September 20th, 2014

andrew potter

2014 Rainbow Awards - Cover Contest

The most popular event of the Rainbow Awards is back... The Cover Contest poll! First of all we have 540 covers in the poll, you can see all covers here: (click on next to go to the next batch of 100 covers, there are 5 pages in total)

The list of covers is:

Collapse )

To vote for the covers you like, you can comment on DreamWidth if you have an account or LiveJournal if you have an account and are friends with the journal, if you don't have an account, please leave a comment on DreamWidth with a contact email (comments are screened) or send a private message to the journal owner (you can do that both on Livejournal or Dreamwidth). List all the covers you would like to vote in the comment or email, no limit on how many covers you can vote in this round.

I will personally donate a kindle ebook to one commenter (I will send the kindke ebook to their contact email address after contacting them with a PM): the winner can choose any of the listed books, provided they are available in kindle.

The poll will remain open for 2 weeks until September 20.

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