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The Foundling by Wendy Rathbone

What will remain the most with you of this romance is the language, almost poetic. Sometime I had the feeling I was reading a poem, not a novel, and it was so enthralling that I was almost forgetting the plot or the characters. And you should not because the author decided to being totally honest with them, especially Diego.

Diego is the villain, that character that usually will remain unpaired at the end, if he arrives at the end of the story; a villain can have honor, but if he doesn’t redeem, he cannot have the happily ever after, or at least so are the romance rules. Well, here Diego will not redeem, and until the very end, he will maneuver is dark empire with a coldness that is scaring, a coldness that, on the other hand he doesn’t reserve to Alec, the man he found lost at sea and that he brought back to life… apparently. Sure Diego has a tragic past, and he became who he is as an act of rebellion, but instead of fighting to destroy the system, he decided to conquer it; sure, he has honor, he will not trade with the worst kind of smugglers, but while weapons and drugs are not human lives, they nevertheless kill them. And not, do not hope he will be rescue by Alec’s love into a new and better man, that is not where the story is aiming, on the contrary, in a way, it will be Diego that will drag Alec into his den.

Alec has amnesia, he doesn’t even remember who he is; Diego is his only constant, and even if the police will tell him the true about the other man, nevertheless Diego remains his only shelter. Living in Diego’s remote mansion, I think allow Alec to deny he has not more his own life; no one is asking questions, no one is pretending answers. Alec can build a new life, while Diego can reborn a little. In a way they are both hiding, Alec from a past is better he doesn’t remember, Diego from his own past he doesn’t want to remember; since Alec cannot share his past, at the same time he is not asking Diego about his own, and Diego is not volunteering the info. They are both willingly falling into oblivion. And no, there will be no return, to them, that is their happily ever after.

Amazon Kindle: The Foundling
Publisher: Eye Scry Publications (June 23, 2012)

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