October 20th, 2014

andrew potter

2014 GRL in Chicago (and my reading in NYC)

So my week off started on Tuesday with the reading at the LGBT Center, here is the photo documenting it:

From left to right: Ulysses Dietz, Draper Shreeve, Gary Berger, Charles Silverstein, Christopher Bram, me, Vincent Virga, Jeffrey Costello (Costello Tagliapietra), Fay Jacobs, Robert Tagliapietra, Billy Merrell, Ken O'Neill, Nico Medina.

And in attendance there were also Perry Brass, Max Rhyser and Kate McMurray, thank you for being there!

I did a presentation about Days of Love called A Walk through Days of Love, and it was like a real walk through NYC sites which are part, in some way, of the couples I featured in the book. In attendance there was a member of the NY preservation society, part of a group receiving a federal grant to create a website on New York City LGBT historic sites. He said that he will let his colleagues know about my research, and he is sure in the future they will include me in their effort... not bad for someone who is neither of NYC.

Like last here, at the GayRomLit convention my way to play was to dress up, and here is a selection of my emsembles:

1) Featured Bloggers cocktail
2) Opening Reception hosted by MLR Press
3) The Juke Joint hosted by eXtasy Books & Wilde City Press (before freezing)

4) The Juke Joint hosted by eXtasy Books & Wilde City Press (after freezing)
5) Dreamspinner's Casino Royale
6) Totally Bound's Totally Time Travel Costume Party

I'm true, I wasn't really in the mood to take many pictures, but I wanted to confirm my tradition of taking a picture of each authors attending the booksigning.

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