August 5th, 2012

andrew potter

Love Led Them by Helen Beattie

A light, sweet and also funny little story, totally in the right mood for the Valentine’s Day series it belongs to.

Marcus is a nice guy, good job, nice body, friendly attitude; he has no problem to find no strings attached flings, but what he really wants his a long term relationship. Maybe since Valentine’s Day is approaching, and no partner is on the horizon, Marcus decides to tight a pact with a Cupid’s statue he saw in the garden near his office: he will be open to opportunities if Cupid will send his way the right man. Only that all the men Marcus meets are losers, and the only right one is the one in his dreams, Jamie.

This is of course a fantasy tale, but the author built it in a way that, if the realistic reader wants to find a reason, he is able to; Marcus will meet the man of his dreams, and he will be happy in real life like he was in his dreams. If that is Cupid’s work, or simply ordinary life, we will never know, in any case it gives hope to everyone to not let the quest down, sooner or later you Valentine will find you, or you will find him!

Amazon Kindle: Love Led Them (Valentine's Day 2012 from MLR Press)
Publisher: MLR Press,LLC (February 11, 2012)

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