November 23rd, 2019

andrew potter

Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention: Darkling by Brooklyn Ray

Darkling (Port Lewis Witches Book 1)

"A dreamy powderkeg of emotions, magic, and the risks of being true to oneself. I cannot wait to read the rest of this series. Writing style is first off, the author’s use of metaphor blends with the magical setting to wonderful effect; the lines between the literal and the fantastical blurs, granting a dreamlike effect to the prose. The use of magic to convey emotions highlights this ability quite well. Furthermore, descriptions in this tale utilize all senses, which makes it engaging on multiple levels for the reader. In addition, all the characters have distinct voices, even the minor side characters or non-verbal characters such as the familiars. If anyone ever asks me to pinpoint a pinnacle of craft when it comes to descriptive prose, this book is going to the top of that list."

"This was a very engaging book, super intense. The story was well written and the world building was wonderful. I loved the characters! I will be checking into the rest of the series directly."

Port Lewis, a coastal town perched on the Washington cliffs, is surrounded by dense woods, and is home to quaint coffee shops, a movie theater, a few bars, two churches, the local college, and witches, of course.

Ryder is a witch with two secrets—one about his blood and the other about his heart. Keeping the secrets hasn’t been a problem, until a tarot reading with his best friend, Liam Montgomery, who happens to be one of his secrets, starts a chain of events that can’t be undone.

Dark magic runs through Ryder’s veins. The cards have prophesized a magical catastrophe that could shake the foundation of Ryder’s life, and a vicious partnership with the one person he doesn’t want to risk.

Magic and secrets both come at a cost, and Ryder must figure out what he’s willing to pay to become who he truly is.

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andrew potter

Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention: Hestia: sapphic soulmates by Helen Jayne

Hestia: Sapphic Soulmates

"I liked this book but it left a little bit to be desired for me. I felt it could have been so much more. I wanted it to be so much more."

A lesbian fantasy romance.
Suppose you were seduced by an immortal Goddess today. And discover she has devoted herself faithfully to you for centuries, but you don’t remember past life details. What would you do?
Eighteen-year-old Lauren has survived school in her small town, just about. She’s never had a girlfriend, and she doesn’t have a life plan. She does have the devotion of an immortal Goddess.
Hestia might well be the first of the Olympian gods, but her job has been to keep the home fires burning, which means she doesn’t get out much. She doesn’t mind staying in, but it wasn’t the same when her soulmate went missing for hundreds of years.
When they reunite, their passion and desire are enough to light more fires. They can’t keep their hand off each other. Watch out for ebooks melting because of the heat and undergarments bursting into flames.
Hestia is a sizzling fantasy romance. It features lovers reunited, with a happy ever after.

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