August 26th, 2013

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Sullivan's Yard by Chris Quinton

I know that when I’m approaching to read a Quinton’s story, I’m not to be disappointed, but it always surprises me. Even in a novella, even in a simple romance story, with just that hint of magick to make it special, but not enough to be paranormal.

Cal is a young chef just out of school at his first job; he comes from a privileged environment, his dad owns an exclusive restaurant in San Francisco, Cal studied at a prestigious school in New York City and now he is apprenticing in an important restaurant in Modesto. Sure, he is not working for his dad, but at the restaurant they know who he is, and moreover who is dad is. So this is not the story of a struggling poor boy with a dream, it’s more the story of two lucky boys falling in love. The other boy in question is Andaluz “Luis”, the nephew of Cal’s new boss; bold and brash when he first meets Cal, no hiding he is gay, interested in Cal, but only for one night, he is soon turned down by Cal who was previously burned by an in-working place relationship. But not letting Luis have his new toy to play is the sure way to have him hooked for the long-term instead.

Most of the story centers around this, Cal and Luis’s blossoming love, and the building of their future together. The story just stops at the beginning of that, but the reader is sure the future will be bright and happiness will be part of it, cause, as I said, there is just an hint of magick, like a window in the future, that makes you sure that will happen.

Amazon Kindle: Sullivan's Yard
Publisher: Silver Publishing (February 3, 2012)


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andrew potter

2013 Rainbow Awards Submission: Mary Griggs - In the Midst of Tribulation

In the Midst of Tribulation by Mary Griggs
Paperback: 264 pages
Publisher: Bella Books (August 13, 2013)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1594933774
ISBN-13: 978-1594933776
Amazon: In the Midst of Tribulation

Long suspicious that the world was going to go up in flames, Jay has retreated to remote Northern California and lived off the grid for years. She didn’t want to be right—but she was.

When the war ended, it was clear nobody had won. Susan knows only one place where she and her extended family might be safe: with Jay, her ex. Desperate and frightened, the refugees rely heavily on their friend Piper, who agrees to make the journey with them.

After a ragged reunion, Jay is willing to take in the newcomers, but the only way they will all survive on the land is if they all work and sacrifice. It is easier said than done, especially when old feelings—and new ones—break the fragile peace and threaten them all.

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David M. Lindahl (February 15, 1957 - August 26, 1994)

David M. Lindahl was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on February 15, 1957, and was raised in Ledyard, Connecticut.

He earned a B.A. in Landscape Architecture in 1979 from the University of West Virginia, where he also pursued an interest in writing. He then moved to Minneapolis, where he continued his literary pursuits, frequenting the Loft writing center and joining the Writers Support Group for Men.

When The James White Review (TJWR) was founded in 1983, members of the Support Group formed the core of original contributors, and the first issue, published in October 1983, included poetry and graphics by Lindahl. He served as an editor of TJWR from 1985-1989, and toured to promote the TJWR and poetry.

He also contributed prose, poetry, and graphics to Streamlines, Evergreen Chronicles, Hungry Mind Review , and Equal Time. As a performance artist, Lindahl wrote and performed his own works, including benefits for various community AIDS organizations. Additionally, he served on the staff of the Minnesota AIDS Interfaith Council and was a co-founder the Radical Faerie HIV Action Group.

Lindahl died on August 26, 1994, in Minneapolis. His papers are held at ONE National Gay and Lesbian Archives: Journals, performance pieces, poetry, prose, and plays, primarily 1980-1989, relating to the life, literary and artistic careers of David M. Lindahl (1957-1994), author, AIDS activist, graphic and performance artist, and assistant editor of The James White Review.

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Thomas Glave

Thomas Glave is an American author of Jamaican descent who has published widely and won numerous awards. He is also a university professor.

Born to Jamaican parents in the Bronx, Glave grew up there and in Kingston, Jamaica. Glave is a graduate of Bowdoin College and Brown University. He is a professor of English at the State University of New York at Binghamton, where he teaches creative writing and courses on Caribbean, African-American, black British, postcolonial, and queer literatures, among other topics.

A two-time New York Foundation for the Arts Fellow, Glave's early short story, "The Final Inning," originally published in The Kenyon Review, won an O. Henry Award in 1997 while Glave was still a graduate student at Brown University. With this award, Glave became the second and only gay African American writer, after James Baldwin, to have won an O. Henry Award. "The Final Inning" appears in Glave's first fiction collection, Whose Song? and Other Stories, published by City Lights in 2000. Glave's essay collection Words to Our Now: Imagination and Dissent won the Lambda Literary Award in 2005. Glave earned a second Lambda Literary Award in 2009 for his groundbreaking anthology, Our Caribbean: A Gathering of Lesbian and Gay Writing from the Antilles (Duke University Press, 2008).

In addition to these honors, Glave has also earned a Fine Arts Center in Provincetown Fellowship (1995–96) and a Fulbright Fellowship to Jamaica (1998–99). While in Jamaica that year, he worked on issues of social justice, and helped found the Jamaica Forum for Lesbians, All-Sexuals, and Gays (J-FLAG). In 2008 he was invited to MIT to teach as Martin Luther King Jr. Visiting Professor in the Program in Writing and Humanistic Studies. He is presently a Visiting Fellow at Clare Hall, University of Cambridge.

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Further Readings:

Whose Song?: And Other Stories by Thomas Glave
Paperback: 264 pages
Publisher: City Lights Publishers; First Edition edition (October 1, 2000)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0872863751
ISBN-13: 978-0872863750
Amazon: Whose Song?: And Other Stories

“Thomas Glave walks the path of such greats in American literature as Richard Wright and James Baldwin . . . he cuts to the bone of what it means to be black in America, white in America, gay in America, and human in the world at large.” — Gloria Naylor

An excerpt:

The words to every song on earth are buried deep somewhere. Songs that must be sung, that must never be sung. That must be released from deep within the chest yet pulled back and held. Plaintive and low, they rail; buried forever beneath the passing flesh, alone and cold, they scream. The singer must clutch them to the heart, where they are sanctified, nurtured, healed. Songs which finally must be released yet recalled, in that place where no one except the singer ever comes, in one hand caressing the keys of life wounded, ravaged, in the other those of the precious skin and life revealed. The three of them and Cassandra know the words. Lying beneath them now and blind, she knows the words. Tasting turpentine and fire, she knows the words. -- Hell no, yo, that bitch ain't dead.-- A voice. -- Fucked up, yo. The rag's in her mouth, how we gone get some mouth action now?-- -- Aw, man, fuck that shit.-- Who says that? -- My turn. My turn.-- They know the words.

Night. Hell, no, broods the dim, that bitch ain't dead. Hasn't uttered half a sound since they began; hasn't opened her eyes to let the night look in again; hasn't breathed to the soft beating of the nightbird's wing. The turpentine rag in place. Cassandra, Cassandra. The rag, in place. Cassandra. Is she feeling something now? Cassandra. Will they do anything more to her now? Cassandra, will they leave you there? Focusing on flies, not meeting each other's eyes, will they leave you there? Running back from the burning forests behind their own eyes, the crackling and the shame? Will they leave you there? -- Push that bitch out on the ground, the one they call Dee says. -- Over there, by them cars and shit.-- Rusty cars, a dumping ground. So, Cassandra. Yes. They'll leave you there. Were they afraid? Happy? Who can tell? Three dark boys, three men, driving away in a battered car. Three boy-men, unseen, flesh, minds, heart. Flame. In their car.

More Spotlights at my website:, My Lists/Gay Novels

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GayRomLit Ebook Giveaway: K-lee Klein - Unbreak My Heart

I asked to all the authors joining the GayRomLit convention in Atlanta in October ( a personal favor, a special Ebook Giveaway: everyday I will post 1 book from each author, and among those who will leave a comment, I will draw a winner. Very easy and very fast ;-) I will send a PM to the winner, so remember to not leave anonymous comments!

And the ebook giveaway goes to: bodleian

Today author is K-lee Klein: K-lee Klein has lived in one part of Western Canada or another for her entire life. She's a doting mother of three now-grown kids, and has had characters and plots running around her head for as long as she can remember. ~~ She lives with a patient husband who totally does not get her thing for gay men, two spoiled but wonderful sons (who don't get it either), and two also spoiled but beautiful cats. Her days are filled with texts and phone calls with her daughter who has already left the nest, and an abundance of fabulous gay men, large and small, bouncing off the walls of her skull, competing for their turns to tell their stories. ~~ Once K-lee finally threw caution to the wind, her first story was accepted and published in December of 2011, and since then she's been lucky enough to be picked up by several amazing publishers. She's thrilled to be substituting her previous jobs as a hockey manager/coach, school band volunteer and overall chauffeur with her passion for writing beautiful, emotional men. ~~ Among her favorite sub-genres to read and write are rock stars, cowboys, shifters, and opposites-attract relationships. But to be honest, she's open to almost anything if it involves messing around in the heads of her characters. She's also big on series—because she has a hard time letting her characters go—and is usually working on a handful of stories in various stages of completion all at the same time.
Most recent title : Countdown to Santa
Publishers: Less Than Three Publishing, MLR Press, Amber Quill

Unbreak My Heart by K-lee Klein
Publisher: Amber Quill Press
ISBN-13: 978-1-61124-477-9 (Electronic)
ISBN-13: 978-1-61124-865-4 (Paperback)
Length: Extended Novel (107k words / TBD paperback pages)

Brett Taylor has been doing just fine living in his own little world for the past three years, thank you very much. Losing someone special is life changing, and Brett doesn’t understand why everyone and their damn dog thinks they can get all up in his business about him needing to move on. He managed to make the transition from musician to rancher without relying on anyone else’s opinion or help, and he certainly doesn’t need some city kid coming into his life to disrupt his routine—one that involves grief, isolation, and a whole lot of Jack Daniels.

Moving from one meaningless job to the next, JT Campbell is on a quest to escape his old life and figure out who he is and where he belongs. He’s not looking to save anyone, let alone a secretive, hotter-than-hell rancher who wears his heart on his sleeve. JT likes working for Brett, but Brett’s made it perfectly clear that any relationship between them other than a professional one will never see the light of day.

But when JT’s lust turns to love, and he gives in to his desire to find out what makes Brett tick, will his interest push Brett away? Or will he, through his patience and support, be the one who can finally unbreak Brett’s heart?

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Best LGBT Biographies & Memoirs: Silence Is Multi-Colored In My World by Red Haircrow

Already from the beginning this memoir is heartbreaking… you see, you open the book and the dedication is “In memory of G.Y.S. with love: he, the other part of myself.” And well, you think, this is maybe the story of someone who loved G.Y.S. and then he lost him, and in the following pages you will read about is falling and raising? But then you turn one page and you read: “Who am I? I am G.Y.S., a profoundly deaf man. I have blue eyes and red hair, which I wear long. I am gay and Russian, and was born in 1978 in the Ukraine, but I moved myself to Germany when I was fourteen.” So yes, this is G.Y.S.’s story, and G.Y.S. is dead, at 31 years old.

G.Y.S. is not Red Haircrow, cause Haircrow is alive; but what we are reading are G.Y.S.’s words and thoughts, so G.Y.S. was, IS, real. The dedication said, with love, the other part of myself, so this is a tale of love. But it’s not a tale of death. In the word of G.Y.S. there is everything of him, who he was, a sex worker, who he became, an husband, but nothing about how he died. At that age, and considering the past experiences, you can probably guess, but again, this is not about how he died, this is about how, and why, he lived. You enter in G.Y.S.’s mind, and heart, and you will likely be deeply sad at the end, cause you know this strong voice is no more.

To external eyes, G.Y.S. was “different”, he was deaf, he was gay, he was a stranger in a stranger country. Silence Is Multi-Colored In My World allows you to enter G.Y.S.’s perspective, and understand that he was no influenced by others, if the world wanted to tag him, they could do, but G.Y.S. was well aware of himself, as it was his partner. An example, he was married to a man, so people tagged him as gay, but his husband was bisexual; he didn’t fight the tagging, since, basically, to him didn’t matter, he was what he was, he loved who he loved. Man, woman, didn’t matter.

The writing style, even in rendering the English of a “stranger”, is perfect, so perfect that I wondered how much is of G.Y.S and how much is of Red Haircrow. The line between fiction and non fiction is blurred, making this a complex, but so good reading. The from the author section on Amazon, perfectly sum up the why you have to read this: "After acute grief had passed, though it still can strike, it took me some time, months and into years to finally decide to collect his writings together to share with the world. He was so courageous and beautiful, strong and vulnerable at the same time. He was the kind of person you might never remark on if you see them walk pass you on the street, yet there was so many amazing things inside him, and a blazing intellectual that so many dismissed or never realized.

He lived most of his life in or near Berlin in Germany. Whether by train, bus or foot sometimes when I am wandering through the countryside or city, through the many parks or shopping arcades filled with people and I happen to see a tall, slim person with long reddish hair: I have a little pain inside me. It stops me in place because I think of him. If the person is moving away from me, sometimes I wish it were him somehow, still alive, still touchable in the physical sense. I want to imagine he is alive and loved by someone even if it is not myself, he, my special phantom of the city. It is hard to accept sometimes that so vibrant a soul is now gone from this world, but I believe I will see him again one day."

Amazon Kindle: Silence Is Multi-Colored In My World
Publisher: Flying With Red Haircrow (May 10, 2012)


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Acceleration (Impulse 2) by Amelia C. Gormley

Due to the fact that I’m reading Acceleration weeks after I read Inertia, I’m not really sure if my perception is completely right, but I had the feeling this book was all about Derrick. Gavin is there, and he is a strong character, but what we got this time is Derrick’s side of the story, his worries about falling in love with Gavin so much that, in the even the HIV positive status comes true, he will not be able to survive another loss.

In a way, the ghost of death is, for how much twisted it could sound, probably one of the reasons why Derrick let Gavin into his life; Derrick is a protector, someone who wants to care for everyone. A totally healthy and independent Gavin is not someone who Derrick would let behind his protective barriers; a faulty Gavin, someone who Derrick sees as in needs of being nurtured, that is someone Derrick will consider to include in his circle. Has Derrick a Florence Nightingale’s syndrome? Probably. But most of all, he is scared.

Reading book 1, I had this feeling of Derrick as a good guy, maybe even too good, sure a little strange, but nothing serious. Now instead I understand that, probably comparing the two, Gavin and Derrick, who is needing more help is Derrick; Gavin’s trouble is even too much clear, Derrick’s issues are deeper, and stronger to eradicate.

As for the other installment, while it seemed longer, it actually doesn’t span much in the life of this couple, and when we leave them, they are just preparing to spend their first Christmas together. Christmas means family, and while Gavin and Derrick have introduced us to their adopted family of friends, I wouldn’t mind to see Derrick interact with Gavin’s wealthy and conservative blood relatives.

Amazon: Acceleration: Impulse, Book Two (Volume 2)
Amazon Kindle: Acceleration: Impulse, Book Two (Volume 2)
Paperback: 190 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (December 7, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 148022166X
ISBN-13: 978-1480221666

Series: Impulse
1) Inertia:
2) Acceleration


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Lucky Panties by MC Houle

This is a free story on the author’s website, so I strongly recommend you to give it a try, cause, a real novella completely free? What is there not to like? Moreover if you add to it the fact that this is a good start knowing a new author.

I have this imagine in mind of Byron, good-looking, not really a jock, but with enough body built to appear masculine, and then, surprise, he likes to cross-dress, even if cross-dressing is limited to the underwear.

The day Byron finally admits to himself he is gay, is also the day he is kicked out of home by his homophobic father, and is also the day he is almost raped and risks his life in a car accident. And the day when he meets his own personal angel, in the guise of Cobin, the emergency doctor patching him up and offering shelter.

Cobin seems the perfect dream-comes-true prospect boyfriend, if not for the little detail of Nathan (that indeed is not so little), currently Cobin’s best friend, but to everyone, Byron included, is perfectly clear that Cobin and Nathan are destined together, and who is Byron to break that perfect picture? From Nathan’s friends and colleagues to Cobin’s family, everyone is only waiting for the two guys to open their eyes and get together, and Byron decides to play Cupid. Problem is that playing that game most likely means losing his own heart.

The story is nice, maybe a little naïve sometime (what about the accident with a dead man outcome? Is it even possible that police don’t investigate?), but with a lot of potential. With just a little bit at the beginning explaining Byron’s path to admitting he is gay, and a little bit at the end, to tighten the bond of the newfound romance, this could even be a full novel length story.


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2013 GRL Challenge

Like last year, I'm entering my own personal challenge before attending the 2013 GRL in Atlanta: I want to read at least 1 book from all authors there as featured and supporting authors (

Last year I managed to complete my challenge, but with a little escamotage: of course not all authors are new to me, and so, if I have already read a book by them, I considered them as complete ;-)

So here is the list, and for those authors I have already read, there is the link to their tag on my blog. I will update this list every time I will complete one of them, and in Atlanta, I will try to match a picture with each link :-) (yes, I'm that crazy lady with a camera wandering around the book-signing event...)

Abigail Roux (
AC Katt (
AJ Kelton (
AKM Miles (
Aleksandr Voinov (
Ally Blue (
Amber Kell (
Amelia C. Gormley (
Amy Lane (
Andrew Grey (
Anel Viz (
Angel Martinez (
Anna Martin (
Anna Zabo (
Anne Tenino (
Belinda McBride (
Brita Addams (
Carter Quinn (
Cat Grant (
Cate Ashwood (
Cherie Noel (
Clancy Nacht (
Clare London (
Damon Suede (
Daniel A. Kaine (
Deanna Wadsworth (
Devon Rhodes (
Eden Winters (
Edmond Manning (
Elizah Davis (
EM Lynley (
Eric Arvin (
Erica Pike (
Ethan Day (
Geoffrey Knight (
Hank Edwards (
Heidi Belleau (
Heidi Cullinan (
J. P. Barnaby (
Jacob Flores (
Jade Buchanan (
Jambrea Jo Jones (
Jeff Erno (
Jessica Freely (
Jordan Castillo Price (
Jordan L. Hawk (
Josephine Myles (
Julie L Hayes (
K.A. Mitchell (
Kade Boehme (
Kaje Harper (
Kate McMurray (
KC Burn (
Kiernan Kelly (
K-lee Klein (
L.A. Witt (
L.C. Chase (
L.E. Harner (
Lex Chase (
Lily Velden (
Lloyd A. Meeker (
Lynley Wayne (
Lynn Lorenz (
M.A. Church (
M.J. O'Shea (
Madison Parker (
Marguerite Labbe (
Marie Sexton (
Marshall Thornton (
Mary Calmes (
MC Houle (
Nicole Dennis (
P.D. Singer (
Pearl Love (
Poppy Dennison (
Rick R. Reed (
Rider Jacobs (
R.J. Scott (
Rowan McAllister (
Rowan Speedwell (
S.A. McAuley (
Scotty Cade (
Shannon West (
Shira Anthony (
Silvia Violet (
Simone Anderson (
SJD Peterson (
Stephani Hecht (
Stormy Glenn (
T.A. Chase (
Tali Spencer (
Tara Lain (
Taylor V. Donovan (
Thursday Euclid (
T.J. Klune (
Venona Keyes (
William Cooper (
Z. Allora (
Z.A. Maxfield (
Zahra Owens (

ETA: and more than one month in advance, I'm glad to announce that today I completed my challenge!

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