June 2nd, 2021

andrew potter

2020-2021 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention: Until the World Stops

Until the World Stops by L.A. Witt

This story is a bold move into uncharted territory that balances a realistic and sweet relationship that blossoms between unlikely lovers with an ongoing and unprecedented global crisis. I do not think that it would have succeeded in the same way in lesser hands. This is the first story I have read that tackles the ongoing global Covid 19 pandemic. It is difficult and controversial to include this global crisis in a romance, but the author did it brilliantly. It gives the story a unique setting and the military aspects felt very authentic. This story feels very much character driven, but the plot kept me interested throughout and feels very realistic, at least after the marriage happens. I did have some trouble with the premise of one character just marrying the second character they don't even like, because they felt bad for something that mostly was beyond their control. It did however set up the characters in a beautiful tension and allowed them and their relationship to change and grow under very unusual circumstances. The progress of the global pandemic and what happened on base seemed like a fair and realistic portrayal and could have happened like that. The plot felt unique and interesting. The writing style is where I was between an 8 and a 9. The story is well-written, but the style is very subtle. I have come to the conclusion, though, that the writing style is instrumental in letting the reader into the minds of the main protagonists. It is very direct and honest, which also feels fitting and authentic with the military theme of the story and the characters.


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