October 25th, 2011

andrew potter

The Lamb Who Cried Wolf (Mate or Meal 1) by Scarlet Hyacinth

A shapeshifter grey wolf falling in love for a shapeshifter white lamb? The odd pair was a sure titillating push for me to read this novel as soon as it was out. Of course, due not only to the inter-breed romance, but also to the same-sex relationship, it was due that the reason why wolf Brody is fatally attracted by lamb Carson is the mate bond. From what I understand, Brody was not gay, he is simply answering to the mate calling, and the fact that Carson is a man and a prey it’s not enough to discourage him. On the other side, young Carson is a virgin, and actually he thinks at himself like asexual: at 20 years old he has not yet developed into a ram and he will probably always remain a lamb.

I think the author wanted to challenge the boundary with the inter-breed relationship but aside from that she didn’t want to make things too difficult for Brody; there is no doubt that Carson is the bottom, he is not only lithe and pretty, he has also a very sensitive attitude, and he can be strong only in willing not in body. Never once Carson gave any indication that he wanted independency, and he would be more than happy to be the man-wife for Brody. Even if fragile and sensitive, Carson didn’t “annoy” me, he was so sweet and tender that was almost impossible to be upset with him; by the way, he is for once a completely “different” twink of sort, he is not the usual top from the bottom twink, pushing his Alpha male partner to do everything he wants with the only power of his sex appeal; Carson is genuinely an omega, in this perfectly matching his shapeshifter form of a lamb (used to follow other directions).

The story is also surprisingly “complex”, meaning that it’s not exclusively centered around the meeting and mating of the two; their story goes beyond that point, spanning more or less 3 years (truth with a big shift in time in the middle), but still, it gave more time to the reader to enjoy this odd, but nice, pair.


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