February 19th, 2012

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Barbara Burnett Smith (? - February 19, 2005)

Barbara Jo Petry, a Texas author best known for writing a popular series of cozy mysteries, was struck and killed by an automobile on February 18, 2005. She died a day later in the hospital at the age of 57.

Readers knew the Austin resident as Barbara Burnett Smith. Her five-book Purple Sage series featured the crime-solving adventures of Jolie Wyatt, a radio station reporter and aspiring writer. Writers of the Purple Sage, the book that launched the series, was nominated in 1994 for an Agatha Award for best first mystery novel. In addition, Petry penned the books Bead on Trouble and Mauve and Murder.

For two decades, Petry did vocal work in radio and television commercials. She also owned and operated Catalyst Training & Development, a company that provides communication and leadership classes to corporations, government agencies and non-profit organizations.

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Barbara Burbett Smith's Books on Amazon: Barbara Burnett Smith

Source: http://www.statesman.com/search/content/auto/epaper/editions/sunday/life_entertainment_2402d2c237ac903b00ab.html
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Alice Elinor Lambert (January 8, 1886 - February 19, 1981)

Alice Elinor Lambert (January 8, 1886 - February 19, 1981) was an American romance writer.

In the 1930s, she self-published with Vanguard Press at least three romance novels: Hospital Nocturne, Women Are Like That, and Lost Fragrance, all later re-published by Dell Romance.

In 1904, she enjoyed a brief summer romance with landscape painter Tom Thomson. Thomas John Thomson (August 5, 1877 – July 8, 1917), also known as Tom Thomson, was an influential Canadian artist of the early 20th century. He directly influenced a group of Canadian painters that would come to be known as the Group of Seven, and though he died before they formally formed, and is sometimes incorrectly credited as being a member of the group itself. Thomson disappeared during a canoeing trip on Canoe Lake in Algonquin Park on July 8, 1917 and his body was discovered in the lake eight days later. The official cause of death was accidental drowning, but there are still questions about how he actually died.

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Alice Elinor Lambert's Books on Amazon: Alice Elinor Lambert

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alice_Elinor_Lambert

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Eddie's Desert Rose by Vincent Meis

My first question upon opening this book was: is it a gay novel? Eddie, the gay character who with all rights make this a work of gay fiction, is already dead. All the words we heard by him are through the journal his brother Dave is reading to help him understand why his more than beloved brother is dead. Eddie’s is dead but is voice is strong through all the novel.

At first I thought we were leading into a tale of forbidden love between Dave and Eddie, the relationship between the two brothers was strong, almost symbiotic, so much that they were planning to go an live together along with Dave’s wife, Maura, in the same house once they were back to California from Saudi Arabia. But Eddie doesn’t make it and Dave seems inconsolable. Dave is searching a reason for Eddie’s death, but I think that he is truly searching for absolution.

The strong bond between Dave and Eddie, that led me to think there was something between them, is not of sexual nature, or at least not the easiest sexual nature a reader could think. There is something dark, and tragic, in both Dave and Eddie’s past that forged that bond so strong, and that is also the reason why Dave is willing to put in danger not only his life but also that of his wife Maura, to find the true about Eddie. It’s like if with Eddie dead, Dave has not more reason to live.

We will arrive to understand why Dave felt responsible for Eddie in a way more than a normal older brother should be. We will also arrive to understand why Dave needs a reason to continue to live, maybe the proof that, even if Eddie is dead so young, he has lived and loved, at least a little bit. Dave needs to know that Eddie’s life had a meaning, because trough that meaning Dave can give to his own life a meaning too.

This is the story of Dave and Maura, so maybe it’s not really a Gay fiction, but it’s also the story of Eddie, and when Eddie talks through his journals, he is a wonderful character and a strong narrative voice, so maybe this is, in the end, also his story, and then a gay novel.

Amazon: Eddie's Desert Rose
Amazon Kindle: Eddie's Desert Rose
Paperback: 244 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace (August 10, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1463746814
ISBN-13: 978-1463746810

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This Christmas by J.M. Snyder & Secret Santa by J.M. Snyder

This Christmas by J.M. Snyder

This Christmas is a sweet story about two college guys who are both alone for Christmas time in the campus. Despite what everyone is probably thinking, is not at all a naughty story, and Ned and Bobby are not taking advantage of the freedom of being far from their family in an almost empty college dorm. Ned is still harbouring a broken heart, his boyfriend Jake cheated on him and not in a good way, if there is any good in cheating; he did it very bad, very hurting and it’s not easy for Ned to forget. Doesn’t matter that, from a memory here and there, we can understand Jake was not really Ned’s soul mate, doesn’t matter that probably Ned is better without him, and doesn’t matter if Bobby was Ned’s high school crush way before he met Jake. When Ned meets Bobby on Christmas Eve, and Bobby lets Ned understand he would like to spend Christmas together, Ned is not ready to fulfil this dream. Luckily for Ned, fate has other idea in mind and Bobby is a very persistent guy.

As I said, this is not a story about sex, and actually between Bobby and Ned there would be no sex at all, while instead Ned remembers some past experience with Jake; it’s like the author wants to make a point, Bobby and Ned is a true romance, and they don’t need to get down and dirty to prove the reader. I liked this approach, I like the author focused more on the feelings than on the bodies.


Amazon Kindle: This Christmas
Publisher: JMS Books LLC (November 28, 2009)

Secret Santa by J.M. Snyder

Secret Santa is a classical office romance, with all the sweet naughtiness that usually these romances convey. Micah is Jewish and so he should not partake in the Christmas festivities, but his office organized a Secret Santa gift exchange and now he has a nice little packet on his desk. Only that inside the packet there is a box of condoms and the message is very, very naughty. In an office of few people, there are only 2 other gay men, and one is in a committed relationship, so Micah is sure the gift is from Brady. Brady is no bad as a chance, but Micah would have preferred for him to be Jonathan. Only that Jonathan is not gay, as Micah found out the very first night they hung out together, when his drunken move on him was kindly rejected, kindly but still rejected. Micah doesn’t believe in Santa, but maybe, if he is a good guy, he will have his dream comes true.

A nice and sexy short story, with a final sweet touch, Secret Santa is a good short interlude during the Christmas season.

Amazon Kindle: Secret Santa
Publisher: JMS Books LLC (December 26, 2010)

This Christmas is included in So in Love: Stories of Gay Romance. Contains the stories:
•Caught Off Base
•Henry and Jim
•His Song
•Love in the Library
•This Christmas

Amazon: So In Love: Stories of Gay Romance
Paperback: 230 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace (September 29, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1449520545
ISBN-13: 978-1449520540

Reading List: http://www.librarything.com/catalog_bottom.php?tag=reading list&view=elisa.rolle