April 8th, 2012

andrew potter

Best Gay Sci-Fi / Futuristic (3° place): Double Feature by Aislinn Kerry

Aislinn Kerry builds a future possible world where clones are common occurrences, arriving to have women “bear” their own clone instead of risking to have a child with a stranger. Adrien and Cristian’s case is not the same, being Cristian only few years younger than Adrien, but they grew completely apart from each other, Adrien in the US, the son of show business people and becoming himself an actor, and Cristian in rural Spain where he is now the owner of a B&B. I don’t know if the author wanted to make a statement about human genetics and homosexuality, since she really didn’t highlight it too much, but both Adrien than Cristian are gay, even if their upbringing was completely different.

Adrien doesn’t know about Cristian, while instead Cristian knows about the actor, and every step in his life is conditioned by that knowledge. Cristian has a mix of love and hate for Adrien, he cannot really hate him since he knows about their connection, but loving him is not either possible, being Adrien out of reach. But when Adrien knocks at his door, that is Cristian’s chance to complete his life since until that moment a piece was missing, the other half of himself. Cristian is in a relationship with Felix, and Felix will work us conduct between Adrien and Cristian, through the sharing of a partner, Adrien and Cristian will be able to reconnect.

I think many could find odd, if not even too kinky, for a man to have a sexual relationship with his clone, but for me is at the same level of a woman who decides to give birth to her own clone, it’s all a question of biology more than morality. In a way the author lets understand the reader she is not really fine with the idea of giving birth to your clone, but no prejudices is expressed for Adrien and Cristian’s sexual relationship, or at least I didn’t feel any.

Adrien, Cristian and Felix will build a perfect ménages, each of them completing or giving something one of the other two needs, something the other lover was not able to provide. Removing one of the three will unbalance the relationship, and so it’s essential for them to be together.

Aside from all the clone thing, the future world where Adrien, Cristian and Felix are living is pretty much the same as today, the issues Adrien is facing with his notoriety are exactly the same, the lack of privacy, the need to satisfy the public demand, and so on.


Amazon: Double Feature
Amazon Kindle: Double Feature
Paperback: 236 pages
Publisher: Amber Quill Press, LLC (August 13, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1611249503
ISBN-13: 978-1611249507

Reading List: http://www.librarything.com/catalog_bottom.php?tag=reading list&view=elisa.rolle
andrew potter

Coming Soon: Condor One - The Movie

From John Simpson:

How many times have you read one of the 5 Condor Books and thought "This would make a GREAT movie!"? Well, now is the chance to make it happen AND get in on the ground floor as a part of the team!

John has started the process to convert Condor One (first in the series) into a movie, for either the big screen or the small screen on cable on a popular pay network. He has contracted with an experienced and popular writer/director to do the work of converting the book into a screen play. Unfortunately, as with anything in the real world, this takes money!

"It's time for another major film project that features gay people in the story line. Brokeback Mountain proves beyond a doubt that the right story will not only make money for the people in the movie business, but it can change peoples lives in the way they think about gay people. "Condor One," is the first in a five book series depicting the lives of the first openly gay President of the United States, and the Secret Service Agent that he falls in love with during the campaign. The first book take the public through the end of the campaign, and the high tension and action that takes place beginning on day one of the life of the Windsor presidency. Condor One is not only an action thriller, but a love story as well. How does a gay man who is the most powerful and public man in the world, conduct a relationship with another man who is not known to be gay and keep the details initially from the public.Is there even a chance that such a romance could work out? Condor one answers this question and many more besides. Enter a world where who the man is who is President is more important than who he sleeps with in spite of the near hysteria of some. Will President Windsor and the Secret Service be able to thwart the plots and conspiracies launched against this President? Will he survive? The first step in bringing this best selling story to the screen is to turn the book into a screenplay by a very experienced screenplay writer which is very different than authoring the story in the first place. Screenplay writers are very expensive because the work is so demanding. If we reach goal, we will proceed with the next step in bringing this project to Hollywood or HBO or Showtime or some other station that is bold and innovative."

As mentioned above, the first step has been reached, in that we have found a screenwriter to start the process, but he has only been half paid. We need to come up with the money to pay him the 2nd half, then have the money to go on to the next steps - hiring staff, producers, paying for locations, etc.

Your donations are needed! Every single dollar helps more than you can possibly know. Even the small donations of just $1 or $5, when added up altogether, make a huge difference for a project like this.

Website: http://www.condorone-movie.com/movie-project.html

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/condorone

IndieGoGo: http://beta.indiegogo.com/projects/77493?i=wdgt