April 6th, 2012

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Shattered Glass by A.C. Katt

This was not an easy novel. Apparently a show business themed story with pretty boys wearing knee-high boots and eyeliner, it soon turned in a dark memoir about sex, drugs and rock and roll.

When the story starts, Milo is 12 years old and Liam 6. Milo has just realized that he prefers boys over girls and when he meets Liam, he recognized a soul mate in the little boy; this is probably one of the points in the book that let me more perplexed: while it’s quite understandable for a 12 years old boy questioning his sexuality, sincerely I think that 6 is a bit too early. True, Liam is a little genius, way ahead his peers, but still, the reason why Milo tags him as gay, his sensibility, his ever-so-slight lisp, probably is not enough reason.

Anyway, 12 years old Milo decides to become the protector of 6 years old Liam, both from the outside world than himself: Liam arrives to 18 years old that he is not only a spoiled brat but also totally unable to face the big bad world. And as soon as Milo, that is not so much older and experienced than him, do his first mistake, than Liam is all alone to face the consequences. And the consequences are very bad and hurting, to a level that brings Liam to the edge of suicide.

The starting point of the story is quite interesting, two very young boys, fated to be together, meet when both of them are too young to do something; it could have been a pink glasses perspective story, with a bed of roses waiting for them, and instead the author decided to turn it in a real life nightmare. It’s also almost a declaration on the importance of family and the support of parents: both Milo than Liam, for different reason, don’t have them, they are family and parents for each other, and of course they don’t have the right experience for being both. When they arrive to the beginning of their adulthood, they are more kids playing little home than real grown men ready for the future.

If a reader picks this novel with the idea to have a light story about pretty and cute rock musicians, he will have a surprise: there is a very heavy dark tone, and to no one is spared nothing. What Milo and Liam didn’t learn while growing up, they will learn in the worst way by direct experience in fast forward. This is not a pretty story, and in some points it left me wondering, but all in all, it was unique in its genre.


Amazon Kindle: Shattered Glass
Publisher: MLR Press,LLC (April 6, 2012)

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andrew potter

Best Overall Gay & Lesbian Movie Poll

First of all, sorry if in this year poll the listed titles are all gay movies, this is the continuos of previous year poll, and that was specific for Gay Drama, Romance and Comedy. Please fill all the lesbian titles you would like to vote in the free text answer or in the comment section, and I will include them in this year poll.

The Top 10 of last Last Year were:

Best Gay Drama Movie
Shelter (2007)
Maurice (1987)
A Single Man (2009)
The Crying Game (1992)
Boy Culture (2006)
Milk (2008)
My Own Private Idaho (1991)
Priest (1994)
Angels in America (2003)
Mysterious Skin (2004)

Best Gay Comedy Movie
Latter Days (2003)
The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)
My Beautiful Laundrette (1985)
Were the World Mine (2008)
The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert (1994)
Breakfast with Scot (2007)
Summer Storm (Sommersturm) (2004)
The Sum of Us (1994)
Get Real (1998)
Mambo Italiano (2003)

Best Gay Romance Movie
Brokeback Mountain (2005)
Just a Question of Love (Juste une question d'amour) (2000)
Beautiful Thing (1996)
Big Eden (2000)
I Love You Phillip Morris (2009)
The Wedding Banquet (1993)
East Side Story (2006)
Patrik Age 1,5 (Patrik 1,5) (2008)
Edge of Seventeen (1998)
All Over the Guy (2001)

Don't agree, would you like to change that? So go and vote on the poll!

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Best Gay & Lesbian Movie of 2011 Poll

As promised, here I'm back with the yearly poll on Gay & Lesbian Movies. I decided to do two different polls, one about the 2011 movies, i.e. movie released in DVD between January 1, 2011 and December 31, 2011, and one about the Best Overall Gay & Lesbian Movie (this is the Top 100 that I will maintain year after year).

For the Best Gay & Lesbian Movie of 2011 Poll you can vote below, I collected some titles, but I'm sure I forgot some, so please, add them in the poll or in the comment section if I did. You can vote as many movies as you want.

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Lessons in Love (Unlikely Lovers 1) by Blake Deveraux

From a quite common incipit, the Jock who has to be tutored by the Nerd, the author managed to developed an original plot, but be warned, this is a romance heavy on sex and with some dramatic developments.

Mitch is a typical next door guy, from a wealthy family, with a bright future in front of him; Mitch is also gay but he has never had the courage to come out to his father who has great expectations for him. In a way, being a precocious child, almost a genius, is already something Mitch sees as not in line with his father’s expectation who would prefer for him to be the typical frat boy, maybe even a jock. So Mitch prefers to be a “private” gay, and lucky him, he is assigned a dorm room with the only other gay guy in the college, or at least the only other openly gay guy.

Josh is in an abusive relationship with an older man, something that I think he is searching for substituting a lack of fatherly figure, or in a more twisted way, to belong, to feel that someone needs him, not like his own father who disowned him.

Ben is a jock and gay in the closet. When he is assigned as tutor Mitch, he is suddenly faced with temptation, a temptation he cannot resist.

As I said there is a lot of sex, between Mitch and Josh in a sort of buddy-friends way and between Mitch and Ben with a more deep meaning. Sex for these guys is the natural expression of their feelings, not necessarily love, but maybe also friendship or need to “feel” something. That is not said that, when it’s done out of love, all of them are able to recognize the difference, even to arrive to desire exclusivity once they are sure they will be a real couple.

I have to be sincere, sometime the sex felt too much, but that is from my perspective, and that doesn’t mean that it was not good. And maybe in a way, even if I liked Ben, I liked better Josh, and so maybe I was cheering for him to be the main character, but as both him than Mitch said, they are good friends, but not lovers. I suppose Josh will have his story in one of the other instalment in this series.


Amazon: Lessons in Love: Unlikely Lovers: Book One
Amazon Kindle: Lessons in Love: Unlikely Lovers: Book One
Paperback: 184 pages
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing (September 12, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1604358319
ISBN-13: 978-1604358315

Reading List: http://www.librarything.com/catalog_bottom.php?tag=reading list&view=elisa.rolle