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Another plot bunny...

Today I posted about John Singer and Paul Barwick:

in 1971 they applied for a marriage license, and of course they didn't get it, but basically for them it was a political act, they weren't really a couple. But that sprung me an idea for a plot. Mind you, I'm not a writer, so this is only a plut bunny. My idea is: move the action in current time, in a state where same-sex marriage is still not allowed. A militant gay group select two of them to apply for a marriage license, they are handpicked because they represent the community, i.e. one can be a professional and another can be a public man, like an actor or someone else in the show business. They are not a couple, actually maybe they even initially don't like each other much. They nevertheless apply for the marriage license because they believe in the cause. But surprisingly a judge approves their request and now they are in front of a choice: admit their was only a political act, and in this way discreedit their own imagine as gay couple, or go on with the marriage. Of course they will choose the second, with all the following misunderstanding. I would add a family of one of the two (i.e. the actor), who believing the marriage will "correct" their son (he has to be a bit flicky, not really believing in long-term relationships), is embracing the prospect groom as a gift from the sky. And OF COURSE there will be an happy ending where they will fall in love and marry, for real!

That's all, but as a friend told me, by the time it becomes a novel, maybe the story will be "old" (I hope, that will mean same-sex marriage will be for all!)

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