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Adele & Lawrence Starr

Adele Starr was born as Ida Seltzer in Brooklyn, New York on February 10, 1920. When she was a teenager, she changed her name to Adele. In 1941, she married Lawrence Starr, an accountant, and remained in New York till the 1950s. Moving to Los Angeles, the Starrs settled in Brentwood, where Adele helped her husband establish a private accounting practice. Adele and Larry had four sons and a daughter.

In 1974, their son, Philip Starr, told Adele and Larry that he was gay. Adele was initially upset, but Philip encouraged her and Larry to join a support group. By 1976, Adele and Larry began hosting a support group for parents and families of gay men and lesbian women. That year, they founded Parents and Friends of Gays in Los Angeles, which is the predecessor to the Los Angeles chapter of Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG). In 1979, Adele Starr spoke at the National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights, and also met with similar groups from around the country. In 1981, Adele and Larry Starr hosted the national organizing conference of PFLAG at their home in Brentwood, and Adele was named the organization's first national president.

Throughout the rest of her life, she continued to be an advocate for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender civil rights, with a particular focus on support for gay and lesbian youth in schools, communication with religious institutions, educational outreach, and support for families and friends of GLBT individuals.

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Source: Gold, Scott, "Adele Starr dies at 90; unflagging gay-rights activist," Los Angeles Times, December 12, 2010.

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andrew potter

Charles Erdmann & William Plomer

William Charles Franklyn Plomer CBE (December 10, 1903 – September 21, 1973) was a South African author, known as a novelist, poet and literary editor. He was educated mostly in the United Kingdom. Plomer edited several of Ian Fleming's James Bond novels in the 1950s and 60s. (Photo: William Plomer by Mark Gerson, bromide print, May 1965, 9 1/4in. x 7 1/2in. (234 mm x 189 mm), Purchased, 1967, Photographs Collection, NPG x17989)

He became famous in South Africa with his first novel, Turbott Wolfe, which had inter-racial love and marriage as a theme. He was co-founder of the short-lived literary magazine Voorslag ("Whiplash") with two other South African rebels, Roy Campbell and Laurens van der Post; it promoted a racially equal South Africa.

He spent the period from October 1926 to March 1929 in Japan, where he was friendly with Sherard Vines. There, according to biographers, he was in a same-sex relationship with a Japanese man. He was never openly gay during his lifetime; at most he alluded to the subject.

He then moved to England, and through his friendship with his publisher Virginia Woolf, entered the London literary circles. He became an important literary editor, for Faber and Faber, and was a literary adviser to Jonathan Cape. He was active as a librettist, with Gloriana, Curlew River, The Burning Fiery Furnace and The Prodigal Son for Benjamin Britten.

William Plomer by Edward Wolfe, oil on canvas, 1929, 55 7/8 in. x 39 1/8 in. (1419 mm x 994 mm), Purchased, 1977, Primary Collection, NPG 5172
William Plomer was a South African author, novelist, poet and literary editor. He was educated mostly in the United Kingdom. Plomer edited several of Ian Fleming's James Bond novels in the 1950s and 60s. For the last thirty years of his life, as a respected 'person of letters', Plomer had an unassuming and devoted companion in Charles Erdmann. Erdmann met Plomer in 1944 while working as a cloakroom attendant in a Soho restaurant and lived with him for the next 29 years, until Plomer's death.

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Eden Winters (born December 10, 1961)

Our heroine sits quietly in her cube, just one of many, typing, filing, and breaking the occasional nail, hiding her true identity beneath her clever disguise of nerdy glasses and business suits (with sensible shoes!) Frantic eyes watch the clock as she waits impatiently for the ruse to end and her true calling to begin.

With eager anticipation she drives her average car to her average home, and eats her average (vegetarian and completely healthy!) meal alone. The minutes tick by, and when the sun finally sets she leaps tall sofas in a single bound, shedding her disguise to take on her true super heroine persona! Is she in such a rush to save the world? Save the city? Save the neighbor's kitten from a tree? No! She liberates her laptop from the evil clutches of arch villain, Hall Closet, and flings it open to free the worlds hiding within its depths. There are lonely werewolves searching desperately for mates, spoiled rich boys just waiting for her gentle caress of the keyboard to create someone who'll truly understand them, and futuristic soldiers, gunning across the universe to save the men they love... No scenario is too bizarre! A time traveling pirate? No problem! Violin playing specter haunting a Scottish castle? You betcha!

When she'd not busily creating happy-ever-afters for fictional hotties, our heroine enjoys music, the great outdoors, and cruising down the highway on the back of a Harley Davidson.

The Wish won a 2010 Rainbow Award as Best Gay Contemporary Romance. Corruption won a 2014 Rainbow Award as Best Gay Mystery / Thriller.

Further Readings:

The Wish by Eden Winters
Paperback: 210 pages
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (July 20, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1613726082
ISBN-13: 978-1613726082
Amazon: The Wish
Amazon Kindle: The Wish

At his death, Byron Sinclair left behind more than just his much older partner, Alfred Anderson. The couple helped raise their respective nephews, and while Paul Sinclair and Alex Martin are now adults, they still have some growing up to do, particularly when it comes to getting along with each other.

If they refuse to be in the house at the same time, how can Alex be so sure Paul is an opportunistic suck-up with the morals of an alley cat? Paul isn’t impressed with aloof and arrogant playboy Alex, either. Both swear they know all they need to about the other--and about themselves.

Byron’s dying wish is for Alfred to help Paul and Alex see how perfect they are for each other. But when the boys stubbornly refuse to acknowledge what's right in front of them, Byron must get creative–though it’ll be difficult without hands, or a voice, or a body….

Corruption (Diversion Book 3) by Eden Winters
Series: Diversion
Paperback: 224 pages
Publisher: Rocky Ridge Books; 1 edition (October 1, 2013)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1626220050
ISBN-13: 978-1626220058
Amazon: Corruption (Diversion Book 3)
Amazon Kindle: Corruption (Diversion Book 3)

Renegade biker. Drug runner. Recovering addict. Wanted by the Southeastern Narcotics Bureau. But he isn’t a crook, he’s the law.

SNB Agent Bo Schollenberger’s solved his cases using his brains and not a gun, and with his partner, not alone. Now he’s handed a tough new case involving designer drugs that turn users violent. One false move could end his life as he immerses himself into a motorcycle gang to locate the source. His fate depends on how well he can impersonate someone else. Someone named Cyrus Cooper.

Cyrus is everything Bo Schollenberger isn’t, including the badass enforcer for a smuggling ring. He establishes pecking order with his fists and doesn’t take shit from anybody, not even the undercover agent who comes to help his case.

Simon “Lucky” Harrison’s always been the best, whichever side of the law he was on. Former trafficker turned SNB agent, he damned well ought to be undercover in this motorcycle gang, instead of hanging around the office going crazy with new policies, new people, and “inter-departmental cooperation” that sticks him in a classroom. Yet he’s passed over for the SNB’s biggest case in decades in favor of the rookie who shares his bed. A man Lucky thought he knew.

When survival depends on a web of tangled lies, lines blur, worlds collide, and a high stakes game turns friend to foe. Lucky knows the difference between Bo the agent and Cyrus the outlaw, but does Bo?

More Rainbow Awards at my website:, Rainbow Awards/2010 & 2014

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Blog Tour: Bowl Full of Cherries by Raine O'Tierney

Bowl Full of Cherries by Raine O’Tierney
Paperback: 214 pages
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (December 5, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1632165198
ISBN-13: 978-1632165190
Amazon: Bowl Full of Cherries
Amazon Kindle: Bowl Full of Cherries

Porker, Fatty, Tons-of-Fun: Crowley Fredericks has heard it all. He’s dropped a lot of weight since his high school days, but he’s still a big guy, and the painful words and bullying follow him. Rejected—again—because of his size, Crowley is starting to think that maybe love just isn’t meant for huskier men.
Averell Lang and his twin are so different they might as well not even be related. So when Rell’s brother brings his roommate home to snowy Susset for the holidays, Rell expects the worst—another uptight, pretentious hipster. What he discovers instead is Crowley. Nerdy, fascinating, attractive, Crowley. Rell never expected to look at a man this way, and what he sees in Crowley Fredericks is something he didn’t even know he was looking for. If both men can overcome their hang-ups, they might unwrap more than presents this holiday season.

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Author Bio: Raine O'Tierney, a passionate believer in what she calls The Sweetness, writes positive stories about first loves, first times, fidelity, forever-endings and.friskiness? When she's not writing, Raine can be found fighting the good fight for intellectual freedom at her library day job.
Raine believes the best thing we can do in life is be kind to one another, and she enjoys encouraging fellow writers. She changes sub-genres to suit her mood and believes all good stories end sweetly. Raine lives outside of Kansas City with her husband, fellow Dreamspinner Press author and sometimes writing partner, Siôn O'Tierney.
Contact her if you're interested in talking about point-and-click adventure games or about what kinds dachshunds are the best kinds of dachshunds!

Author Contact:
Email: Raineotierney [at]
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5-Dec BFD Book Blog, Louise Lyons, Molly Lolly, Velvet Panic, Carly’s Book Reviews
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