October 25th, 2012

andrew potter


Ok, so I didn't tell many, but I sent some pictures to the Wiki Love Monuments USA contest that was held in September. More than 2.000 photographers partecipated and more than 22.000 photos were submitted; now 500 were selected for the next phase and... 7 are mine!!! I'm so, so excited, even if I don't win, even if neither of my 7 will be selected in the final 10, for me this is already a success. So please, enjoy the 7 finalists:

File:Cape Neddick Light, 2.jpg
Cape Neddick Light, York, Maine

File:National Mall, 5.jpg
The Mall, Washington DC

File:Nottoway Plantation.JPG
Nottoway Plantation, Louisiana

File:Old Louisiana State Capitol, 2.JPG
Old Louisiana State Capitol, Baton Rouge

File:Old Louisiana State Capitol, 3.JPG
Old Louisiana State Capitol, Baton Rouge

File:The Houmas, 23.JPG
Houmas House, Louisiana

File:The Lake, Central Park, June 2000.JPG
The Lake, Central Park, New York City

Here are all 500 finalists:


There are some beautiful pictures, so I'm pretty sure I will not arrive in the final 10, but as I said, I'm so happy some of mine were selected :-)