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Bad Attitude (Bad in Baltimore) by K.A. Mitchell

A very nice reverse cinderfella theme, meaning that, the Prince Charming here is the one needing to be rescue by the “peasant”. Gavin Montgomery is the middle son of a very wealthy family; his older brother is already presenting the good boy façade for the society, and his younger sisters are one the rebel and the second the social/political climber… no stereotype remains for Gavin who is basically living in the shadow. Sure he is gay, but in today modern “good” society, that is no more a scandal, above all when his father decided that could be a good promo and became a supporter of Marriage Equality.

And then Gavin meets Jamie, the police rescue diver coming to drag Gavin and his friend Beau out of the river; now don’t think Gavin did some tragic mistake, but truth be told, he was not far from it. Gavin did not have stability in his life, aside from trying to patch together his dismantled family. On the other hand, Jamie doesn’t have a real family, but he is building it with friends, problem is they are all couples, and they would like for him to follow on the same path.

The story is a classic with a touch of sexy, or maybe even a little more than a touch. Both Gavin than Jamie are quite free when coming to sex, and when they are still consider themselves unattached, they are not against the idea of group sex or exhibitionism, of course always considering that they are not doing a wrong to anyone.

The cinderfella theme was always a favorite of mine, and I quite enjoyed this new twist of having the rescued becoming the rescuer. Not that Gavin has to be really rescued, more he needs love, plenty of love, and above all he needs something real, basic, something that money is not able to buy. Jamie has plenty of what Gavin needs, and aside from some initial misunderstanding, Jamie is also able to not judge Gavin from the appearance, to read behind the bored brat to see the simple guy who would like a suburban white fenced house with a back yard and a dog into it.


Amazon Kindle: Bad Attitude (Bad in Baltimore)
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd. (April 23, 2013)

Series: Bad in Baltimore
1) Bad Company
2) Bad Boyfriend
3) Bad Attitude

Reading List: http://www.librarything.com/catalog_bottom.php?tag=reading list&view=elisa.rolle

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