May 29th, 2012

andrew potter

No Greater Love by Andi Anderson

This story was sweet and pretty. It could have been way more dramatic, the quest of Eros to find true love could have been long and unfulfilling, but instead the author choses to make him fall in love at first attempt, for Keith, who is, let us be sincere, very ordinary. 40 years old and on the nerd side, Keith has never had a long-term relationship because, a) he has never really fallen in love and b) because I think no one notice the good and kind guy who is behind the cold exterior. Said that, Keith has an ordinary job as accountant, ordinary hobby, ordinary life, but maybe this is what Eros needs, ordinariness. He is tired of the perfect life his mother bestowed upon him, perfect body, perfect beauty, all this perfect exterior is cold; even if he is not alone, one mother, two brothers, one ex-wife, Eros has never has someone who choses him for who he is, a guy, and not for what he is, a god.

As I said, the author decided not to play the drama card, Eros being a god is a nice addendum, but actually this could have been the story of a too pretty boy who wanted to find true love. Eros and Keith’s relationship evolves in a smooth and sweet way, with some bumps, but nothing major. Even the sexual side of their relationship is sweet, sexual but not explicit.

Amazon Kindle: No Greater Love (Sons of Aphrodite)
Publisher: Silver Publishing (January 28, 2012)

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