April 2nd, 2012

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Through Dagus's Eyes (Wolves of Stone Ridge 7) by Charlie Richards

A quite “classical” paranormal romance, even if this is book 7 in a series, I decided to read this one since I was fascinated by the character of Dagus, an African-American blind man who is the mate of Brad, a polar bear shifter.

There were many of the themes I usually like, multicultural pair, a main character dealing with disability, a big and strong man but with a caring attitude (and almost housekeeping tendencies, he likes to cook and to take care of Dagus in a “motherly” way). I think the author wanted to move some of the cute characteristic we usually link to a teddy bear to the “human” version of the same, Brad. Even if strong and bigger than Dagus, Brad is not an alpha, he is more an enforcer, someone who can for sure take care of his mate, but who doesn’t really have the strike to be an Alpha pack leader.

Dagus on the other side has a strong willing, but it’s clear that his disability is limiting him. The author doesn’t underestimate these issues, and even if it felt a little forced that Brad is browsing the net to search advice on how to go out on a date with a blind man (I’m not really sure what type of help you can find like that), I appreciated that Dagus’s blindness was not yet another label to make up Dagus’s character, and instead it influenced him and his actions.

This is not a long novel, and it has a medium-high level of erotic scenes, but I have to pay my homage to the author since I quite enjoyed the sex scenes, they read nice and good.

For sure reading book 7 not having read all previous ones is a little difficult, there are a lot of supporting characters and their background is only slightly hinted, but truth be told it was not really a problem, if you want, you can go back and read about them, but Brad and Dagus’s story, even if not long, is nicely wrapped up and complete in its own.


Amazon Kindle: Through Dagus's Eyes (Wolves of Stone Ridge)
Publisher: eXtasy Books (March 1, 2012)

Series: Wolves of Stone Ridge
1) Werewolf at the Zoo
2) Alpha's Prerogative
3) Accepting His Animal
4) Accepting His Human
5) Finding Balance
6) Goading the Enforcer
7) Through Dagus's Eyesy Charlie Richards

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