April 20th, 2013

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George Buse (October 3, 1924 – April 20, 2000)

As journalist, activist, actor, and minister, he made his mark on Chicago’s gay and lesbian community. A subject of Studs Terkel’s ‘The Good War’ and of the video documentary ‘Before Stonewall’, he was a WW II Marine veteran (discharged from a later Navy chaplaincy for being gay). He was a civil rights and anti-Vietnam War activist in the 1960s. Born in 1924, he died in 2000.

George S. Buse, journalist, activist, actor, and minister, George Buse had made his mark on Chicago's gay and lesbian community. A subject of Studs Terkel's The Good War and one of three Chicagoans prominently featured in the video documentary Before Stonewall, Buse was also a candid and experienced commentator on gay men and lesbians in the military.

Born in Dubuque, Iowa, in 1924, Buse enlisted and served in the U.S. Marine Corps during World War II, attaining the rank of corporal. From 1955 to 1963 he served as a commissioned officer and U.S. Navy chaplain, principally on the West Coast and in Asia. He received an "other than honorable" discharge (later upgraded), or, as Buse put it, "I was kicked out for being gay."

In the 1960s Buse was active in the civil rights movement and the anti-Vietnam War peace movement. He went to Chicago in 1964, was a member of the Congress of Racial Equality at the Northside Freedom Center, and, as a member of an ad hoc group of members of the clergy, worked to ameliorate the brutality of confrontations during the 1968 Democratic national convention.

For 13 years he was part-time pastor of St. James United Presbyterian Church in Rogers Park and active in community theaters, becoming a member of Actors Equity Association. Closeted as both minister and actor, he chose to "come out" doing something useful. Having served as a journalist with the Roman Catholic publishing house of J. S. Paluch Company, managing a Protestant monthly magazine, Buse offered his writing and editorial talents to GayLife in 1979 and later to Windy City Times. He served both publications as reporter, feature writer, and occasional theater critic.

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andrew potter

Incongruent Angel (Liquid Sin) by Cherie Noel

I liked the story but I also felt like it was more an introduction than the whole, complete plot. Travis and Aaron are living together, but even if Travis is in love with Aaron, he is behaving more like a caretaker, a role he picked up after the death of his brother Timothy, who was friend and guardian angel of Aaron. There is a lot of Travis worrying about Aaron’s careless attitude towards sex, so much that I was expecting something was behind the corner and it was not good. Instead it’s Travis that suddenly needs Aaron’s assistance, and this brings the other man to admit his own feeling for the younger man.

Meanwhile there were two subplots, a young man with a talent for singing, and another very young man who really needs help, both of them well plotted, but remaining on a blossoming stage. Sure, this is a number 1 in a series, so I’m sure the author has more to come for both of them.

The story was cute, and no paranormal/fantasy elements the cover was suggesting; Timothy is a strong presence in the lives of Travis and Aaron, even if he is dead, but his is an emotional presence, the memory of someone who was important to both of them, and also to the family he left behind. Nothing really tragic happens to these guy, maybe since the tragedy of losing Timothy is already the maximum they can bear. So after that, and after a little bit of heart troubles, the author prefers to give them cute and sweet, and yes, also a little sexy.

Amazon Kindle: Incongruent Angel (Liquid Sin)
Publisher: The Rooster & The Pig Publishing (July 9, 2012)

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