December 4th, 2011

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Iris Bancroft (May 26, 1922 - December 2003)

Nothing about Iris Bancroft was typical, especially her birth. It was exotic—and tragic. She was born of missionaries in King Chow, Hupeh Provence, China, on May 26, 1922, a time of great unrest. Her parents were sent there by the Swedish Covenant Church to work with the Chinese converts. Her life comes full circle in one of her historical romances. Love's Burning Flame,.when the heroine spends some time in Imperial China, where savagery, especially to women, was very common.

Iris was one and a half when she left that turbulent continent, and her father died shortly thereafter. Her mother brought her to Chicago, where Iris spun youthful dreams of becoming a choir director. "I know now," confessed the romantic Iris, "that at the time I had a crush on the director of the choir at Fourth Presbyterian Church, where I sang."

In the early 1940s, she fell in love with a sailor whose religious background differed from hers. By mutual agreement, they stopped seeing each other before they got too serious. Then came World War II. "I married in 1945, and my husband went into the navy. At the war's end he returned, and we had two sons, William and Walter. I must admit now to not being completely honest in that marriage and in 1961 I asked for a divorce. I left my sons with their father because I felt it would be best for them if I did."

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Betty Beaty & Arthur David Beaty (March 28, 1919 – December 4, 1999)

As an author for Harlequin Romance, Betty Beaty published nine romance novels. She was also known as Catherine Ross and Betty Smith.

Arthur David Beaty (28 March 1919 – 4 December 1999) was a British writer, pilot and psychologist notable as a pioneer in the field of Human Factors, now an integral branch of aviation medicine, which he argued played a central role in aviation accidents attributed to pilot error.

Beaty was born in Hatton, Ceylon on 28 March 1919, the son of a Methodist minister, and was educated at the prestigious Kingswood School followed by Merton College, University of Oxford where he read History and edited Cherwell, a student newspaper. Whilst at Oxford the Second World War broke out prompting him to volunteer for pilot training with Oxford University Air Squadron.

Beaty was initially rejected by the RAF pilot selection panel. Thanks largely to the support of his university tutors, he eventually passed selection and completed flying training, receiving a pilot grading of 'exceptional'.

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Betty Beaty's Books on Amazon: Betty Beaty

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Coming Soon: Mangus (2011) directed by Ash Christian

Mangus (2011)
Actors: Ryan Boggus, Heather Matarazzo, Jennifer Coolidge, Leslie Jordan, John Waters
Directors: Ash Christian
DVD Release Date: December 6, 2011
Amazon: Mangus (2011)

In the tradition of Sordid Lives! A super fun, dark trailer-trash comedy from Ash Christian (Fat Girls), Mangus! revolves around high school senior Mangus Spedgewick (Ryan Boggus) who hopes to fulfill his family s tradition: he wants to be Jesus -- in his high school's annual production of "Jesus Christ Spectacular", that is. When unforeseen circumstances strike, Mangus loses the role, which was a Spedgewick family tradition. Will he get to be their town's first crippled Jesus? Not without a hard fight, a road trip and breaking the law a few times along the way. This fresh cult hit co-stars Jennifer Coolidge, John Waters, Leslie Jordan, Heather Matarazzo and Deborah Theaker.

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Living Promises by Amy Lane

Maybe it’s due to the fact it was a long bit since I read the previous two books in this series, but I found Living Promises to have a great impact on an emotional level; I’m not saying I was crying reading it, but some lonely tear did ran down my check and I end up to really care for these characters, and I don’t mean only Collin and Jeff. In Living Promises, all the men and women who had the chance to previously know, Deacon, Carrick, Mikhail, Shane and many, many others, have an important role, they are Jeff’s family, and as such they have to take care for their own brother/uncle/friend/whatsoever.

Jeff is HIV positive and he got it from his last lover and only love, Kevin, who died in Iraq. Jeff is not angry with Kevin, is not regretting the life he will never have as a doctor, he would to that all again if it meant having Kevin back. But it’s not possible and the only thing that Jeff can do is giving back a little of the love he found in real good friends when he needed it. He did so with young Collin, 18 years old and HIV positive as well, helping the boy understanding he was lucky to have a mother who loved him. Collin was scared, and young, and even if it was only 5 minutes comfort time from a stranger it made an impression, and when 5 years later Collin recognize the stranger in Jeff, the nice guy who sometime comes to have lunch at his mother diner, he will do everything possible to make a good impression, this time not for a role of scared kid, but for that of possible lover.

Even if it’s more than 5 years since Kenny’s death, Jeff has not yet given himself permission to be happy again; he is real good in helping and advising other people, but when it comes to himself, he is like a punching ball, very good in cash in the blow and give the back without consequences to his heart. But with Collin is different, Collin is younger true, but he is strong and steady and always there when Jeff needs him. Collin who was the epitome of bad boy is now the poster boy for next door good guy, and everyone is pushing Jeff in Collin’s arms. There is no risky, there is no fear, it’s all comfort, and why not, even passion. Collin is persistent and kind and again, good to the heart. It can sound boring, but it’s not, since in Jeff and Collin’s situation, steady and good is like paradise, and they really need all the comfort they can find around and cling to it.

Living Promises is a very good example of angst romance, there is a little bit of drama, a little bit of passion, a great deal of sweet and romance, all mixed together with good feelings, little kids and even Thanksgiving and Christmas season.

Amazon: Living Promises
Amazon Kindle: Living Promises
Paperback: 350 pages
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (July 4, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1613720467
ISBN-13: 978-1613720462

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