December 19th, 2012

andrew potter

Out of the Dungeon by S.M. Johnson

Hard-core BDSM stories are not really my cup of tea, and so I was a little “scared” to read this novel about the ménages a trois between a 14 years old couple, Roman and Jeff, who are living in a 24/7 Master/slave relationship, and the third “odd man” out, i.e. Dare, the new addition, an addition that was strongly wanted by Roman (from what I understood) and barely accepted by Jeff.

But already from the beginning I realized this novel was analyzing the issues I have with these types of story, without underestimating it; a preface told us that at least one of the three men involved in the ménages a trois (probably Jeff or Dare) are no more comfortable with their arrangement, even if they still find comfort in the “contract”.

From that moment on, the story will take three separate paths: Dare questioning his decision to enter a D/s relationship and the boundaries he can accept and those he doesn’t want to accept; Jeff, in the aftermath of an accident who has left him temporarily immobilized, who is revaluating the concept of “bondage”, what is comfortable and what is not, what he wants in his future and what he cannot no more accept; and also Roman, and his role as “Master”, is he still able to play that role? Or has he to step back and learn again the concept, maybe with different rules?

As in the warning, “Life is messy, and Out of the Dungeon contains depictions of M/M, F/F and F/M couplings”, Out of the Dungeon is almost an excursion on all possible declination of a BDSM story, and how each independent man can relate to it. The solution will not be easy and it has to be “common”, conciliating three or more men (and a woman). Less erotic than expected and way more brainstorming, this novel was not easy but engaging.

Amazon Kindle: Out of the Dungeon
Publisher: SM Johnson (October 24, 2011)

Series: Dungeon Series
1) Above the Dungeon:
2) Out of the Dungeon

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andrew potter

Trent and Jason by Matthew Haldeman-Time

A collection of short stories following the day-to-day life of unlikely boyfriends Trent and Jason.

Trent is a swimmer, a college jock: tall, tan, blond, all muscles and friendly behavior. Jason is a goth punk, black dyed hair, pale skin, slim and with far more jewelry on then necessary. They are an unlikely couple... but they are a great couple.

After an appetizer about these two young boys the author gave us many years ago, he finally went back and developed it further into almost a complete story with happily ever after. I’m not giving it a 100% completion mark, and in this case is a good thing, because Trent and Jason are young, in college, deeply in love and very cute, and I think the author can tell us more and more about them and it will be still not enough.

From facing the first Valentine’s Day, to the summer break, to their first apartment together (almost), to the chance of meeting each other parents, we follow Trent and Jason during their routing. That is another thing I loved of this collection, it’s not really a story with a beginning, an apex and an ending, it’s more vignettes on college life and on a deep love that is blossoming between these two: I can easily see them get out of college, pursuing their career, but being still together, building an odd but happy family (odd because I think Jason will not change much, and having a goth dad can be an odd thing…).

Amazon: Trent and Jason
Paperback: 104 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (May 4, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1475292406
ISBN-13: 978-1475292404

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