December 21st, 2012

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Felidae (Collection) by Jade Buchanan

Laithe's Pride by Jade Buchanan

A really interesting and short novel (only 70 pages).

Laithe is a leo-man, an alien feline breed. He senses he have a mate among the human and decides to take her and bring her in his planet. But for they laws, and for the lack of women, every woman of the leader of a pride must be shared with all the component of the pride... and the Laithe's pride has seven member!!!

Rowan is shocked: she is immediately attracted by Laithe and also by Fahd, the second in command. She realized that, between Laithe and Fahd there is a relationship much more stronger then only friendship. And she is willing to share Laithe with Fahd, and herself. But all the others? is not the same thing.

Fortunately seems that all other member of the pride have just find their mate... among the pride itself!

The book is the first enstallment of a series and close exactly when starts the second enstallment.

Maybe a little too short, but probably, when all the series will be completed, reading it together it will be better.

Amazon Kindle: The Felidae 1: Laithe's Pride
Publisher: Changeling Press, LLC (January 26, 2007)

Asad's Mate (The Felidae 2) by Jade Buchanan

At the end of the fist enstallment of this series, I have read of the kidnapping of Catan, the lynx the Gatti brothers (from the Leo people) have reascued by certain death.

Catan was raped and now he fears the human contact, even the contact of Asad, the bid Leo who obviously loves him. Catan is small and tender, almost defenseless: he can't bear the thought to share his body with more than one male, as the Leo people are used to do. He wants only a mate, Asad.

Asad wants Catan for him, but he doesn't want to raise bad memories in the small lynx; but he also doesn't want to share "his" mate with his companions. So soon he has to claim him for him and him only.

This is a very short book, an enjoyable reading to finish in a rush. Now, I think, I would like to read about Usama, the white leo Asad's brothers, and Rajiv, the big tiger.

Amazon Kindle: The Felidae 2: Asad's Mate
Publisher: Changeling Press, LLC (March 2, 2007)

Usama's Journey (The Felidae 3) by Jade Buchanan

Usama Gatti is the youngest of the Gatti brothers and also a white leo. Cause his particular nature, he can't fight or hide so he was not trained to be a warrior. He is like a mascotte for the pride of his brother Laithe.

But for Rajiv, the very big tiger of the pride, Usama is not at all a mascotte: he is his mate and now Rajiv is tired to wait for Usama to accept him. Rajiv is waiting, but has no intentions to allow to Usama to deny him.

Rajiv loves that Usama is weaker than him, and also that the leo lets him drive his life: in no way Usama doubts that Rajiv is stronger not only of him but of all the member of the pride. And he willingly allows Rajiv to take decision for him, but also he is secure that everything he will ask to Rajiv, the big tiger will do that.

A very short story with two interesting characters. Like in the second enstallment of the series, Asad's Mate, is the weaker character who holds the story: in spite of his inability to fight, Usama convinces everyone around him to do what he wants him to do.

Amazon Kindle: The Felidae 3: Usama's Journey
Publisher: Changeling Press, LLC (April 6, 2007)

Lev's Discovery (The Felidae 4) by Jade Buchanan

This is the last enstallment in the Felidae Series by Jade Buchanan.

Lev, one of the Gatti brothers, and partner of Morgan, of the Pardus breed, has discovered to have a mate, an human mate, Aaron. But he is in love with Morgan for more than ten years, and he doesn't want to cheat on his partner. But the bond mating is too strong to be ignored and also it means he is a pride's leader.

Aaron has no intention to stay in this strange planet, he wants to return home, on earth, but he begin to fantasize about Morgan, and then abour Morgan and Lev... and his desire is so strong that he can't deny it.

Morgan wants only to be with Lev; he is grown with him and loves him so much, and now this little human arrives to steal Lev from him... but maybe Aaron is not so bad, and he can love him as much as Lev.

For different reason this three men have to learn to love each other and to live together.

Of the four book of this series I prefer the second, Catan's story, and the third, Usama's story. But this is a good conclusion to the series.

Amazon Kindle: The Felidae 4: Lev's Discovery
Publisher: Changeling Press, LLC (May 11, 2007)

Navin's Master (The Felidae 5) by Jade Buchanan

I was expecting another couple to be man characters in the fifth enstalment of the Felidae series by Jade Buchanan. In a recent chat we both have attended she said that she is writing the story of Morgan's brother (main character of the fourth enstalment). So when I have seen this ebook I was surprised and now also a little disconcerted... cause the end seems pretty definitive... always time will say.

Navin is Rajiv's brother. Like in always the other tales in this series, he is the omega male, a mate who needs a stronger mate. And he finds that in Isha, a big tiger. Navin is arrassed by Pran, another tiger, who was pissed by Rajiv, and searches his vengeance with Navin. So Navin needs a protector and Isha agrees to play the role if Navin will become his bed partner and babysitter for his little cub. And Navin agrees...

So really, this is the most "family" like gay romance I have read. The classical story, only here one of the character is not a fragile female, and both the characters have tails!

Like all the Jade Buchanan's stories I have read (and Changeling press' books...) this story is short and fast and enjoyable. You can read it without trouble before sleep and it's a good. Even if the end lets intend a stop in the series, I have read hints of a story also for Pran (and his mate-to-be Khalid) and I know about Morgan's brother. So I think this is not the last enstalment I will read of this series.

Amazon Kindle: The Felidae 5: Navin's Master
Publisher: Changeling Press, LLC (August 3, 2007)

Amazon: Felidae
Paperback: 382 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (December 21, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1468035088
ISBN-13: 978-1468035087

Series: The Felidae
1) Laithe's Pride
2) Asad's Mate
3) Usama's Journey
4) Lev's Discovery
5) Navin's Master

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Soul Familiar (Collection) by Kate Steele

Lucky Dog (Soul Familiar 1) by Kate Steele

Alex is a soul familiar, a two hundred years old creature that is fated to be an enancer for a wizard. Only one, his soul mate, will have the chance to gain powers through a bonding with him.

When Alex is summoned with a spell, he is surprise to find that the summoner is a young untrained wizard, Tyler, with a little problem: his late mother before dying, cast a protective spell on the son, and know, everytime he is near another man, an hungry cerbetta appears, preventing him to get any closer. And so at twenty two years old, he is still virgin and very eager to resolve the problem.

Alex decides to help the boy, but he is not expecting to remain involved in a more personal way: now Alex wants to get Tyler rid of the spell, but only toward him, since he doesn't want for no one to have the chance to be near to the boy.

The story is short, less than 90 pages, and enjoyable. Funny and relaxing, it's a fast and smooth reading, probably a prequel to a longer series. The plot is nice, I always like "virgin" characters, they are so cute. And Alex is a careless and nice man, a bit ego and self-counscious, but all in all generous and likeable.

Amazon Kindle: Soul Familiar 1: Lucky Dog
Publisher: Changeling Press, LLC (May 23, 2008)

Unpredictable (Soul Familiar 2) by Kate Steele

In the second chapter of the Soul Familiar series, Alex and Tyler are learning to live together as soul mates.

Alex is a Soul Familiar, a magical being who enhances the powers of his soul mate wizard. Tyler is the chosen wizard, but he is rather young, both in age than in power. Unlike all the other wizards, who learn since young age how to master their power, Tyler is arrived at the good age of 21 years old without knowing that he has special power. The reason why he "called" Alex, is that his mother cast on him a spell, and now everytime someone try to arm Tyler, a little cerbetta (a dog with three heads) appears. The problem is that the cerbetta translates also intense emotions like physical arm, and so Tyler was an unwilling virgin, since no one could be near him.

Alex overcame the problem of the cerbetta, and now Tyler is no more a virgin, but being his soul mates, Tyler must pass a test, a magical tournament with another pair of soul mates. To complicate the situation, Bobby, a soul familiar who can't control his powers, accidentally bonds himself to Tyler, creating even more chaos for both of them.

This is not a "serious" tale, it's more a funny romp. Alex and Tyler play with power as well as with sex, their life is like a perennial playground. Even the imminent test is not a serious thing, more like a match between neighbor team: a bit competition is good, but don't take the thing too seriously...

A light reading, fast and good, less than 90 pages, and a continuing series. I will look forward for the next chapter.

Amazon Kindle: Soul Familiar 2: Unpredictable
Publisher: Changeling Press, LLC (October 3, 2008)

Fated (Soul Familiar 3) by Kate Steele

The Soul Familiar series by Kate Steele has always been a funny one. The story of how Tyler, a wanna be wizard, met and fell in love with his soul familiar, Alex, is light and without angst. In line with it, it was also sexy, but always with lightness. Alex and Tyler has to face a trial to validate their bond; but even if failing the trial means for them to be separated, again, the previous two books have no angst at all. Kate Steele plays a lot with the cuteness of Tyler, being him a virgin when he first met Alex, and so not only new to the magic he has inside, but also to the sex. Alex becomes his "master" in both fields, even if Alex has not the attitude of a very serious professor.

Alex is a playboy; he loves and leaves, he was once burned and now he is quite cautious. But the bond he has with Tyler is not something he can avoid, it's in his nature to be the soul mate of the young man, and being Tyler so pretty and willing, it's not an hard task to comply. In the third book there is maybe a bit more of seriousness between them, more actually from Alex's side. Tyler was always, from moment one, totally involved in the love story, for him it's the first and only love. Instead Alex maybe realizes only when he is near to loose Tyler, that what he has is something of important. So yes, the third book is the more deep and involving of all the series, but still it's more on the light and funny side than on the angst one.

Book 1 was all about Tyler, book 2 was a transitioned one, about a side character on the series, and book 3 is all about Alex. It's also longer than the usual novellas by Changeling Press, so the reader has something more than some nice and good sex scenes. There is actually also a plot, and it's a nice contrast to see "professor" Alex that actually does something to gain the title. But to not disappointed the reader who likes sex, he would be happy to know that this book starts with a very long and very erotic sex scene.

Amazon Kindle: Soul Familiar 3: Fated
Publisher: Changeling Press, LLC (July 10, 2009) (collection)

Series: Soul Familiar
1) Lucky Dog
2) Unpredictable:
3) Fated

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