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Ruby M. Ayres (January 28, 1883 - November 14, 1955)

Ruby Mildred Ayres was born 28 January 1883, in London, England, the daughter of an architect.

She married Reginald William Pocock, an insurance broker, in 1909 (Pocock died in a train accident in the 1940s).

Ayres was an English popular novelist (known primarily for her romantic novels), and also wrote serials for the "Daily Chronicle" and "Daily Mirror". Her first novel "Richard Chatterton V.C." was published in 1916. She had also written for motion pictures in the United States and England, and her play "Silver Wedding," was produced in 1932.

Ayres died 14 November 1955 in Weybridge, England, at the age of 72 years.

Ruby M. Ayres's Books on Amazon: Ruby M. Ayres

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In the Spotlight: Drew Zachary

The Book: Take one tall, broad-shouldered fireman in his early thirties. Mix well with one skinny, eighteen-year-old college kid who lives for sex, and the results are sheer pleasure. Sam and Robert are about as opposite as you can get, aside from the fact that they're both into sex with guys. When Sam picks Robert up during Canada Day festivities, neither of them are expecting more than making some fireworks for the holiday. And the sparks definitely fly, especially since Sam is able to recharge his batteries as only an eighteen year old can. Robert finds himself both entranced and smitten with young Sam, who is bubbly and happy and can have more sex in the space of an hour than Robert can believe. But there's a world of difference between eighteen and thirty-two, as Sam and Robert discover along the way. Friends and family add to the difficulties they encounter. But the two of them come to realize that underneath it all, they have more than just a physical need for each other. The emotion that blossoms between them is soon as great as their first sizzling attraction. Drew Zachary, the author of Transforming Hades and Skin Deep, has written a romance as hot as the flame it's named after. Don't miss it!

Amazon: On Fire
Amazon Kindle: On Fire
Paperback: 180 pages
Publisher: Torquere Press (August 7, 2008)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1934166510
ISBN-13: 978-1934166512

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The Author: Drew Zachary is the pen-name of co-authors Chris Owen and Vic Winter.

About Christ Owen: "I live and write in eastern Canada. I went to a bunch of schools, learned a lot of things, and now make stuff up because not to do so is unthinkable. I'm fond of fountain pens, Levenger's Circa system, and Steampunk fashions. Lately I've been watching a lot of Discovery channel. I've seen every episode of CSI Las Vegas and New York, but I'm not terribly keen on CSI Miami. It might be due to weather envy. I have a crush on the whole cast of Criminal Minds, and fondness for wool. The two are not related. Hoarders keeps me honest.

I'm inspired by the day to day minutia of life, and find beauty in the way words go together. I like texture and richness of experience. I'm not shy. I'm happy, I'm learning, I'm living." (

About Vic Winter: Heat in real life is the bane of Vic’s life, whose favorite season is winter, and Vic’s life is far more mundane than fiction. And when it comes to fiction, the hotter the better is Vic’s motto. Make it romantic, make it sexy, make it erotic, but definitely make it hot. (

Top 100 Gay Novels List (*)

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*only one title per author, only print books released after January 1, 2000.

Note: I remember to my friends that guest reviews of the above listed books (the top 100 Gay Novels) are welcome, just send them to me and I will post with full credits to the reviewer.

Other titles not in the top 100 list:
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Breaking Cover (Life Lessons 2) by Kaje Harper

I’m not really into mystery/thriller romance, above all when the main plot develop around a serial killer; so yes, I was probably a little biased when I started this novel. But the previous book, always related to homicide detective Mac and his high school teacher lover Tony was a good reason for me to give it a try, even if they were both involved in the thriller plot (Mac as in his capacity, Tony as one of the witnesses), the main focus was the relationship between Mac and Tony, a troubled relationship, since Mac wanted to remain in the closet, for various reasons, and Tony instead is the perfect example of out and proud. We left them at the end of that novel without really having found a solution to their divergent expectations.

Second novel has a new thriller plot (a serial killer targeting young women) but even more than in the previous novel, that is really not the main focus of the story, so much that, when the case is solved, I actually thought it was almost too easy for the police department. In any case, I don’t think the author wanted to make it the focus of the story, so the purpose is full achieved. The main focus are Mac and Tony and their search of a balance in their relationship. I really liked that they were able to recognize there was an issue to solve and I really loved that Tony didn’t hide his hurting in being forced back in the closet while at the same time didn’t deny his love and support to Mac. Tony is not happy of Mac’s request to hide their story, but it’s Mac’s decision and Tony cannot force him; Tony can let Mac know that, on the long run, this situation can be their breaking point, but Tony is not blackmailing Mac, he is simply stating the true. On the other hand Tony is willing to give Mac all the time he needs, he is also ready to leave him but not in an angry way, not with a blackmail like, now or never, but more like, when you are ready, I will be here.

There was big danger to lapse into emotional drama, cops in the closet, gay parenting, custody trials… but I appreciate the author didn’t push too much in any of the above aspect, and so the novel came out like a good mix of thriller, romance and family novel.

Amazon: Breaking Cover
Amazon Kindle: Breaking Cover
Paperback: 320 pages
Publisher: MLR Press (July 22, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 160820409X
ISBN-13: 978-1608204090

Series: Life Lessons
1) Life Lessons:
2) Breaking Cover

Reading List: list&view=elisa.rolle
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A Bigger Love: Book One by Liahona

An interesting novella, above all for the unusual plot, about the teenagers who are cast out of their homes in polygamous compounds throughout southern and eastern Utah. Jarom is one of those teenagers and Brett is the sheriff of a nearby small-town who “collects” these kids and give them a chance to a better life. Mostly Brett is a passing figure, someone the kids soon forget as soon as they enter the real world. But Jarom didn’t forget Brett and when it’s time for him to come back to retrieve his stepsister, he will find out that neither Brett forgot him.

More than Book One this is basically a sample of the whole book. There is a lot still to be said, for example to give a bit of background to Brett that, even if is quite a nice character, is not fully developed. Sure, we know he is coming from a similar past like Jarom and his brothers, but all his “sexual” background is pretty blurry; apparently he is bisex, or maybe he has not many chance to find a male companion. In a case or the other, Jarom seems to be the right man, or at least he is now, 5 years later, when he is almost finished with his study and at the beginning of his professional career. And here lay the second issue, how is it possible for Jarom to live in small-town USA where there is no actually space for him and his future expectations, other than on the love department?

It would be interesting to see how the author will develop this story, in the meantime the beginning is quite good.

Amazon Kindle: A Bigger Love: Book One
Publisher: Rainbow Trail Press (October 11, 2011)

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