November 2nd, 2012

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Best Gay Contemporary General Fiction: The Marrying Kind by Ken O'Neill

This novel is able to tell a serious story with a light mood. Adam and Steven are an happy, and privileged, couple: using Steven’s narrative voice, so it’s not that he is telling everything, the reader can, nevertheless, understand that probably Adam is the one with the money, old Mayflower pioneers’s money, and Steven is more or less a kept man. But there is no troubles between them, both Adam and Steven are young and handsome, in a nerdy, next door boy type maybe, but above all they are in love; they are not the party-boys, they have their nice Manhattan’s apartment, 2 kids (spoiled cats…) and good friends. Adam works as wedding planner, using all his wasp background to make every event a memorable one, and Steven is a columnist for a free Gay mag, that accidentally is managed by his former college boyfriend and currently best-friend. So, you see? No troubles.

Not until the day Adam starts to realize that he is planning fabulous wedding parties when he is not allowed, by the law, to marry. It’s not a sudden realization, it’s more like something intruding in his mind, and making him day-by-day uncomfortable and sad. Steven sees the change in Adam, and it worries him. This is what I liked of this couple, and why I consider this novel a very nice romance, the main characters are in tune with each other, they work like a perfect symphony.

I believe this novel is a perfect mix of romance, comedy and even activism. Through Steven’s voice, we listen to the ordinary troubles an apparently happy gay couple have to deal with. There is really nothing against them, they have money, parents and relatives’s support, a satisfying career, if they want they can even adopt or having a child through a surrogate mother, but in any case they feel they are not allowed the same rights as anyone else who is not gay. They feel discrimination, and for them, for Adam in particular, is even worse, since they are indeed part of the “good” society, the privileged society, let’s be sincere, of the society that is supposed to lead, not to follow head-down, someone else command.

I recommend this novel to practically everyone, since it’s romantic but also clever, so it will appeal to the reader searching for entertainment, but also to the one who wants something mind-engaging.

Amazon: The Marrying Kind
Amazon Kindle: The Marrying Kind
Paperback: 264 pages
Publisher: Bold Strokes Books (June 5, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1602826706
ISBN-13: 978-1602826700

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andrew potter

Man Candy Day: Dylan Rosser, Ethan James and Murray

Other than giving you a good start for the approaching weekend ;-) you can find also 4 wallpapers Dylan's so kindly layout for your very enjoyment! Dylan's wish is for to make use of these to brighten up your screen. These are free, and you don't need to be a member to download them. They are all 1920x1200 pixels, click on the image to download them.

October's contribution by Dylan Rosser to theMaleForm ( is model (and stripper), Romeo.

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There is also an Full Frontal Exclusive from photographer Murray. He shot Gabe who has only ever done two shoots in his life and this is the first nude shoot.

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Finally Ethan James is giving us a new model Brock.

Plus two more wallpapers, by Dylan Rosser (Aiden) and Ethan James (Chris and Justin):

Beginning of November sees the addition of 3 new models to theMaleForm ( We have the return of popular Bulgarian beefcake, Kaloyan. These shots were taken specifically for Dylan Rosser's coffee table book, NAKED, but did not make the final cut.

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Also this month is another beautiful set from Ethan James featuring Leo, and Murray brings us an EXCLUSIVE first time full frontal from model JasonH.

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Dylan has also decided to put together a diary/planner for 2013. He had just finished designing one when a friend told him that he would not be able to have full frontal nudity just laying around on his office desk, so he decided to do 2 versions. So the choice is yours. Both cost the same so it will be interesting to me which one is more popular?

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That is all for now ;-) I think we have more than enough to fuel the weekend!
andrew potter

Some Kind of Magic by R. Cooper

More complex and dark than you would think, Some Kind of Magic is not your usual fairy tale (pun intended). While the generic theme is about police detective trying to solve a crime, the main theme is about the internal fight werewolf Ray is having to not give up to the mating bond that is driving him towards half-fairy Cal.

It’s fun since, even if this is a gay romance, it’s about prejudices: oh, Ray has no problem at all with the fact that both Cal than him are guys, his problem is with the fact that Cal is a fairy and fairies are flimsy. They are not capable of long-term commitment, always flying from flower to flower (this is a metaphor, Cal is not actually little enough to do that…) and instead werewolves mate for life.

All the story is centered around Ray and Cal, on how Cal is always finding a new way to make Ray going crazy, and how Ray is self-punishing himself denying his wolf the proximity of his mate. I liked the concept of prejudices that are not linked to the gender of the people involved in the relationship, but I think I found another metaphor here: Ray has prejudices towards Cal, he doesn’t think Cal will be able to commit to an exclusive relationship, Cal is a “fairy”… can you see where I’m leading?

Take off the supernatural nature of both men, make Ray a simple cop and Cal a simple man, do not Ray’s prejudices resemble that of a straight guy towards a gay guy? I pretty much of the idea that is what the author was pointing too, but she wanted to make it lighter, less dark, and making the two men a real fairy and a werewolf allowed her more freedom, but also gave to the story a lighter tone.

Amazon Kindle: Some Kind of Magic
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (May 3, 2011)

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Cover Art by Paul Richmond