January 30th, 2012

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Literary Heritage: Howard Sturgis (January 30, 1855 - 1920)

Howard Overing Sturgis (1855–1920) was an English writer. (Picture: Henry James, Edith Wharton and Howard Sturgis)

Born into an affluent New England family in London, he attended Eton and Cambridge and was friends with Henry James and Edith Wharton. After the death of his parents, he moved into a country house with his lover William Haynes-Smith. His first two novels were successful as far as sales were concerned; his third, Belchamber, failed to gain the same plaudits, however, although Edith Wharton praised it. Sturgis went on to publish one short story and a memorial on his friend Anne Thackeray before his death in 1920.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Howard_Overing_Sturgis

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andrew potter

Enslaved (Shameful Desires 1) by P.J. Proud

There are various level of comfort for me on regard of BDSM and maybe Enslaved reached almost the upper limit. I’m saying almost since indeed it’s tempered, sweetened by the romance, and by the “Hollywood” allure that makes everything easier, but still, be aware that the BDSM component is quite heavy.

The story starts almost like a dream, Jeremy is a unsatisfied man trapped in an unhappy marriage; almost like an escape from reality, Jeremy first fell in love with a television actor, a man he saw only on the screen once a week, and then poured that love in a novel, a novel that was accepted from a publisher and then whose right were acquired for a movie… a movie that of course will have as main actor that same man who since the beginning inspired it. Jeremy is walking on clouds, he is sure that, once he will meet the man of his dreams everything will be perfect, doesn’t matter that he is married (to a woman), doesn’t matter that he has never had any gay lover, doesn’t matter that actually, the other man is engaged to a woman and doesn’t even know him from nobody.

Of course it will go wrong, and of course Jeremy will not be able to manage it; we soon learn that Jeremy has big behavioural issue, he has no self-confidence at all and he is prone to get angry. The coldness he sees in Andre is actually shyness and even maybe a little distrust in strangers, but Jeremy is ready to judge him. As soon as he gets angry with Andre, he is also ready to play the supine puppet for to his wife recriminations and then to that of the director of the movie. Andre sees that and offer to Jeremy to help… teaching him the real submission of a slave, and in that way empowering him in everyday life.

While I can have some reticence to accept this theory, what is probably the most difficult thing for me to accept is that it seems almost like everything is a play for Andre. He said he tried this D/s thing in the past, but he said that like “passing”, like it was not important for him. Now, I would expect someone more expert than him to be the Master in a relationship, especially with a fragile man like Jeremy; and indeed things could have gone very wrong if not for an ultimate turn of events. Anyway most of Jeremy’s discipline is given through spanking or similar, so it’s not that they are in danger to really hurt him, if not on an emotional level (that actually can be even worst).

Andre and Jeremy are good together, their main issue is probably that they are not yet fully convinced they want an homosexual relationship; they both profess to be bisexual, but like if they are leaving a door open, Andre especially more than Jeremy.


Amazon: Shameful Desires 1: Enslaved
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Paperback: 288 pages
Publisher: Fanny Press (March 29, 2011)
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