August 13th, 2016

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2016 Rainbow Awards: Code Name Jack Rabbit by Elizabeth Noble (233-07-31-2016)

Code Name Jack Rabbit (The Vampire Guard #1) by Elizabeth Noble
Gay Mystery / Thriller
Paperback: 200 pages
Publisher: DSP Publications (July 12, 2016)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1634768930
ISBN-13: 978-1634768931
Amazon: Code Name Jack Rabbit (The Vampire Guard #1)
Amazon Kindle: Code Name Jack Rabbit (The Vampire Guard #1)

"The Vampire Guard: Book One"

Meet the newest members of the Vampire Guard, where legend and myth meet science and technology.

Jonas Forge, vampire. Once a spy and soldier, now a cop, Forge enjoys the life he s built with his friends in Flint, Ohio.

Blair Turner, PhD. Blair, a vampire and computer hacker with exceptional skills, shares a powerful empathic bond with Forge, his soul mate.

Declan, vampire, ex-pirate, ex-fur trapper, thief, and con man. Declan is Forge s former lover and soul mate to Lucas Coate.

Lucas Coate, MD, Flint s medical examiner. A werewolf living among vampires, Lucas is also one of Forge s best friends.

Their lives become complicated when an impending presidential visit throws them headlong into a world of high-tech vampire spies and espionage. Recruited into the Vampire Guard by the secret society of the Akhkharu Nasaru, they uncover a werewolf terrorist organization known as the Qiguan.

Together they must thwart a murder attempt on the open waters of Lake Superior while tracking a previously unknown biological weapon controlled by the Qiguan a weapon that may very well mean death for one of them."

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