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When an impromptu decision can became one of your cherished memories

So I have this weekly appointment on Friday with my best girlfriend: when I leave the office, I enter my little car that is provided with bluetooth (she is born with that I didn't accessorize her!) and I have a 30 minute call with my friend summarizing the week. Of course this Friday I was raving about how I loved my experience in Dublin, and I realized I didn't tell you all my friends about it, and why haven't I? so here I'm and I hope you will enjoy.

Let's just start from the beginning. Long long ago in the ethereal world that is the net I met this guy, Max Rhyser. At the time Max was starting his career and was doing some modeling job. I posted about him in my Man Candy series, but like for many other models, I didn't "know" him. But Max left a comment, we started to chat, and I think we clicked. But still, I really didn't know him (if for knowing someone you mean you met him and shared personal details of your life), and so, when I visited New York some months later, I didn't tell him. I'm not sure if Max "felt" something (he is like that trust me), but right the day I was back home from NY he wrote, and when he knew I was in NY he said he would have liked to meet. So I told him, next time, but again, maybe that is what you usually say in these circumstances. But well I did go back to NY one year later, and I told him, and we planned to meet. That first meeting was a little awkward, I think both of us didn't know exactly who they were meeting and we brought along other friends to smooth the way. It was good, and now, every time I'm in NY I try to save an hour or two to Max, but I had never been able to see him perform on stage.

Just few weeks ago, I dragged along Robyn Walker to see Max's short, Chaser, at the Fringe! festival in London, that at least was a different experience, seeing Max on the big screen, but still, he was "far" and I wanted instead the chance to see him on a live performance. So when I read about Role/Play and that it was planned to opening in Dublin, in a week where I was booked for a two days conference in London, I thought, Carpe Diem, ask for two days off and take that plane to Dublin. Dublin is not a new city to me, I was in a project for some months in 2010 and spent a lot of weekdays there, but never on the weekend, so I didn't mind the chance to "live" it from a different perspective. And then there was Max, coming from NYC!

Rio Cinema

Max in Chaser

So, plane and hotel booked, I told Max and we planned to meet after the show on Wednesday. I wasn't really sure what to expect, I know Max is always busy, always in motion, but I thought, well, at least I will see the play, and whatever happens after that is good.

Russell Court Hotel

The morning I arrived in Dublin, the weather was not bad, and I was already planning my day, first two gardens, Iveagh Gardens (just in front of my hotel, The Russell Court) and then St Stephen's Green, then the Georgian Dublin (the National Library and some other place) and then the Trinity College. But already at the Iveagh Gardens it started to rain, and at the time I was at the National Library it was really pouring. I decided to go back to the hotel, sleep the rain off, and going to the Players Theater (inside the Trinity College) a little earlier, so that I could visit the college before the play. I was just there, thinking to the right shot to take of the entrance, that a voice behind me called my name. Max and his co-protagonist in the play were arriving. We exchange kisses and hugs and nice to meet you and co, and then they went their way to the theater while I continued my visit... just to almost break my ankle in a slope of the pavement (Max, I didn't tell you this :-) ), so my visiting was break short and I waited near the theater for the play to start.

Iveagh Gardens

St Stephen's Green

Ely Place

National Library

Trinity College (this was the picture I was taking when Max found me)

The play was really a good surprise, short but you don't realize it. It's around the different concept of Role/Play: as D/s relationship, as a couple posing to be someone else in a sex game, as shifting in power, strong and weak, who is really the strong, who is really the weak? it has at least three different changes in perspective, all of them quite developed, and that is the reason why you don't realize it's less than one hour long. While attending the show I was thinking this would be a good plot for a movie, easy to realize with a low budget, and indeed I had the chance to talk with the author, Greg Turner, and he told me he was thinking about it. Anyway the play didn't disappoint, and I was good like that.

Players Theatre

Role Play

After the show everything was a little chaotic, people planning where to go, where to meet, what to do... to every question I replied fine, also since I really didn't know what to suggest and there was another guy, sorry I don't remember his name, but he was really nice, that knew the city and was ready with suggestions. Max, Ryan (the co-protagonist), Jen (the stage manage), this guy (sorry! you were so nice and I don't remember your name :-( ), and me, went to a pub and we scandalized the other patrons talking about the different ways to swear in foreign languages (and no, I will not tell you what were my words!). Then we went to another club, The George; I thought I knew about it, but was not able to link the dot: I searched about it at home, and remembered The George is one of the most popular gay nightclub in Dublin, quite famous for its live drag queen show.

I'm not really for loud music, but everyone was really nice, especially Max. As I was telling to my friend, I was expecting for Max to have to do public relations, but he basically never left my side, always being sure I was comfortable or fine. I really was, and if not for the early flight the morning after (actually almost the same night) I would have stayed longer. But in any case, everything was perfect, and I truly thank Max for a wonderful night that I will cherish.

To close the experience in a wonderful way, I spent the few hours I had in London waiting for the flight to go back to Venice at the Chelsea Psychic Gardens, wonderful walled XVII century botanic gardens, and had a sumptuous lunch at the Tangerine Dream, the cafe that is inside.

Chelsea Psychic Gardens

Tangerine Dream

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