February 29th, 2012

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Julie Ellis (1933 – February 2006)

Julie Ellis was born in Columbus, Georgia, in 1933. During her high school years she was part of the school drama group and wrote her first novel. She shipped it off to a major New York publisher, received a fast rejection slip, tossed the manuscript into the garbage--vowing to do better. At sixteen she moved with her parents to New York (after high school graduation and a very brief stint at the University of Georgia), where she focused on drama studies and wrote one-act plays performed by her drama class.

Julie Ellis was torn between an obsession for writing and for acting (she'd read every play in her Columbus, Georgia, library)--and soon triumphantly combined the two by writing three-act plays (one was briefly optioned for Broadway--the prospective sponsor decided instead to invest in a sugar-free jelly operation) and acting on the Off-Broadway scene. One play, called DANGER SIGNAL (dealing with the ugly Joseph McCarthy era), became a recent Severn House novel, renamed Small Town Dreams.

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Julie Ellis's Books on Amazon: Julie Ellis

Source: http://www.julieellis.net/
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Violet Trefusis (June 6, 1894 - February 29, 1972)

Violet Trefusis née Keppel (6 June 1894 – 29 February 1972) was an English writer and socialite. She is most notable for her lesbian affair with Vita Sackville-West, which was featured under disguise in Virginia Woolf's Orlando: A Biography. In this romanticized biography of Vita, Trefusis appears in it as the Russian princess Sasha.

Born Violet Keppel, she was the daughter of Alice Keppel, a mistress of King Edward VII of the United Kingdom, and her husband, the Hon. George Keppel, a son of an Earl of Albemarle. Her biological father, however, was considered by members of the Keppel family to be William Beckett, subsequently 2nd Baron Grimthorpe, a banker and MP for Whitby.

Trefusis lived her early youth in London, where the Keppel family had a house in Portman Square. When Trefusis was four years old, Alice Keppel became the favorite mistress of Albert Edward (Bertie), the Prince of Wales, who became King Edward VII on 22 January 1901. He paid visits to the Keppel household in the afternoon around tea-time (while her husband, who was aware of the affair, was conveniently absent), on a regular basis till the end of his life in 1910. In 1900 Violet's only sibling, Sonia, was born.

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Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Violet_Trefusis

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2012 Rainbow Awards Guidelines


- The book must be published between September 2011 and August 2012 (both months included).
- Self-published books are eligible (print on demand publishers, like Lulu.com and Smashwords, are included in the "self-published" umbrella).
- Ebook editions of previously published print books are not eligible. First time print book editions of previously published ebooks are eligible. A book that has been republished by a different publisher after its initial publication is not eligible. A book that was previously self-published by the author, and then republished by a publisher after its initial publication is eligible.


- Books submitted for consideration will be accepted between March 1 and September 15, 2012. Winners will be announced in December.
- A book can be submitted only by its author or by its publisher. Submit a book in the category most appropriate: please indicate Gender (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual/Transgender) and Genre (Coming of Age / Young Adult, Contemporary (General Fiction), Erotic Romance, Romance, Erotica, Paranormal / Horror, Fantasy / Sci-Fi / Futuristic, Historical, Mystery / Thriller, Non Fiction, Debut Novel/Book).
- The commission can include some books at their own expenses, if they are eligible, especially in those categories with not enough submissions.
- Books are submitted in electronic version (PDFs); exceptions will be considered (please contact me). Submitting the ebook, authors/publishers agree for its distribution with the only purpose of being read by the commission (from 3 to 5 judges). It's recommended but not mandatory, that the PDF file has some kind of protection, like a specific disclaimer or similar.
- No submission fees required.
- Books (PDF format) have to be sent to the following address: elisa(dot)rolle(at)libero(dot)it


- A book can be submitted in only one category. Debut Fiction is the only category allowing a "double" submission, in its own specific category, plus the Debut Fiction one.
- If a category receives fewer than five (5) submissions, the category will not be active in this awards cycle. The submitted books will be reassigned to another category if appropriate.
- Gender Category: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual/Transgender
- Genre Category: Coming of Age / Young Adult, Contemporary (General Fiction), Erotic Romance, Romance, Erotica, Paranormal / Horror, Fantasy / Sci-Fi / Futuristic, Historical, Mystery / Thriller, Non Fiction
- Special Category: Debut Fiction. First time print book edition of previously published authors only in ebook is Debut Fiction. A book that was previously self-published by the author, and then republished by a publisher after its initial publication is Debut Fiction. Debut Fiction is considered the first book in print or ebook of more of 41.000 words published as standalone.
- Length Category: Novel of more than 41,000 Words. Novellas and Short Stories will be considered only on the following conditions: Novellas (between 18,000 and 41,000 Words) only in Collection of 2 or more collected together; Short Stories (<18,000 Words) only in Collection of 4 or more collected together. A single submission has to be of more than 41.000 Words. Exception will be considered if a single category will have not enough submissions.


- Judges will start to read books in March; reading period will finish in November (included).
- Each judge will read a minimum of 5 books. Authors/Publishers/Editors will not read books in categories where a their own book is submitted.
- Each book will be judge using 4 different criteria: Plot Development, Setting Development, Characters Development and Writing Style. From 1 to 10 points for each criteria.
- Judges will receive only the ebooks they have to read. (PDF files)
- Judges will have to indicate what categories they are not comfortable to read.
- To be a judge, please contact me; Authors/Publishers/Editors/Reviewers/Readers are welcomed, if I don't know you (you are not in my friends list, we are not on the same groups,...), please provide an introduction and some sort of reference for being eligible to judge a LGBT themed book.