January 4th, 2012

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Joan Aiken (September 4, 1924 - January 4, 2004)

Joan Delano Aiken (September 4, 1924 – January 4, 2004) was an English novelist. She was born in Rye, East Sussex, into a family of writers, including her father, Conrad Aiken (who won a Pulitzer Prize for his poetry), and her sister, Jane Aiken Hodge.

She worked for the BBC and the UNIC, before she started writing professionally, mainly children's books and thrillers. For her books she received the Guardian Award (1969) and the Edgar Allan Poe Award (1972).

Many of her most popular books, including the Wolves Chronicles, were set in an elaborate alternate history of Britain in which James II is never deposed in the Glorious Revolution, but supporters of the House of Hanover continually agitate against the monarchy. These books also toy with the geography of London, adding a Canal District among other features.

Her series of children's books about Arabel and Mortimer are illustrated by Quentin Blake. Others are illustrated by Jan Pieńkowski.

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Joan Aiken's Books on Amazon: Joan Aiken

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joan_Aiken
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Margaret Culkin Banning (March 18, 1891 - January 4, 1982)

Margaret Frances Culkin Banning (18 March 1891 Buffalo, Minnesota - 4 January 1982 Tryon, North Carolina) was a best-selling author of thirty-six novels and early advocate of women's rights.

Banning was daughter of William E. Culkin, who served in Minnesota state senate from (1895-1899). She was also the first woman admitted to the Duluth Hall of Fame.

Margaret Culkin Banning's Books on Amazon: Margaret Culkin Banning

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Margaret_Culkin_Banning

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Snowman (Beach Reading 4) by Mark Abramson

I usually prefer to start a series from the beginning, but in this case my feelings are mixed: I really liked the main character Tim Snow and I’d love to read about him in the previous 3 books, but I have also learned some info on his past that make me reluctant to revisit it. I will not going into specifics since it would spoil who is willing to go back to that 3 books, enough to say that at the beginning of this book, Tim is in a long-term relationship with Nick (they are talking of getting married) and I suppose they met in Russian River Rat (Nick is from up there) and Tim is recovering from an accident that, again, I think was part of the previous book plot.

It’s really easy to like Tim, even if he is a spoiled vain gay boy; he has a wonderful boyfriend, Nick, who took care of him during his recovery, a boyfriend who, when he has to go back for only a week to Russian River, he goes with regret and taking with him Tim’s picture; he is so nice that it seems really impossible that Tim is even considering to betray him. But that is, when Nick goes north, Tim goes south towards California, in search of “distraction”, and sincerely, even if he is not consciously planning to betray Nick, he is open to possibilities. But don’t be scared romantic readers, fate likes too much these two soul mates, and it will intervene in a way that everything will click right.

What I didn’t expect, and was quite appreciated, is that the mystery part of the story is not so front stage, and, on the contrary, it’s almost detached from Tim and Nick. I was expecting for Tim to be yet another of those wanna-be private investigator, always putting their nose into danger; and instead, when Tim finds out about the murdered body someone dumped behind the restaurant where he works as waiter, he is on vacation and has no intention to cut it short for that reason. He comes back not to investigate, actually he has no intention to do so, but to try to mend his relationship with Nick, since, even if Tim is a little spoiled vain brat (and how I like him like that) he is also able to understand what and who is good to him.


Amazon: Snowman (Beach Reading)
Amazon Kindle: Snowman (Beach Reading)
Paperback: 224 pages
Publisher: Lethe Press (June 5, 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1590211421
ISBN-13: 978-1590211427

Series: Beach Reading
1) Beach Reading
2) Cold Serial Murder
3) Russian River Rat
4) Snowman

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