August 6th, 2011

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Constance Heaven (August 6, 1911 - 1995)

British author Constance Heaven, née Constance Fecher (b. August 6, 1911 in London, England, UK - d. 1995) wrote romantic suspense novels which featured the Kuragin family, including THE ASTROV LEGACY (1973) and HEIR TO KURAGIN (1979). Ms. Heaven also wrote contemporary mysteries under the pseudonym CHRISTINA MERLIN. Both names are pen names for author CONSTANCE FECHER, who published historical novels in both the United Kingdom and the United States. Constance Fecher’s books are not a fictionalized, romanticized history; they are a careful study of an intriguing, courageous individuals who were perhaps too modern, intelligent, and tolerant for their age. In 1973, her novel The House Of Kuragin was the Winner of Romantic Novel of the Year

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andrew potter

Catch Me If I Fall by Riley Knox

Very nice sweet comedy novella about two neighbours falling in love with the help of their respective families.

Home working thirty something nerdy Avery is babysitting his 4 years old nephew and dreaming about his hunky neighbour Ethan. To his knowledge Ethan is a straight divorced father of two teenager girls; the same girls are also in the softball team Avery is coaching, and they have some inside news for their own father: apparently clumsy Avery is like that only when he is near Ethan.

Ethan is not straight at all; after a friendly divorce from his wife, he is playing it down low to not upset his daughters, but the girls have nothing against the idea of their father settling with cute Avery, and so they push him to invite their coach to dinner.

All the novella is played in less than 1 week, from the day Ethan asks Avery out, to the night of their date; there is of course also a very nice, and good, night of sex, something that to me would have been plenty of embarrassing, since both Ethan’s daughters than Avery’s sister are aware of that and planned to leave one of the house empty to allow Ethan and Avery some quality time alone. But also this is part of the “comedy” feeling of the novella, a mix of romance and funny, a simple but sweet story.

I recommend this story to the more romantic readers, who like their stories without drama but with plenty of cuteness.

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Publisher: Amber Quill Press, LLC (May 28, 2011)

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andrew potter

Murder at Black Dog Springs by Sarah Black

There are many things to love in this novel, first of all the fact this is an more than happily ever after love story: when the story starts the two main heroes are two old men living together in a Navajo reserve in 2008 and the reader is brought back with them to the winter of 1947, when they chose, for various reasons, to live together.

Mike and Logan were both soldiers during the IIWW. Logan, a Navajo Native American, was part of a special team with other two Native Americans from his own reserve. Mike was the son of the owner of the mines who now wants to open a mine inside the Navajo reserve. There is a murder and there are investigations and there is an unexpected culprit, but mainly this is a wonderful love story.

As many soldiers Mike came back from was not the same man he was before. He is drinking too much, regretting too much, and basically he is unable to live in peace after everything he saw. The only mainstay he seems to have is Logan, the fellow soldier he shared everything during the war, not only a tent. What he had with Logan was beautiful but he thought was supposed to end with the end of the war. That is probably yet another reason why Mike is unable to continue with his previous life, Logan was not only another live body with whom he could scare off the death he was seeing day after day.

Logan is now living inside the Reserve; like Mike he couldn’t go back to his life and he basically divorced from his wife (meaning he simply left their home to go living in the mountain). When Mike comes to him searching for something he doesn’t know, Logan knows, and he opens his arms. Living together alone in the mountains allow to these two men to not worry about what society will think; the Navajos are more worried about Mike being white that about him being a man loving another man, they are Two-Spirits and for the Native Americans that is an asset not something to hide.

This is a wonderful love story but it’s not an erotic romance; the love between the two men is plenty and clear, but the story has a bittersweet taste, exactly as it should be: two men remembering their past life together, a life that was long and beautiful, since they were together, but also peppered of tragic events and sad memories.

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