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Game on by Summer Devon

Have you ever had that feeling of eating something really good, and thinking, I would wish more, but then, considering that the morsel was the right mix of flavours without stuffing you? That is the feeling I had upon finishing Game On. I knew Summer Devon, and I was expecting to like the characters and the writing; on that front this author doesn’t disappoint. What I was not expecting was for the story to be short, a novella, because usually, if I like the characters, a novella is too short to satisfy my need to spend time with them.

But Game On had a nice development of the story, even if, basically, it’s four scene in total: boy meets boy, boy fights boy, boy falls in love with boy, boy and boy live happily ever after. But the strong asset are the characters, Grant and Ned; both different types of nerd at school, they managed to become successful in their respective fields, but those fields are so different that they seem unlikely as a couple.

I like the sexiness that seems unborn in Ned, and I like the uptightness of Grant, who is able to unleash a dominant lover when necessary; I also like that Grant, while admitting having a relationship with Ned is not politically correct (for working related reasons), in any case doesn’t deny to himself the pleasure to indulge, and with no regret.

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