December 18th, 2013

andrew potter

Salvation by Rob Colton

I had to think about this story, cause, well, it doesn’t really follow the rules of romance of having everyone perfect hero like material, and even if they have a dark past, they are these brooding heroes who are even more attractive than the lily-white ones. Moose is an ex-con, and he was also guilty of his sin; sure he didn’t kill with the intention of doing it, he was driving under influence, but nevertheless he killed his best friend who was in the car with him, and he got 10 years of prison who he did from beginning to the end, also cause he knows it’s right for him to pay. And no, Moose is not an hunk stud with a stoic attitude, he is more like an overgrown teddy bear, with a lot of muscles, but also with a little bit of fat around the waist. And he tends to get emotional, and to cry when he isn’t able to cope with those emotions.

On the other side we have Danny; Danny is average, he is a good guy, he doesn’t smoke, doesn’t drink, and rescues pets from the street… he is basically a saint, and to complete the picture he is basically a virgin, he had only one boyfriend, for the length of 2 months and that was 10 years before. When Danny decides to start writing to Moose as a pen-pal, I wondered if he was considering Moose as a prospective partner, cause that is what Moose wrote in his sheet, but then I realize that Danny was basically really alone, and even if he wasn’t in prison like Moose, he was more or less on the same level of isolation. Danny is not an ingénue, but he doesn’t think he deserves much, and so he tends to lower himself and accepts compromises that he shouldn’t.

So no, Moose and Danny aren’t hero material, but I got to feel for them, and to cheer for their joy, simple as it was and sometime even too much mundane (I think it’s the first time in a romance that the reader partakes in what is happening in a bathroom other than sex). I was also glad the author decided to make of what were probably two separate novella, one book, cause we had the chance to know a little better Moose and his past. And a not so small factor is that, the price of the kindle version is really low, less than 2 dollars.

Paperback: 140 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 2 edition (October 18, 2013)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 149292542X
ISBN-13: 978-1492925422
Amazon: Salvation
Amazon Kindle: Salvation


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andrew potter

Nathan Christoffersen (December 1, 1977 – December 18, 2005)

Nathan Christoffersen (December 1, 1977 – December 18, 2005) was an American gay rights activist and journalist. Christoffersen was a frequent contributor to the Fresno, California publication GayFresno. He came to national attention after a letter he wrote was posted on the blog of gay rights activist and comedian Margaret Cho. Soon after he became the chapter head of Madera County for Marriage Equality California.

In 2005 he began working heavily as an activist for women's rights and was slated to be hired to work with Planned Parenthood. On December 16, 2005 he was found dead by his parents on the steps of their California home. He had a longstanding contentious relationship with them; they had frequently threatened to disown him. Toxicology reports by the coroner showed no alcohol or illegal drugs, but a potentially fatal combination of antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications might have been the cause of death. He was 28 years old.

In published obituaries, Christoffersen's family made no mention of his sexual orientation and requested that donations in his honor be made to New Creation Ministry, a church solely devoted to the ex-gay movement — a movement which promotes attempts to change the sexual orientation of gay people to straight, in a Christian context. The gay community has expressed outrage at this, particularly due to the rumors that the drugs which may have killed Christoffersen were possibly being taken to cope with the way he was being treated by his unaccepting family.

Nathan's story was documented in The Advocate, a national LGBT magazine, in 2006. The two-part article was featured in the March 14 and March 28 issues. The article dealt with Nathan's story as well as the political climate facing the LGBT community in Fresno and the Central Valley.


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andrew potter

Chris Kenry

Chris Kenry is a former milkman, UPS driver and English teacher. He currently lives in Denver, Colorado, and works for a global security and aerospace company.

Chris Kenry's most recent book is The Survival Methods and Mating Rituals of Men and Marine Mammals, Kensington Publishing Corp (April 2012): Dumped, depressed, and stone-cold broke, children's book author Davis Garner needs a new life plan. With no other options, he signs on to be a technical writer on a research vessel in Antarctica. What Davis knows about marine technology would comfortably fit in a tweet, but he soon realizes that no one around him is quite who they seem - including Maureen, an ice-cold network administrator; a lovelorn technician known by the acronym Worm; and Artaud, a charismatic scientist with dubious motives. In between waves of seasickness and self-doubt, Davis finds creative inspiration and an unlikely passion for his new job. And something more unexpected still - the willingness to fight for the principles he believes in and the life he still loves...

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Paperback: 352 pages
Publisher: Kensington (April 1, 2002)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1575668467
ISBN-13: 978-1575668468
Amazon: Can't Buy Me Love

Thanks to his wealthy, doting lover, Jack Erikson's biggest daily challenges are working out and deciding which magazine to read. But when his benefactor suddenly dies, Jack is tossed out on the street, with no way of supporting the lifestyle he has become accustomed to. Jack's half-hearted stints at minimum wage jobs barely cover the minimum payments on his credit cards, let alone his Sunday brunches with the boys. Slipping into what he does best, Jack stumbles his way into a career running Harden Up, a male escort service, along with Ray, a professional hustler and aspiring artist. With business booming, Jack is back on top again, not to mention falling hard for his new business partner. But with everything going his way at last, Jack can't help wondering...Can a pair of entrepreneurial escorts really live happily ever after?

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Life After Math by S.L. Danielson

Even in heaven there are trouble. After falling in love in Love by the Numbers, for Scott and Jared everything seemed easy and clear, they go to college, they graduate and then they build a family together. Only that living outside the protective shield of their family (at least Scott’s family), is not so easy after all, and they are also really young, truly more teenagers than young adult. Even if they see the truth, and what they should do, they face everything like a teenager would do, with drama, lot of it, and are not able to see the straight path (no pun intended) to the right exit. Actually there is nothing really big against them, nothing they shouldn’t be able to overcome, but at that age it seems an insurmountable mountain.

Even if sometime Jared got to me with his emotional way of approaching everything, there is also to consider he didn’t have a supporting and helping family in the background like Scott did, and so it’s understandable he needs more reassurance than another boy his same age; but while this is clear to an adult, that is not the same to a teenager like Scott, who sees the needy attitude of Jared like something he should let go. Sincerely I sided more with Jared than Scott, even if, as I said, sometime I felt like Jared was just a little bit too emotional. In a way that is even more striking, considering he is the “jock” in contraposition to the “nerd” Scott, and usually the stereotypes are exactly the opposite, strong and careless the jock, attentive and moody the nerd. Another originality in playing with stereotype was the chosen physical aspect for the two of them, with Scott being taller and sturdier than Jared, even if part of the build was in part due to a weight issue Scott had while in high school (on a side note, I found a little too much the times the author highlighted how much weight Scott lost, once was fine, twice was good, more than that was too much).

All in all a nice and somehow ingénue coming of age story, young love and big emotions and all that is around.

Series: Love By the Numbers
Paperback: 190 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (June 3, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 146117631X
ISBN-13: 978-1461176312
Amazon: Life After Math (Love By the Numbers)
Amazon Kindle: Life After Math (Love By the Numbers)

Series: Love By the Numbers
1) Love By the Numbers:
2) Life After Math


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