March 13th, 2012

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Emilie Loring (1864 - March 13, 1951)

Emilie Baker Loring (1864 - March 13, 1951) was a prolific American romance novelist of the 20th century. She began writing in 1914 at the age of 50 and continued until her death after a long illness in 1951. After her death, her estate was managed by her sons, Selden M. and Robert M. Loring, who, based on a wealth of unfinished material they discovered, published twenty more books under her name until 1972. These books were ghost-written by Elinore Denniston.

Emilie Loring was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1864 to George M. Baker and Emily Frances (Boles) Baker. Her father was a playwright and publisher and her mother was a homemaker. Loring married Victor J. Loring, who was a lawyer. She died in Wellesley, Massachusetts on March 13, 1951. At the time of her death, Loring had sold more than a million copies of her first thirty books.

Loring's son, Selden M. Loring was also an author. He wrote Young Buckskin Spy (Lantern Press, 1954) and Mighty Magic: An Almost-True Story of Pirates and Indians (Holliday House, 1964).

The Papers of Emilie Loring are housed in The Archives, Department of Special Collections, Boston University, Mugar Memorial Library.

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andrew potter

Shattered Glass by Dani Alexander

At first I didn’t know what to think about this novel, it was so odd that I re-read more than one time some sentence to be sure I rightly understood what was happening, and after few pages I realized another thing: I was addicted (no pun intended considering the setting of the story). I was so addicted to the characters that, even after having to stop reading it for the day, I found myself more than one time going back with the mind to it, re-living some scenes and wondering what the characters were up to, what I would have found at night, when finally I was able to go back to it for real.

Austin is trust fund baby, wealthy and handsome, but he chose to deny his heritage and he is now working as a detective; of course he is doing it with style, i.e. with thousand dollars suits and a Jaguar as car, an entire Victorian townhouse he calls home and a upper class lawyer as fiancé… not exactly your everyday cop. Then one day, during an investigation, he meets Peter, a waiter in a downtown diner: Peter is 20 years old, very pretty and with bunny slippers at his feet, and his friends call him Rabbit. Now these are some of the point I re-read more than once to be sure, I was wondering if it was really possible the author was building such sugar candy characters, pretty, cute, naïve… and then suddenly she decided to dirty up the white dove! Peter is a former male prostitute, even worse he was a child prostitute, raped at age 12 and with a former boyfriend that is now a drugs dealer and possibly even a slave trader. Austin is involved with the case and now he has put himself in a risky situation, easy target for the police department: gay and with a criminal as boyfriend.

But Austin doesn’t care much his career is down the flush, his biggest problem is he doesn’t want to admit he is gay. At first I found quite irritating that Austin was continuously denying something so evident, and in a way, I found myself impossible that he was suddenly turning gay at 26 years old, but during the story we understand Austin was traumatized when he was a teenager, so much that he simply buried the idea he was gay with the friend he had lost. Austin doesn’t want to be gay because being gay it means hurting, and he refuses to be hurt again. I liked his attitude, he has really nothing against the idea of being gay per se, he is not homophobic, he is simply trying to protect his heart.

There are a lot of good supporting characters, for sure Cai is the best one, and he is probably the next hero in this that, from what I gather, it will be a series.

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