October 15th, 2012

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Hold Tight (Willow Springs Ranch 2) by L.E. Harner

Nice multicultural romance. Actually, if not for the cover, and some comment made by both main characters on their different skin color, there wasn't much at the beginning to give to this novel the usual multicultural connotation. That arrives later, when Holden, the Afro-american character, highlights how he didn't consider himself gay even if he did have sex with men in college, but they were "brothers" and he said it was common and not for that you were gay.

If I have to give an advice, it's probably to read this story in the series order, this is the second novel and both characters, Holden and Drew are introduced in the previous book. More, some essential events to their story happen in that book, and without reading that one I'm not able to say how much important is for the reader to maintain the order.

I like how the author deals with Holden's temporary disability: forced to use crutches during his recovery, Holden is not some sort of superhero who bites back his pain and faces everything with stoicism. On the contrary he is upset, and he wants to cry to the world for the injustice, and sincerily he is not in the mood to behave like a good boy and doing his "homeworks".

I think Holden is more similar to your real man than some romance hero. Nice also Drew's character, a little spoiled man who, I think, had everything a little easy until now, and conquering Holden is his real first quest and the outcome is not sure. Here maybe the author played with the old rule of multicultural romances, the clashes of cultures which is also a clash of social status; it was not preminent, but it was there.

Amazon: Hold Tight: Willow Springs Ranch (Volume 2)
Amazon Kindle: Hold Tight: Willow Springs Ranch (Volume 2)
Paperback: 200 pages
Publisher: Hot Corner Press (October 11, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1937252272
ISBN-13: 978-1937252274

Series: Willow Springs Ranch
1) Ty Hard
2) Hold Tight

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andrew potter

Sex on the hoof by Silvia Violet

A classical paranormal romance, the original element is the shifter nature of one of the main character, a deer. And when he is paired with a vampire, well, the two can't take their hands off each other.

Jason is the new guy, just hired at the precint as lab tech. But he has heard everything about Drew, the good cop who was turned vampire against his will. Even if he didn't want it, he is now dangerous for who is near him, and he has not actually the fame of being the tost of the ton. But Drew, despite his previous bad opinion of vampires in general, is attracted by the man and it will be no long they give on to that attraction.

I liked the mix of strength and fragility but men are able to show; sure the fragility is not physical, and so the sex is pretty intense, but they have both some emotional issies they need the overcome, probably starting to trust each other and then the rest of the world.

I noticed this was part of a series, previous story the heterosexual romance between Jason's sister and her werewolf lover, and from hint here and there I can probably say that Silvia Violet is one of those few example of authors able to write in both genres, gay and het romances.


Amazon Kindle: Protect and Serve: Sex on the Hoof
Publisher: Changeling Press, LLC (July 8, 2011)

Series: Protect and Serve
1) Flash Point by Lena Austin
2) Badge Bunny by Cynthia Sax
3) Kitty Kat by Anne Kane
4) Fox and Feral by Angela Knight
5) Savage Wolf by Silvia Violet
6) The Godrabbit by Cynthia Sax
7) Hounding the Beat by Sharon Maria Bidwell
8) Sex on the Hoof by Silvia Violet

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andrew potter

Bennie's Wish by Xara X. Xanakas

A pure romantic comedy like it was long I haven't had the chance to read, my only complaint is that it was only a novella. I really hope the author will consider to revisit this pair, since they were sweet and cute.

Aloysious "Ally" is a sad rich guy; cute but not handsome, he was not lucky with the choice of friends, who are basically munching off him and treating him like a money spounge. Ally is so mistreated that he is no more able to see the good in him, and so of course is not able to understand when a guy is really interested in him and not his money.

Benedict "Bennie" is not maybe as rich as Ally, but with a career as supermodel, he is quite requested both in his public than private life, problem is that people want him in the private for the spotlight they can gain in the public.

They are perfect for each other, and I really liked how Bennie was not into this story for nothing else if not that he really cares for Ally; Bennie doesn't see Ally as a pity case, and when the reader has the change to see Ally through Bennie's eyes, it's a completely different guy, sweet, cute, clever, someone you'd like to cuddle. Doesn't matter if he is bald and a
little overweighted, that is not what Bennie sees.

This is the story of their first meeting, for that reason I think the author has the chance to tell us more, especially since she infuses a light streak in the story that is refreshining.


Amazon Kindle: Bennie's Wish
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (May 3, 2012)

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