October 21st, 2012

andrew potter

Around the World: 2012 GRL in Albuquerque

First of all, what probably everyone is waiting for, the winners of the final giveaway for the 2012 GRL. And the giveway goes to...

1 Prize, 100 ebooks... live_laugh_love!

2 Prize, eCupid DVD... Karen Johnson!

3 Prize, Is It Just Me? DVD... Ryan Field!

And now some highlights of this convention. Very happy to had the chance to know better Helen Beattie, Tracy Ward and Amy DiMartino (and Jared/Jacob), you made these days special; enchanted to shared some touring with Geoff Knight and his mom Cheryl, you are both so sweet and kind; glad I had the chance to chat with Venona Keyes, who shared with me, Helen, Geoff and his mom our escapade from the crazy crowd in the timeless Acoma Pueblo; KC Burn and her silent husband were wonderful companion on our trips to Santa Fe and Albuquerque; I think I bored to death Jeff Adams and his husband but they were always with a smile for everyone; meeting B.G. Thomas, Edmond Manning and Mike Murphy was delightful; chatting with Andrew Grey and his partner was so sweet and brought back good memories when I was still able to read all Gay Romances out there; even if for little time, talking with Eric Arvin, Barry Brennessel and his husband was an highlight of this convention; a sweet arrivederci to my breakfast companions, J.P. Barnaby and Rowan Speedwell; very grateful to Ethan Day, Heidi Cullinan and Damon Suede, that, other than organizing a perfect convention, were always very ready with a smile and a hug.

In a few weeks I maybe will announce a news regarding next year GRL that will be in... ATLANTA!

And now enjoy the pictures, but be careful, there are more than 100!

Ethan Day, me, Amy DiMartino, Helen Beattie, EM Lynley, KC Burn and her husband at the end of our tour of Santa Fe

Jared, KC Burn, Amy DiMartino, Helen Beattie, Tracy Ward, Dolorianne and Ethan Day at the end of our tour of Albuquerque

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Link to the FB album (with comments from authors ;-) ): https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.495468507153903.120405.100000722741394&type=1&l=4d1c4b6ce8