April 14th, 2012

andrew potter

Maurice Sachs (1906 - April 14, 1945)

Maurice Sachs (born Maurice Ettinghausen, 1906, Paris - 14 April 1945, Germany) was a French writer. He was the son of a Jewish family of jewelers.

Sachs was educated in an English-style boarding-school, lived for a year in London and worked in a bookshop, and returned to Paris.

In 1925 he converted to Catholicism and decided to become a priest, though this didn't last upon meeting a young man on the beach at Juan-les-Pins.

After involvement in a number of dubious business activities, he traveled to New York, where he passed himself off as an art dealer. Returning to Paris, he associated himself with leading homosexual writers of the time - Cocteau, Gide and Max Jacob - with all of whom he had stormy relationships whose precise nature is unclear. At various times he worked for Jean Cocteau and Coco Chanel, in both cases stealing from them.

Sachs was mobilized at the start of World War II, but was discharged for sexual misconduct. During the early years of the Occupation, he made money out of helping Jewish families escape to the Unoccupied Zone. He may also have been an informer for the Gestapo. He was later imprisoned in Fuhlsbüttel.

One story of Sachs' death is that he was lynched by other prisoners and his body was thrown to the dogs.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maurice_Sachs

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andrew potter

Scent of Attraction by Pender Mackie

This is a charming novella, about two very ordinary guys, a classic boy meets boy, boy falls for boy story. Shawn is a salesman for a fragrance company and he had to start from the bottom, i.e. working a stand in a department store; with a business degree, maybe that is not the realization of his dreams, but Shawn is facing it with a good predisposition. More than the job, maybe he is worried about his love life; even if young and handsome, Shawn is very shy and he has trouble to meet guys. Actually sometime, he meets them, but his shyness makes him aloof, and the other guy thinks he is giving the cold shoulder.

So when Shawn meets Graham, a customer who is buying a cologne for his boyfriend, he has double the reason to not hope: Graham is taken and for sure he is not interested in a simple salesman. But actually Graham is giving Shawn a lot of hints, he is always kind and interested in Shawn, always ready to exchange pleasant conversation. They meet more than once always by chance, but Shawn is always so unsure of himself, that in the end, I suppose Graham translated that attitude as if Shawn is really not interested in him.

Scent of Attraction is not a complex story, but it’s engaging. Nothing of unusual happens, and actually Shawn and Graham’s story is made mostly of chance encounters, a play of serendipity, like it was fate for them to be together, despite their wrong choices, past and present. I think that meeting by chance, without having searching for it, your soul mate, is the dream of most of us, and it’s nice to read a story about that. Sweet and romantic.


Amazon Kindle: Scent of Attraction
Publisher: Silver Publishing (April 7, 2011)

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