March 19th, 2012

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Flora Kidd (1926 - March 19, 2008)

Flora Kidd (b. 1926 in Liverpool, England - d. March 19, 2008 in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada) was a British-Canadian popular writer of over 70 romance novels in Mills & Boon from 1966 to 2000.

Flora born on 1926 in Liverpool, England. In 1949, she graduated at the Liverpool University, where she met Robert Kidd, her husband.

The Kidd marriage moved to Scotland, where Flora began teaching. There, she wrote her first novel, that was published in 1966. She continued to write while their children grew.

In 1977, the family Kidd instaled in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada.

Flora Kidd's debut novel Visit to Rowanbank (1966) is set in a first person narrative, and is indicative of the historical development of this genre by the Mills & Boon publishing house since all subsequent romance novels published by the series have been written in third person narratives. A critical year for switch from first to third person can be traced to the year 1968 through an example of a collection of Isobel Chace novels, harlequin omnibus 7, where The Saffron Sky (1967) and A Handful of Silver (1968) were both written in first person narratives, while the last novel The Damask Rose (1968) switched to a third person narrative.

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Flora Kidd's Books on Amazon: Flora Kidd


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Always Hope by Lisa Worrall

The incipit is maybe a little stretched but the following story is very romantic, all good feelings and small-town comfort. Ash is a hot-stuff LA reporter with an even more hot-stuff boyfriend, a divorce lawyer working with the Hollywood crème de la crème. Coming from a foster family with only his sister as support, I found a bit difficult to believe they remained almost an year without talking to each other, distance notwithstanding.

Coming back from a weekend with his boyfriend, Ash receives the bad news his sister died in a car accident; he has to go to Freedom, Alabama, to attend the funeral and the reading of Annie’s will. The first part of the story, with Ash and Mason, was good, and I liked that the author didn’t belittle their relationship: it was not perfect, but it was good, and I think that, if nothing happened, they would have been good together. But Ash is launched in a complete different world, Freedom, Alabama, is a less than 2000 people province town, and everyone seems to know what is happening inside your house (and also bedroom). There Ash meets Kaleb, Annie’s best friend; at first Kaleb is not really welcoming of Ash, he thinks he neglected his duty as Annie’s brother, and he appointed himself substitute brother. But Ash and Kaleb have probably more in common than Kaleb and Annie, and it’s easy for them to reach truce.

The turn from City Boy to Family Man is almost immediate, thanks also to the whole town; aside from one episode, Ash will not find any obstacle and no homophobic feeling, on the contrary, all Freedom, Alabama, seems to being pushing Ash towards Kaleb and a life as committed couple, husband and husband and all it implies.

Always Hope is a comfortable and sweet story, with just a touch of drama, but mostly about good feelings and family values and the good side of living in a small town.

Amazon Kindle: Always Hope
Publisher: Lisa Worrall (February 18, 2012)

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Event: Rainbow Book Fair

Date: March 24, 2012
Time: 11am–5:30pm
Place: The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center, 208 West 13th Street, NYC

Well, this time I can post about an even I will actually attend ;-) Next Saturday at The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center in NYC there will be the Rainbow Book Fair. And since I'm there, of course I will try to attend as much events as possible, but in any case, I will for sure wander among the stands. I'm on the shy side, so not sure if I will have the courage to come and say hi, but if I know you from the net, I will try to overcome my shyness.

And here is the (at today) list of events:

12:00pm Room 102: Christopher Bram

12-12:30 Room 302: Rena Dunsworth, Gregory Allen, Tessa Cárdenas, Loren Olson

12:30pm Room102: Paul Russell

12:30-12:50 Room 302: Zahra Owens, Matthew Scrivens, Arthur Wooten, Christopher Stoddard

1:00-1:20 Room 302: Clifford Browder, Andrew Grey, Kergan Edwards-Stout, Nora Olsen, Justin Hernandez

1:00–2:15 Room 410: #HIV: CURRENT AIDS WRITING, Moderator: Ted Kerr, Visual AIDS, Panelist: Chaplain C. Jones, Jessica Max Stein, Ricky Tucker, Aldrin Valdez

1:00–2:15 Room 102: QUEER ART BOOKS, Moderator: Reed Massengill, Panelists: Vince Aletti, Chris Steighner, Slava Mogutin, Daile Kaplan

1:30-1:50 Room 302: Vanda, Michael Graves, S.A. Garcia, Rick McGranahan, Michael Griffo

2:00-2:20 Room 302: Jerry Wheeler, Amy Lane, Larry Closs, Scott Alexander Hess, Charles Rice-Gonzalez

2:30-2:50 Room 302: Don Carrel, James Alexander Langteaux, Ellis Carrington, Jonathan Spikes, Annemarie Monahan

2:30–3:45 Room 102: QUEER LATINIDAD, Moderator: Charles Rice-Gonzalez, Panelists: Miguel Angel Angeles, Karen Jaime, Charlie Vazquez

2:30–3:45 Room 410: QUEER LITERARY NEW YORK BEFORE STONEWALL, Moderator: Perry Brass, Panelists: Christopher Bram, Steve Watson, Edmund White

3:00-3:20 Room 302: Stephen Mills, Norman Beim, Barbara Hammer, David Hallman

3:30-3:50 Room 302: Curu Neco-Bloice, Wayne Hoffman, Kate McMurray, Francine Trevens

4:00pm Room 410: Justin Vivian Bond

4:00–5:15 Room 102: QUEER COMIX, Moderator: Sarah Chinn, Panelists: A.K. Summers, Jennifer Camper, Chuck McKinney, Chino

4:00–5:15 Room 302: Dangerous Stories curated and hosted by Sassafras Lowrey, Panelists: Laura Antoniou, Emanuel Xavier, Amber Hollibaugh, Sassafras Lowrey

4:30 Room 410: Laurie Weeks

5:00 Room 410: James Earl Hardy
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Man Candy Day: tMF issue 4 out now and Model Competition

tMf Magazine’s Spring issue is now ready for you to enjoy! Jam packed 150 pages of what else? Naked Men! Photographer Dylan Rosser and Editor Tye Briggs again bring together some of the best photographers, models and artists sharing stories, and as always, pages and pages of incredible images!

With winter coming to an end and temperatures beginning to rise, join cover model Chad Taylor in a brand new full frontal shoot by tMf’s Dylan Rosser! Chad is new to modeling and getting plenty of exposure in an incredible 12 page spread shot in beautiful Palm Springs.

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Chad is just the beginning, issue #4 is chock full of incredible men and ridiculously hot bodies guaranteed to please. Fitness model Trevor Adams shares with tMf not just some of his hottest images, but stories of some of his oddest experiences manoeuvring through the strange world of being a male model.

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Portfolio’s for issue #4 include rising star Quinn Christopher Jaxon by photographer and agent Bacchus Stuart, enter Bradley’s bedroom with Canada’s Chris Teel, Ethan James presents Andrew Skelton and in addition, portfolios from Patrick Mark, Seth London and Jay Diers.

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With images from Carl Proctor, Reese Rideout shares how all the sex he has with men is perfectly fine with his wife because it is all part of a bigger plan! Mircius Aecrim shares the intimate details of shooting Issac Jones and Howard Roffman takes us deep into the lush landscapes and villa’s on the island of Bali with the boys of Bel Ami.

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Rounding out the issue are Miguel Angel Reyes, RudyK, and photographer Mark Henderson who brings us Malachi Marx, Sam Devries, Nicco Sky and many others from his latest book Luminosity!

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With tMf’s first anniversary right around the corner, Dylan Rosser and Tye Brigg’s are looking for just the right guy to shoot with Dylan and become tMf’s next cover model. Contest winner will receive a $2000 cash prize!!! Check out issue #4 for details!

By bringing the best together in one place, tMf brings you page after page of the best of the male form. tMf is almost a ‘coffee table book’ within itself with beautifully presented hi-resolution images and fun, behind the scenes information you need to know. tMf provides a platform for photographers, models and artists to gain exposure to a wider audience while providing viewers with a publication showcasing the best of the best.

tMf Magazine is an ONLINE ONLY magazine and is not available in print.

ISSUE #4 is out now and priced at just $5.45.:

Spring ahead this season enjoying some time with the male form!

Here is the site for the competition:

WIn $2000, plus a trip to NYC or London

For the one year anniversary of tMf Magazine we are looking for a new cover star who will not be shy about getting naked for the camera. The winner will be photographed by Dylan Rosser, and the shoot will become the main portfolio and cover for the 5th issue of tMf Magazine. An interview by Tye Briggs will also accompany the feature. Besides the $2000 prize, we will also arrange travel and accommodation* for 2 nights to either NYC (if you are in North America) or to London (if you are in Europe). We are looking for guys that have model looks with toned, athletic physiques and handsome faces. We want the best of the best.
*Travel and accommodation expenses up to $1000

You have to be between 18 to 35, and the competition is only open to models in North America and Europe. The winning shoot will be a full frontal (non-sexual) nude shoot, so you have to be comfortable getting it all out for the camera. Ideally we are looking for new talent that has not done full frontal before. So exclusive is better, but not a deal breaker. If the winner is from North America, you must be available to shoot in NYC on the 21st of April. If you are in Europe then you must be available to shoot in London in May.

STEP 1: Dylan Rosser and Tye Briggs will be selecting the best 12 models from all the entries.
STEP 2: These 12 finalists will then be voted for on Facebook to come up with the Top 3
STEP 3: The winner will be chosen from the Top 3 by a select panel of men and women who have contributed towards the prize fund. Closing date for entries is the 25th of March and the winner will be announced on the 6th of April.

Email to
Subject line: Cover Star
Send at least 5 recent photos that clearly show your face and body. The winner will be posing nude so we need to see your physique clearly. If you are shy then this might not be the right competition for you.
Please include the following:
Do you already have a full frontal image published online?:
Are you 100% comfortable posing full frontal if you win?:

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