August 31st, 2012

andrew potter

Rainbow Awards: Current Submissions (update August 31, 2012)

Contemporary General Fiction:
Mel Bossa - Franky Gets Real
David Carl Mielke - A Dish Best Served Cold
Beth Burnett - Man Enough
Lauren Gallagher - Who's Your Daddy
Wayne Hoffman - Sweet Like Sugar
Tom Mendicino, Frank Anthony Polito & Michael Salvatore  - Remembering Christmas
Wesley Gibson - Personal Saviors
Gregory Allen - Well With My Soul
Felice Picano - Contemporary Gay Romances
Larry Closs - Beatitude
Kergan Edwards-Stout - Songs for the New Depression
Daniel M. Jaffe - Jewish Gentle and Other Stories of Gay-Jewish Living
Jeffrey Ricker - Detours
Josephine Myles - Boats in the Night
Brandon Shire - The Value of Rain
Marguerite Labbe - All Bets Are Off
Marten Weber - Gabriel
R.J. Scott - The Gallows Tree
Eric Arvin - Galley Proof
William Masswa - Toughskins
Edmond Manning - King Perry
Zahra Owens - Floods and Drought
David Pratt - My Movie
Dev Bentham - Moving in Rhythm
Susan Laine - Sounds of Love
Brandon Shire - Listening To Dust
P.D. Singer - The Rare Event
Tinnean - Houseboat on the Nile
L.A. Witt - For The Living
Eden Winters - Diversion
Erik Orrantia - Taxi Rojo
Chris Kenry - The Survival Methods and Mating Rituals of Men and Marine Mammals
Josephine Myles - Handle with Care
Vincent Meis - Tio Jorge
Lewis DeSimone - The Heart’s History
Eden Winters - Fallen Angel
Rob Kaufman - One Last Lie
Rodney Ross - The Cool Part of His Pillow
Barry Brennessel - Reunion
Owen Keehnen - The Sand Bar
Robert Lennon - The Miles
Ken O'Neill - The Marrying Kind
A. Scott Boddie - Bloody Murder & all (4 short stories)
L.A. Witt - Where Nerves End
Tinnean - Not My Spook
Eric Arvin - SuburbaNights
UKMAT - Lashings of Sauce
Julia Alaric - Dreamer
Jeremy Pack - To Touch the Stars
EM Lynley - Going for Gold
Ann McMan - Jericho
Q. Kelly - Waiting
Isabella - Broken Shield
Toya Hankins - SBF Seeking
Karis Walsh - Worth the Risk
Lee Harlem Robinson - Come And Go
Ronica Black - Wholehearted
Lisa Girolami - Fugitives of Love
Ann McMan - Sidecar
sbr martin - pig
Kiki Archer - Intigations

Erotic Romance:
Darcy Abriel - Silver
Giselle Renarde - The Red Satin Collection
Darcy Abriel - Haevyn
Clancy Nacht & Thursday Euclid - Le Jazz Hot
Suleikha Snyder - Spice and Smoke
Jennifer Lynne - Aphrodite Calling
Kaitlin Maitland - Encore
Rob Rosen - Southern Fried
Elliott Mackle - Captain Harding's Six-Day War
Christopher Koehler - Tipping the Balance
Sable Stone - Bone
S.L. Armstrong & K. Piet - Other Side of Night 1
Tara Lain - Golden Dancer
Mickie B. Ashling - Vessel
Cardeno C. - Just What the Truth Is
Cat Grant - Once a Marine
D.H. Starr - Premonition
L.A. Witt - The Closer You Get
J.P. Bowie - He Ain't Heavy
Lex Valentine - Afterburner (2 novellas)
Z. Allora - Tied Together
Erica Pike - A Life Without You
Fyn Alexander - Sins of the Father
E.J. Allen - Fries With That Sir
H.C. Brown - Lord and Master
Jeff Erno - Twinsational
L.A. Witt - Where There's Smoke
Xavier Axelson - Menage
Aleksandr Voinov - Dark Soul
Ryan Field - Chase of a Lifetime
Anne Tenino - Frat Boy and Toppy
Harper Fox - Scrap Metal
H.J. Raine & Kelly Wyre - Winter's Knight
Lori Toland - The Long Con
Christopher Koehler - First Impressions
Freddy MacKay - Moving Mountains
Freddy MacKay - Beginning Again
Lisa Worrall - Laurel Heights
Charles Raines - Stranger In Translation
Amy Lane - Gambling Men
Avril Ashton - Love the Sinner
Mickie B. Ashling - Cleave
Erica Pike - Absolutely Eric
S.J. Frost - Heartstrings
Sage Marlowe - SubMission
Elliott Mackle - Captain Harding and His Men
Ethan Day - Second Time Lucky
Z. Allora - Finally Fallen
Lou Harper - Last Stop
Clancy Nacht & Tuesday Euclid - Celibacy NOW
Leslie Lee Sanders - Before the Darkness
Susan Laine - Mending Fences
Amelia C. Gormley - Inertia
Freddy MacKay - Incubation
Lavinia Lewis - Mobsters and Miracles
Mickie B. Ashling - Daddio
Sage Marlowe - Knives and Feathers
Susan Laine - Genie's Wish
Josephine Myles - Barging In
Abigail Roux - Stars and Stripes
K. Piet & Kristen Pavka - Fraternal Devotion
Jaime Samms - Stained Glass
Patricia Logan - Silver Bullets
M.J. Williamz - Forbidden Passions
L.T. Marie - Three Days
M.J. Williamz - Initiation by Desire
Taryn Rose - L World
Rebekah Weatherspoon - The Fling
Meghan O'Brien - The Night Off

Elyan Smith - Portside
Ava Greene - Pandora's Box
Neil Plakcy - Three Lambs, Erotic Tales of A Gay Frat
Scott Alexander Hess - Diary of a Sex Addict
Todd Gregory - Wings, Subversive Gay Angel Erotica
R. Jackson - Tales from the Den
Richard Labonte - Erotica Exotica
Rachel Haimowitz - Master Class
Richard Labonte - History's Passions
Elizabeth Hyder - Weight of a gun
Jerry L. Wheeler - Riding the Rails
Geoffrey Knight - The Gentlemen's Parlor
Sean Wolfe - Give It To Me
Shane Allison - Nice Butt, Gay Anal Eroticism
Jerry L. Wheeler - Strawberries and Other Exotic Fruits
Lukas Hand - Coming To
Rachel Haimowitz & Cat Grant - Power Play Resistance
J.P. Beausejour - Buccaneer Island
Logan Zachary - Calendar Boys
William Maltese & Johan Ekkel - Maltese & Ekkel
S.L. Armstrong & April L'Orange - Like It or Not
Todd Gregory - Sweat
Rachel Haimowitz & Cat Grant - Power Play Awakening
Jerry L. Wheeler - Dirty Diner
Giselle Renarde - Nanny State

Mykola Dementiuk - Times Square Queer
J.M. Snyder - A Cowboy's Heart
Ranae Rose - Haunted Passions
Mykola Dementiuk - The Facialist
Charlie Cochrane - Home Fires Burning
Marguerite Labbe & Fae Sutherland - The Gladiator's Master
Erastes - Junction X
Fyn Alexander - Knightly Love
Ryan Loveless - Forgotten Man
Charlie Cochrane - All Lessons Learned
G.N. Chevalier - Bonds of Earth
Bonnie Dee & Summer Devon - The Psychic and the Sleuth
Anne Barwell - Shadowboxing
Tom Williams - Cawnpore
Heidi Cullinan - A Private Gentleman
KevaD - Whistle Pass
Jeff Mann - Purgatory
Lee Rowan - Sail Away
R.A. Padmos - UNSPOKEN
Shelter Somerset - On the Trail to Moonlight Gulch
Alex Ironrod - Red Knight Rising
Vastine Bondurant - Purly Format
Lara Biyuts - A Handful of Blossoms
Rowena Sudbury - The King's Heart
Bonnie Dee - Loving Peter
Charlie Cochet - The Auspicious Troubles of Chance
Kaje Harper - Into Deep Waters
Charlie Cochrane - Lessons for Survivors
Kathleen Knowles - Awake Unto Me
Justine Saracen - Tyger Tyger, Burning Bright
Rebecca Buck - The Locket and the Flinklock
Paul Alan Fahey - The View from 16 Podwale Street
K.T. Grant - Cinderella and The Lady

Mystery / Thriller:
Liz Strange - Missing Daughter, Shattered Family
Nicki Bennett & Ariel Tachna - Under the Skin
Haley Walsh - Foxe Hunt
Scott Sherman - Second You Sin (Kevin Connor Mysteries)
Julie Bozza - The Valley of the Shadow of Death
Adam Fitzroy - Ghost Station
Russ Gregory - Blue
Madeleine Urban & Abigail Roux - Divide & Conquer
J.B. Sanders - Glen & Tyler's Honeymoon Adventure
Dorien Grey - The Peripheral Son
Mark Zubro - Black and Blue and Pretty Dead Too
J.L. Merrow - Wight Mischief
Rob Byrnes - Holy Rollers
Greg Herren - Murder in the Irish Channel
Julie Bozza - Albert J. Sterne, Future Bright, Past Imperfect
Collin Kelley - Remain In Light
Lee James - Errors and Omissions
Zavo - Derrick Steele, Private Dick the Case of the Hollywood Hustlers
Neil Plakcy - Mahu Blood
Matthew Scrivens - Sole Survivor
Sara York - Not That Type of Guy
Sara York - Torn To Shreds
Joseph R. G. DeMarco  - Crimes on Latimer
P.A. Brown - Latin Boyz
Ethan Stone - Subject 13
Amber Green - Khyber Run
Marshall Thornton - Boystown 4
Ethan Stone - Bartender, PI
Geoffrey Knight - Scott Sapphire and the Emerald Orchid
Jeremy Pack - The Heart of the Jungle
Keira Andrews - The Chimera Affair
L.C. Chase - Riding with Heaven
EM Lynley - Italian Ice
Dorien Grey - Dante's Circle
Elliott Mackle - Only Make Believe
Jere Myles - Murder on Michigan Avenue
Chris Quinton - Finders, Keepers
Drake Braxton - Missing
A.C. Henley - McKee, Unabridged
Sue Hardesty - The Truck Comes on Thursday
A.J. Quinn - Hostage Moon
Cari Hunter - Snowbound
Ann McMan - Dust
V.K. Powell - Haunting Whispers
Anne Laughlin - Runaway
Kim Baldwin & Xenia Alexiou - Demons are Forever
Lynn Kear - Tighter, Tighter
Trin Denise - She Left Me Breathless
Liz Bugg - Oranges and Lemons
J.M. Redmann - Ill Will
Terri Richards - Mission of Desire
Isabella - American Yakuza
Kelly Sinclair - In the Now
Carsen Taite - Slingshot
P.J. Trebelhorn - Missing
Anders & Phair - The Ripper's Daughter
Robin Silverman - Lemon Reef

Non Fiction:
Fred Whitby - Adventures of a Pinko Commie Bisexual in the 1980s
Bambi L. Lobdell - A Strange Sort of Being
Johnny Townsend - Let the Faggots Burn
Corey Rosenberg - The Gay Man’s Guide to Timeless Manners and Proper Etiquette
J.V. Petretta - An Impossible Dream Story
Charles Silverstein - For the Ferryman
Roy Chaudoir - Mettray Seminary: The Untold Story
Jack Scott - Perking the Pansies
Philip D. Luing - From Particles and Disputations
Bruce Grether - The Secret of the Golden Phallus
Dirk Vanden - It Was Too Soon Before
Ron J. Suresha & Scott McGillivray - Fur, The Love of Hair
Steve Turtell - Heroes and Householders
Red Haircrow - Silence Is Multi-Colored In My World
Ansh Das - Always Forever
Murray Sexton - Deranged
Justin Hernandez - Inside the Vortex
Natasha Holme - Lesbian Crushes and Bulimia
Thomas Keith - Love Christopher Street
Greg Hogben - The British Devil

Paranormal / Horror:
Louisa Bacio - Chains of Silver
Angelia Sparrow - Power in the Blood
Ellis Carrington - Amor Prohibido
B.A. Tortuga - Just Like Cats and Dogs
Ariel Tachna - Reluctant Partnerships
S.J. Frost - Enduring Instincts
Kate McMurray - Across the East River Bridge
Vaughn R. Demont - Coyote's Creed
Kaje Harper - Unacceptable Risk
Lorna Hinson - Shifting Steam
Peter Hansen - First Watch & All (3 novellas)
Andrea Speed - Josh of the Damned & All (5 short stories)
Mary Calmes - Honored Vow
Andrea Speed - Infected, Freefall
Vicktor Alexander - Inconceivable
Vicktor Alexander - Unthinkable
Isabelle Rowan - Ink
L.A. Witt - The Given & The Taken
Savannah Hartley - Deadly Secrets
Vicktor Alexander - Unassumed
Hal Bodner - The Trouble With Hairy
Peter Saenz - Coven of Wolves
J.L. Merrow - Midnight in Berlin
T.T. Kove - Legend & Lore
William Holden - Words to Die By
Tara Lain - Spell Cat
D.H. Starr - Feed Prey Love
Felice Picano - Twelve O'Clock Tales
Ethan Day - A Token of Time
Poppy Dennison - Mind Magic
Lavinia Lewis - Nate's Deputy
Nikki Mccoy - Keepers of the Night
Donya Lynne - Heart of the Warrior
Joely Skye - Running Wild
Ana Bosch - Art of Death
L.A. Witt - The Healing & The Dying
Timothy McGivney - Vampalicious
L.J. LaBarthe - No Surrender,  No Retreat
Cardeno C. - Wake Me Up Inside
Jeff Mann - Desire and Devour
Allison Moon - Lunatic Fringe
Ali Vali - Balance of Forces
Rebekah Weatherspoon - Better Off Red
Winter Pennington - Bloody Claws
Amber Green - Dead Kitties Don't Purr
Radclyffe & Stacia Seaman - Women of the Dark Streets
L.L. Raand - Night Hunt
Sheri Lewis Wohl - Burgundy Betrayal
Nell Stark & Trinity Tam - Sunfall
Catherine Lundoff - Silver Moon
Cate Culpepper - A Question of Ghosts
Catt Kingsgrave - One Saved to the Sea
Winter Pennington - Summoning Shadows

Aleksandr Voinov & Amy Lane - Country Mouse
Benjamin Kelly - Guardian Angel
Amy Lane - Clear Water
Andrew Grey - Legal Artistry
Shelter Somerset - Between Two Promises
Chris Quinton - Game On, Game Over
K.Z. Snow - The Zero Knot
Rick R. Reed - Caregiver
K.A. Mitchell - Not Knowing Jack”
Etienne - Love Turns the Page
Amy Lane - It's Not Shakespeare
D.W. Marchwell - Roots and Wings
K.C. Burn - Cop Out
Lisa Worrall - Unshakeable Faith
Scott Alexander Hess - Bergdorf Boys
Z.A. Maxfield - The Pharaoh's Concubine
Sue Brown - Final Admission
Neil Plakcy - The Russian Boy
Neil Plakcy - Mi Amor
Val Kovalin - Fall Into the Sun
Dani Alexander - Shattered Glass
Anne Regan - Two Tickets to Paradise
Amy Lane - Chase in Shadow
Jay Bell - Kamikaze Boys
Neil Plakcy - Teach Me Tonight
Jordan Castillo Price - Magic Mansion
Kate McMurray - Out in the Field
Sue Brown - Complete Faith
Piper Vaughn & M.J. O'Shea - One Small Thing
J.L. Merrow - Hard Tail
A.B. Gayle - Red+Blue
Cherie Noel - Incongruent Angel
Amy Lane - Sidecar
Sue Brown - The Isle of... Where?
Jane Elliot - Above All
Julie Bozza - The Butterfly Hunter
Andrew Grey - Unconditional Love
Joshua Martino - Fontana
R.J. Scott & Jaime Reese - A Better Man
Caethes Faron - Measure Of Devotion
Mel Bossa - Into the Flames
Allison Cassatta - Patient Privilege
Shira Anthony - The Melody Thief
R.J. Nolan - L.A. Metro
Melissa Brayden - Waiting in the Wings
Ashley Bartlett - Sex and Skateboards
Radclyffe - Sheltering Dunes
Yolanda Wallace - Lucky Looser
Julie Cannon - Rescue Me
Kim Baldwin - High Impact
Q. Kelly - All in the Family
Chris Paynter - Survived by Her Longtime Companion
Laurie Salzler - A Kiss Before Dawn
Lori Delk - Distant Echo
Kieran York - Appointment with a Smile
Rachel Spangler - Love Life
Q. Kelly - Switch
D. Jackson Leigh - Touch Me Gently
Radclyffe - Oath of Honor
Yvonne Heidt - Sometime Yesterday
Bobbi Marolt - Coming Attractions

Sci-Fi / Fantasy:
Mel Bossa - Suite Nineteen
Rhianon Etzweiler - Blacker than Black
Michelle Moore & Reesa Herberth - The Slipstream Con
Evey Brett - Capriole
Rae Gee - Mars on the Rise
Brit Mandelo - Beyond Binary
Marie Sexton - Saviours Of Oestend
Aleksandr Voinov - Incursion
Belinda McBride - The Bacchi
Bebe Balocca - Carved Into Her Heart
Dusk Peterson - Law of Vengeance
Lyn Gala - Desert World Allegiances
Heidi Cullinan - Temple Boy
Syd McGinley - Twice-Caught
Elizabeth Noble - Together Bound
Belinda McBride - When I Fall
Megan Derr - Kidnapped
Aislinn Kerry - A Queen's Dowry
Rowan Speedwell - Bitterwood
Valentina Heart - Teacher Plus Two
Nick Chivers - Witch Hunt
Aleksandr Voinov - Counterpunch
Rachel Haimowitz - Crescendo
Marie Sexton - Blind Space
Chris Quinton - Fox Hunt
Jeff Erno - Second Chances
J.P. Bowie - A Ghost Story
Stevie Woods - Other Worlds 2 (3 novellas)
Andrew Grossman - Lost Sky
Scott Galister - The Heart of the Cluster
Carole Cummings - Wolf's-own (2 books)
Angel Martinez - Gravitational Attraction
Jordan Castillo Price - The Starving Years
Rowan McBride - One Good Year (2 novellas)
Cherie Noel - Tian's Hero
L.J. LaBarthe - No Quarter
Alex Beecroft - Under the Hill (2 books)
Angel Martinez - Vassily the Beautiful
Heidi Cullinan - The Pirate's Game
Jordan Castillo Price - Persistence of Memory
Chris Quinton - Paradox
Sasha L. Miller - Saving Liam
Megan Derr - Burning Bright
Andrea Speed - Infected, Shift
Lyle Blake Smythers - Feasting with Panthers
Cari Z. - Changing Worlds
Joshua Skye - The Singing Wind
Marten Weber - Bodensee
Rebecca Cohen - Servitude
Elizabeth Noble - Chained Hearts
Shira Anthony & Venona Keyes - The Trust
Lisabet Sarai - Quarantine
Nemo Euler - Luck
Alex Jeffers - You Will Meet a Stranger Far from Home
Blaine D. Arden - Aliens, Smith and Jones
Steve Berman - Wilde Stories 2012
Jay Bell - From darkness to darkness
Anne Barwell - Magic's Muse
Widdershins - Mortal Instinct
Gun Brooke - Pirate's Fortune
Catherine Lundoff - A Day at the Inn
Naomi Clark - Dark Hunt
Dayna Ingram - Eat Your Heart Out
Q. Kelly - Third
Erica Lawson - Soulwalker
Samantha M. Derr - Vixen
Lesley Davis - Dark Wings Descending
Winter Pennington - Once Upon a Twilight
Gun Brooke - Speed Demons

Young Adult / Coming of Age:
Nastasha LaBrake - Meant to be Broken
Michael Griffo - Unwelcome (Archangel Academy)
Michael Graves - Dirty One
Geoffrey Knight - The Pearl Trilogy
David-Matthew Barnes - Swimming to Chicago
Sam Cameron - Mystery of the Tempest
Hayden Thorne - Renfred's Masquerade
Jim Provenzano - Every Time I Think of You
J.H. Trumble - Don't Let Me Go
R.J. Scott - The Decisions We Make
Jeff Erno - Another Dumb Jock
Michael Griffo - Unafraid (Archangel Academy)
Hayden Thorne - Mimi Attacks
Perry Brass - King of Angels
Kyell Gold - Green Fairy
Steve Berman - Boys of Summer
Amy Lane - The Talker Collection (3 novellas)
Gene Gant - The Thunder in His Head
James Erich - Seidman
Ryan Loveless - Kaden's Colors
Kari Jo Spear - Silent One
John H. Ames - Surviving Elite High
Luke Hartwell - Atom Heart John Beloved
Jeffrey Luscombe - Shirts and Skins
Greg Herren - Sara
Jeff Erno - Appearances Matter
K.E. Payne -
Tama Wise - Street Dreams
Tamer Lorika - Letters from the Sky
Kiki Archer - But She Is My Student
Steve Berman - Speaking Out
Ruth Sims - The Quarterback's Secret
Radclyffe & Katherine E. Lynch - OMG Queer
andrew potter

GayRomLit Ebook Giveaway: Jennifer Brooks - End Game

I asked to all the authors joining the GayRomLit convention in Albuquerque in October ( a personal favor, a special Ebook Giveaway: every day I will post 1 book from each author, and among those who will leave a comment, I will draw a winner. Very easy and very fast ;-) I will send a PM to the winner, so remember to not leave anonymous comments! (comments close on September 2)

And the ebook giveaway goes to: qbeeqt please contact me.

Today author is Jennifer Brooks (

End Game by Jennifer Brooks
Publisher: Musa Publishing (August 9, 2012)
Amazon Kindle: End Game

Jessie was on the phone when his cousin, Ben, was attacked. Fifteen minutes later, when Jessie arrived at Ben’s condo, his cousin was dead. With life and death as close as a minute away, Jessie must work with his estranged lover, Mathew, to learn why anyone would’ve wanted to kill Ben.
andrew potter

Event: GRL Final Ebook Giveaways plus Surprise

This is an announcement to let you know to be ready to a wonderful event. As you all know since for the last two months I'm doing it, I asked to all authors joining the 2012 GRL in Albuquerque, for a special giveaway, each author donated an ebook and I'm giving them away one by one.

BUT now I had an idea, and authors are already, generously joining: I asked them to donate a second copy of the same ebook. I will post a FINAL giveaway, some day before the GRL convention (around beginning of October), and having people partecipate in a last giveaway for the chance of winning ALL ebooks: 1 lucky winner will have 1 ebook from all authors joining the convention! (we are talking of more than 100 ebooks!!!)

I will post the winner the last day of the convention, Sunday October 21, so that it will be a closure with a BOOM ;-)

Moreover, JC Calciano has kindly offered to do a giveaway of his 2 Gay Romance Movies, Is It Just Me? and eCupid, so we will have 3 wonderful prizes, for three winners, 1 budle of ebooks plus 2 DVDs.