September 24th, 2012

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GayRomLit Ebook Giveaway: Hank Edwards - Shacked Up

I asked to all the authors joining the GayRomLit convention in Albuquerque in October ( a personal favor, a special Ebook Giveaway: every day I will post 1 book from each author, and among those who will leave a comment, I will draw a winner. Very easy and very fast ;-) I will send a PM to the winner, so remember to not leave anonymous comments! (comments close on September 26)

And the ebook giveaway goes to: chellebe, please contact me.

Today author is Hank Edwards (

Shacked Up by Hank Edwards
Publisher: Loose Id LLC (June 5, 2012)
Amazon Kindle: Shacked Up

FBI Special Agent Aaron Pearce is recovering from his injuries suffered while on assignment in Detroit, stuck in the offices of the FBI running database searches for agents in the field. He is bored and edgy, and takes it out on those closest to him, including Mark Beecher, who lives with him.

While Mark cannot deny the heat between them, he struggles to find his place in Washington, DC, and in Pearce's apartment. He notices a car following him back and forth to work and panics, certain it's the terrorist mole Robert Morgan who escaped them in Detroit.

As Mark and Pearce try to identify the driver, Pearce is drawn into an investigation concerning the disappearance of data discs from government employees. During research, he discovers the catering company where Mark works may be at the root of the thefts, and, when the company is booked to cater a prestigious party, Pearce realizes it is the perfect setup for an undercover operation. He doesn't think twice about disobeying orders to stay out of the field, and risks not only his career, but his life as well, to join Mark in an undercover operation that will change their lives forever.
andrew potter

Rainbow Awards: Cover Contest (Round 3)

138 covers made Round 3 and we will select through them until we will reach the final 10. Each 2 weeks we will cut down 50% of the covers, it will be a harsh selection, but those are the rules.

- in round 3 there are 138 covers
- in parallel with the poll, a special jury will vote the covers; the jury is composed by: Damon Suede, Dylan Rosser, Jodie, Julie, Max Rhyser, Mitzie, Tammy.
- you can vote as many covers as you want, using the poll in this post

Most Voted Covers last round:

Ink (Anne Cain)

Stained Glass (Anne Cain)

Dragon Tamer (Shobana Appavu)

All the covers are here:

and here is the poll:

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With Wings (The Dark Angels 1) by Z. Allora

A pure yaoi novel, like it was long I haven't read; it’s like the author wanted to claim, I love Yaoi, and so what? She never once tried to make it pass for something else, and she pushed all the by the book buttons: young, cute and pretty characters, long hair, big eyes, pop star, I’m straight/I’m not gay, Gay for You, Gay Virgin, and if you toss some other rule, it’s probably here. So no, this is not a novel for whom doesn’t like this type of story, otherwise they will start to find the “flaws”: yaoi is yaoi, and we all know it’s to entertain and not for realism.

When the story starts, it’s clear that Darius “Dare” Stone, apparently straight guitarist of all boys rock band The Dark Angels, is already a little in love with Angel Luv, the very gay lead singer. He is still in denyal, playing the card of “I’m straight”, but no one believes him, neither him. On the other side, to everyone except Dare, it’s clear that Angel is wooing him, and that the impromptu travel to Bali to “work” on their songs is a cover to a seduction plan.

Oh, and here another rule I almost forgot: Angel doesn’t really wait for Dare to make pact with his mind on being attracted by Angel, but he almost forces the guy. Sure it’s not rape, you cannot really call rape when you have oral sex with a man when he is sleeping, awakening him in a most wonderful way, but well, Dare for sure didn’t say yes, and of course he was not able to say no when it was too late.

From that moment on, Angel will do everything in his own to completely debauch this dark angel, and the novel is a sequence of pretty sex scenes, where our two heroes play the fantasies of many girls and boys, seeing two pretty boys making out.

So yes, this is a good story, but be aware of what you are reading: a yaoi novel.

Amazon: The Dark Angels: With Wings
Amazon Kindle: The Dark Angels: With Wings
Paperback: 200 pages
Publisher: MLR Press (August 4, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1608204197
ISBN-13: 978-1608204199

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