March 11th, 2012

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Gladys Taber (April 12, 1899 - March 11, 1980)

Gladys Taber, beloved author of The Stillmeadow books, columnist for "Ladies Home Journal" and "Family Circle", was born in Colorado Springs on April 12, 1899, and spent most of her early years moving because of her father's work as a mining engineer. She lived in New Mexico, California, Illinois, Wisconsin, and spent time on her grandfather's farm in Massachusetts.

Later, she received her bachelor's degree from Wellesley and her M.A. from Lawrence. She taught English and Writing at Lawrence College, Randolph-Macon Women’s College, Lynchburg, Virginia, and at Columbia University from 1921 to 1926.

In 1943, the Tabers and their friends, Eleanor and Max Mayer, bought a 17th century farmstead in Connecticut, which they called “Stillmeadow.” At first, it was only a part-time country house, but soon they began living there full-time. Gladys Taber enjoyed the outdoors, writing, and her pets. She kept cocker spaniels, Irish setters, and Siamese, Abbysinian and Manx cats.

Marriage and a baby interrupted her academic career, then for more than 20 years, she lived in her vintage farmhouse, having commuted to New York part of the time to teach creative writing at Columbia University. After her parents had died, Gladys’ family consisted of her husband, Frank Taber, and her daughter Constance.

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Kit Dealtry (March 11, 1872 - 1954)

Kathleen Clarice Groom, née Kathleen Clarice Louise Cornwell (b. 11 March 1872 in Melbourne, Australia - d. 1954 in Hove, Sussex, England). She wrote short stories and novels under different pseudonyms: Kit Dealtry, C. Groom, Mrs. Sydney Groom and Kathleen Clarice Groom (playing with her different names and surnames).

She started a dynasty of popular writers; Her eldest son Adrian Bernard Klein, changed his name to Adrian Cornwell-Clyne, and became an artist, who wrote books on photography and cinematography, her daughter Denise Naomi Klein also followed in her footsteps and became the popular romance writer Denise Robins, who was the first president of the Romantic Novelists' Association (1960-1966), and her granddaughter Patricia Robins (aka Claire Lorrimer), who is Denise Robins' daughter, is also a popular romance writer.

Born Kathleen Clarice Louise Cornwell on 11 March 1872 in Melbourne, Australia, she was the daughter of Jemima Ridpath and her husband was George Cornwell, married in 1850.

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Kit Dealtry's Books on Amazon: Kit Dealtry

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Bite Club, A West Hollywood Vampire Novel, by Hal Bodner

In a beyond suspicion time, when M/M romance was still a budding genre mostly for the ebooks market, Hal Bodner wrote Bite Club, and it’s surprising how much it sticks with what we now believe being the common rules of a M/M paranormal vampire romance. Probably the only exception is the character of Becky, the girl best friend of vampire Chris, who should be a main character of her own, so nice she is.

Becky is a coroner in Los Angeles, a little overweight, a little hopelessly in love with her best gay friend Chris, Becky is a strong heroine, very clever and with a big heart. Even if she is obviously in love with Chris, she is not in a sour mood since she cannot achieve her dreams; she is genuine, so much that Troy, Chris’s long-time companion, doesn’t exactly like her, but at least is able to accept that she is part of Chris’s life.

Chris is an ancient vampire, 240 years old, and Troy is Chris’s lover since the 1950s. Chris and Becky met in the ’80, when Becky was in med school and Chris was in one of his “experiments”. Since the first moment Chris made it clear to Becky that he was gay and in love with Troy, so he has never once given a chance to Becky, but still, she cannot avoid to fall in love for the handsome man.

As I said, I like Becky, even if she has no chance to win Chris, Troy, Chris’s husband, is too much of an handful, and so cute, that no one in his good mind would leave him. Monkey, as Chris calls him, is “jumping” like the animal itself, always in motion, coquettish enough to make it clear he is gay, and proud to be, but not to the point of being a farce. Of course he is exaggerating his attitude, but I think it’s also a way to protect himself from the world, those few time Chris is not there to do that.

Chris is a little aloof, but he is obviously in love with his little monkey, and he would do everything to protect him; but he is also a good friend, and when Becky needs him, he doesn’t think twice to come to her help. Chris is probably too good to be true, but he is the friend and the lover everyone would like.

I decided to concentrate on the romance point of the novel, probably since I was surprised to find them and to be so good. But I have to warn the readers, this is also a paranormal horror, and the horror elements are quite bloody (no pun intended).

Amazon: Bite Club: A West Hollywood Vampire Novel (West Hollywood Vampire Novels)
Amazon Kindle: Bite Club: A West Hollywood Vampire Novel (West Hollywood Vampire Novels)
Paperback: 320 pages
Publisher: Alyson Books (June 1, 2005)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1555839037
ISBN-13: 978-1555839031

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