April 12th, 2012

andrew potter

Man Candy Day: Vince, Marco, Jay & Rick

I decided to "collect" some of the gifts Dylan Rosser is sending me for a post full of goodies ;-) It's also a varied one, since we have some "old" friends like Vince (old since he was one of the first model I posted, actually he is very young!) and some new faces, but I bet they will become favorites of many of you.

So let start with Vince Azzopardi with some of images from the tMf Magazine.

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Some of the images were used in the 2nd issue of tMf Magazine (tmfmagazine.com) but Dylan shared the rest of the shoot on his website, TheMaleForm.net.

Dylan has photographed Vince more times than any other model and he was also lucky enough to be the first to shoot him full frontal many years ago. Vince has gone on to become a top model and often seen walking the runways in Milan.

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Marco is originally from Romania, he is now a model and dancer in London.

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Jay is 23 years old and from London. Unique features and pale skin, he sure makes a change from the tanned muscle guys. Besides having an amazingly defined body he is also blessed with a rather large package too. As Dylan refers ;-), it was one of those shoot where he had not specifically asked for erect shots but it just kept coming up, so to speak. Apparently Jay quite likes the thrill of being naked and being photographed, and of course Dylan was not complaining.

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RickF was a big favourite when he was added to TheMaleForm.net two 2 years ago to celebrate the 100th model on the site.

He was on the cover of Dylan Rosser's book, 100, and also features in his latest book, NAKED.

This set of pics are the left overs from the shoot for that book.
andrew potter

Best Gay Contemporary Erotica (3° place): With the Band by L.A. Witt

A solid good story, well written and nicely developed, With the Band was almost a “classic” romance; the show business theme, the love between members of the same band, the issue of being gay when you have a public persona, all these points where faced, developed and resolved.

Aaron and Bastian are not “heroes”, they are ordinary men, and I liked that, even if the Band is having success, in any case it remains to an average level, that means lot and lot of miles and cheap motels and maybe even struggles to arrive to the end of the month. How many of these stories there are out there? How many musicians choose to live of little for the love of the music? Aaron and Bastian are two of them, and it’s not for the glamour of the scene they are doing that, but for the satisfaction of being able to sing their songs.

That is also the reason why this novel rang true; I have the feeling the author well knows the life of a roadie, or at least she has done her homework. It’s a world of sweat and tears more than glitters and glamour; maybe it’s about sex, drugs and rock and roll, but it’s also about sharing an apartment with your brother or best friend and having to hide your true feelings since, even if you are good, public opinion is still stronger than you on a commercial level.

I like the contrast of both Aaron and Bastian; Aaron appears to be really young, like the little kid brother, but he is also able to take the upper hand in most situation, and even in bed; Bastian on the other side seems to be this big bad boy, leather and brooding looks, but he has a layer of insecurity that can be charming, making you want to cuddle him.

As I said the plot development is almost classic, what is more important is probably the good setting, you could almost feel the “flavour” of all those bodies writhing to the vibes of the hard rock music.


Amazon Kindle: With the Band
Publisher: Loose Id LLC (March 22, 2011)

Reading List: http://www.librarything.com/catalog_bottom.php?tag=reading list&view=elisa.rolle

Cover Art by April Martinez