranged by past crimes, watches and waits for nature to run its course. And then the two collide. Ayden's life has long been guided by two emotions: love for his sister, and hatred of all things human. When he's captured in battle, he must for his sister's sake swallow his pride and endure slavery in the service of a human prince. To his dismay, this close-up view of his enemy is nothing like he expected. Now curiosity and contempt make a battlefield of his soul, even as he struggles to pick up the pieces of his shattered worldview. Freyrik Farr, Crown Prince of Farr Province, finds his new elven prisoner puzzling. He's always known elves to be beautiful and dangerous, but never has one affected him as deeply as Ayden. Can his life of service to his people leave room for this attraction? Dancing on a dagger's edge between duty and high treason, Freyrik discovers that some choices can change a life, and some an entire world. Between prejudice, politics, pride, and survival, Ayden and Freyrik must carve a new path, no matter how daunting. For nothing less than the fate of both their peoples rests on the power of their perseverance -- and their love.

134) D.C. Juris - Finding Sanctuary, Fanny Press, Gay, Contemporary Erotica
Paperback: 148 pages
Publisher: Fanny Press (October 13, 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1603814876
ISBN-13: 978-1603814874

Finding Sanctuary is the story of Vincent, a typical, average guy who has begun to unravel. He has a respectable, mainstream life, with a solid job, nice girlfriend, comfortable house-all the material trappings. What, then, is causing this restlessness, these blackouts? The first revelation is that his best friend Eric is also his heart's desire. But then Eric invites him to a weekend at a BDSM playhouse ... There Vincent will confront his fears and test the limits of his sexual boundaries. Eric has his needs, too-needs that conflict with Vincent's. Will their fragile new bond survive the weekend? Will Vincent find the sanctuary he so fervently desires?

135) Chris Quinton - Fool’s Errand (Fool’s Odyssey Trilogy 1), Manifold Press, Gay, Sci-Fi / Futuristic
40,000 words/158 pages
Publication 1 November 2010

When Xavi becomes an accidental witness to the murder of a wealthy woman he knows exactly what to do - get the hell out of there, fast! Xavi lives on the edge of the law; he and the police don't exactly mix. Unfortunately the cop who is sent after him turns out to have some rather unusual abilities, so it isn't long before their paths cross - which is roughly when Xavi begins to realise that getting caught may be the very least of his troubles.

136) Julie Bozza - Homosapien, Manifold Press, Gay, Contemporary Romance
67,000 words/278 pages
Publication 1 November 2010

Patrick and David are friends who run a gay bookstore, and life seems simple and safe enough until the day when unexpectedly he walks in - six feet tall, gorgeous and built like a dream. But Homosapien isn't welcome in their world; he's a professional wrestler, and everything he does is fake. So he can't really be gay, can he, or interested in either one of them? Can they even trust a single word he says ... ?

137) Penelope Friday - Thrace, Manifold Press, Bisexual/Transgender, Sci-Fi / Futuristic
44,000 words/174 pages
Publication 1 November 2010

Welcome to the planet Gielgud, crossroads of the galaxy, where the indigenous species has three eyes, a tail - and no gender. Welcome to the city of Thrace; travellers of all kinds wander through here. Most are just looking for a good time, free of the restrictions of their own cultures, but some of them have a more specific agenda in mind. And welcome to JJ's bar, where all genders and those who are genderless are welcome. This is where adventures tend to start ...

138) Jett Abbott - Scarlet Masquerade, Sapphire Books, Lesbian, Paranormal / Horror
Paperback: 312 pages
Publisher: Sapphire Books Publishing (April 1, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0982860811
ISBN-13: 978-0982860816

What do you say to the woman you thought died over a century ago? Will time heal all wounds or does it just allow them to fester and grow? A.J. Locke has lived over two centuries and works like a demon, both figuratively and literally. As the owner of a successful pharmaceutical company that specializes in blood research, she has changed the way she can live her life. Wanting for nothing, she has smartly compartmentalized her life so that when she needs to, she can pick up and start all over again, which happens every twenty years or so. Love is not an emotion A.J. spends much time on. Since losing the love of her life to the plague one hundred fifty years ago, she vowed to never travel down that road again. That isn't to say she doesn't have women when she wants them, she just wants them on her terms and that doesn't involve a long term commitment. A.J.'s cool veneer is peeled back when she sees the love of her life in a lesbian bar, in the same town, in the same day and time in which she lives. Is her mind playing tricks on her? If not, how did Clarissa survive the plague when she had made A.J. promise never to change her? Clarissa Graham is a university professor who has lived an obscure life teaching English literature. She has made it a point to stay off the radar and never become involved with anything that resembles her past life. Every once in a while Clarissa has an itch that needs to be scratched, so she finds an out of the way location to scratch it. She keeps her personal life separate from her professional one, and in doing so she is able to keep her secrets to herself. Suddenly, her life is turned upside down when someone tries to kill her. She finds herself in the middle of an assassination plot with no idea who wants her dead.

139) Fay Jacobs - For Frying Out Loud, A&M Books, Lesbian, Non Fiction
Paperback: 248 pages
Publisher: A&M Books; First edition (November 3, 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0615342914
ISBN-13: 978-0615342917

2011 Delaware Press Association Book of the Year! **** Fay Jacobs is back! The author of As I Lay Frying and Fried & True returns with more wise and witty recollections about contemporary life in general and more specifically life in Rehoboth Beach, a small resort town on the Delaware Coast. A treat for longtime fans and new readers alike For Frying Out Loud is a collection of Fay s latest columns plus some new, never published material. It s provocative, political, occasionally heartwarming and reliably hilarious. Jacobs' witty way of describing universal experiences in her utterly unique voice will keep you laughing, smiling and relating page after page.

140) Lee Thomas - The German, Lethe Press, Gay, Paranormal / Horror
Paperback: 290 pages
Publisher: Lethe Press (March 15, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1590213092
ISBN-13: 978-1590213094

Set during the height of World War II, The German examines the effect a series of ritualistic murders has on a small, Texas community. A killer preys on the young men of Barnard, Texas, leaving cryptic notes written in German. As the panic builds all eyes turn toward a quiet man with secrets of his own, who is trying to escape a violent past. Ernst Lang fled Germany in 1934. Once a brute, a soldier, a leader of the Nazi party, he has renounced aggression and embraces a peaceful obscurity. But Lang is haunted by an impossible past. He remembers his own execution and the extremes of sex and violence that led to it. He remembers the men he led into battle, the men he seduced, and the men who betrayed him. But are these the memories of a man given a second life, or the delusions of a lunatic?
andrew potter

Rainbow Awards: Cover Contest - Round 1 - Slot 14

The Most Voted cover of Round 1 - Slot 13 was:

Neskaya cover by Anne Cain

The winner of the ebook giveaway is:

elizaben  Ebook Giveaway: Dale Chase - The Company He Keeps, kindly offered by Bold Strokes Books

- you will vote only 1 time for each slot of 60 covers; in round 1 there will be 20 slots for a total of 1100 covers; 550 covers will pass to round 2, 275 to round 3, 125 to round 4 and 60 to the fifth and last round.
- in parallel with the poll, a special jury will vote the covers; the jury is composed by: Debra, Dylan Rosser, Jack Mackenroth, Jesse Archer, Julie, Max Rhyser, Mitzie, Tammy.
- you can vote as many covers as you want but no more than 25.

All the 60 covers are saved here:


and here is the poll:

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I suggest you to open the covers page in a different window and check the covers you like in the poll.

Enjoy and please, fair play!
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Man Candy: Jason & Joe

Dylan Rosser is back in London to work on his new coffee-table book, Naked (I bet is an hard job, and yes, the pun is intended!)

He is planning to temporary hand over the site (www.themaleform.net) to a new guest photographer for the next few weeks, but he has one last gift from his stables: model Jason.

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NAKED has been taking up his time and is nearing completion. It's 95% done in terms of images but there is still some editing to do.

The first guest photographer, who will run the website for the next 4 weeks is UK photographer Simon Barnes. You might already know his work under the name of HOTSNAPZ.

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Dylan and him have actually shot a lot of the same models and for this reason his work fits in well with the concept of the site (www.themaleform.net). This week we start with 24 year old fitness trainer, Joe. He is from the South West UK.
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Gulliver Travels by Justin Luke Zirilli

Gulliver Travels is young, funny but not “light”; it’s about a young boy trying to recover from a broken heart in New York City. On an impulse Gulliver left West Hollywood and cheating Graham and came to New York City and best friend Todd.

Todd is living the life of the rich and beautiful, parting each night and changing partner more or less at the same time; if you think that Gulliver, with his broken heart, would be that character moping on the past and not enjoying his lucky star, than you are wrong. Gulliver embraces full front the city and its chances, and sincerely he got it easy; sure at the beginning he is like any other unemployed boy, and it’s not far away the time when he realizes that his dream to be a designer in the Big Apple will never come. Of course there is the classical Starbucks gig, but then, thanks also to cute puppy Senor (Todd’s dog), rightly one of the protagonist of this novel, he lands a job in a theatrical agency.

Sure the author could have it easy, having Gulliver meeting the love of his life, this time the true love, and living happily ever after, but as in the notorious novel, more or less with the same title, there are lot of various adventures waiting for Gulliver on his life travels: on so from designer to waiter, to agent, to porn actor and then to bartender, Gulliver will manage not only to sleep his way to independency (meaning that, in good and bad, it’s Gulliver sleeping with the right or wrong guy that generate a change in route) but also to gain more friends and a lot of self-esteem.

I really liked this novel, even if it’s not strictly a romance, my favourite genre, but more a discovery journey to adulthood. The Gulliver we met at the beginning of the story is far away from the one we will leave at the last page, but in a way, even if completely different, I like them both. First Gulliver is your typical party boy, the one who always looks with critical eyes to other boys, who labels them considering how they are dressed or who they frequent; he is not a bad guy, on the contrary, he is cute and pretty, twink and all. Second Gulliver is more aware of what life cost (and not only on a money level), he is less inclined to judge other people, and probably a better friend. Yes since in the end, more than a love story this is a friendship story: true, Gulliver will have his unrequited love, but while he is able to rip off a lover like an old plaster, the same is not for his friends, especially Todd. Most of the time, I had the feeling that Gulliver was more worried to loose his friends than losing a possible lover, and again, that felt quite right: in the end, for a gay boy alone in a strange city, what is more important than your supporting circle of friends?

Amazon: Gulliver Travels
Amazon Kindle: Gulliver Travels
Paperback: 296 pages
Publisher: BoiParty Books (May 13, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0615489621
ISBN-13: 978-0615489629

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