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Revelations (with Genesis) by Jet Mykles

Genesis (Heaven Sent 5) by Jet Mykles

I think Jet Mykles wants to reach two goal with this book: open some more possibilities for the continuing of the Heaven Sent series but at the same time informing her readers that, for the next future, we will not have more of the guys. Like a good food, you could grow tired of it if you eat to much, and so we have to savour our boys and waiting for them to be ready for a new adventure.

In Genesis all the four couples of the former books are main characters.

Brent has injured his hand and he can't play in the New Year's concert they will have in a new resort Genesis. He is the one who finds his substitute but seeing someone else playing so good with HIS band is not simple. And Hell has to convince his man that noone else could be his replacement and that they have something more important than only the music between them.

Tyler is beginning to want some more from his relationship with Johnnie that "only" exceptional sex. He is thinking to a family, but he is not sure whom will be the "mother". And then he is not sure this is the right moment to make a family, with Johnnie always on the road.

Reese is sure of Luc's love for him, but now that he is becoming a real actor and that he has the chance to work with beautiful actress, maybe he can have some second thought on the idea to spend his life with a man; and then there is this young actress, who is very similar in body to Reese, apart one not so little male attribute...

Darien is total in love with Chris, but both him than his lover are pretty busy worker. And so when Chris has to stay at home to work with a case involving his ex lover, Darien is not very happy: how can he go out of city leaving his lover at the hand of a man who obviously wants him back?

In this book Jet Mykles plays a little the role of the teaser: like the countdown for New Year's Eve, she gives us some candy during the book, but the real cake will arrive only to the end... and what cake you will have!

As I said, I think we have to wait to have more of the guys after this book, but as a faithful fan, I will stay in line and ready to read the next one... please Jet don't make us wait too much!


Amazon: Revelations (with Genesis) (print book)

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5) Genesis
6) Revelations

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Cover Art by P.L. Nunn

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