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Jim Kitchen & Marsh Cassidy

Marsh Cassady (born June 12, 1936) is the author of fifty-two published books and approximately 4000 shorter pieces in many different genres.

Marsh has five kids who live across the U.S. from California to Florida–Kathi, Kim, David, Beth and Heather. It was no small task to see them all into adulthood after his wife Pat died in 1978. The oldest child was then seventeen; the youngest four.

Fortunately, two years after the death of his wife, Marsh met the man who would become his partner–in business and life. Jim Kitchen, the father of four sons, helped rear the three younger kids. Jim has written and published several books and is co-founder of the School of Public Administration and Urban Studies at San Diego State. (Picture: Jim Kitchen)

He has won a San Diego Book Award for nonfiction for The Newhall Incident, (true crime co-authored with retired CHP commander John Anderson) and a national competition for his book of haiku, The Music of Tree Limbs.

He has been a finalist for six national awards for Alternate Casts (science fiction novel), Light (literary novel, finalist in two competitions.), Triple Fiction (short story collection with two co-authors), and Brass Pony (two novellas). In addition he has been nominated for several other national awards–for playwriting, a poetry collection, a book on theatre, and Love Theme with Variations (a novel).

He had his play To Ride a Wild Pony produced off-Broadway in the late 80s and has had a couple of dozen other plays presented in various U.S. and Canadian theatres and at a drama festival and a community theatre in Mexico. His books include two collections of his plays.

He won numerous prizes for his haiku–from such groups as American Pen Women, the North Carolina Haiku Society and the Haiku Society of America.

He and his partner Jim Kitchen founded and operated Los Hombres Press, which published novels, nonfiction and haiku during the 80s and 90s. Their first book, The Rise and Fall of Sparrows, was named best anthology of the year by the Haiku Society of America. Jim and Marsh also published a literary journal, Crazyquilt.

He has been a newspaper columnist and feature writer and a book reviewer for an arts paper and three national magazines.

He was a columnist for two writing magazines.

He has written books that range from novels to poetry to how-to books to theatre texts to true crime. At one point in the 90s he had a poem a week in a Pittsburgh newspaper.

He has taught classes in creative writing (playwriting, short fiction, advanced fiction workshop and general creative writing) at UCSD, as well as teaching a course he developed in creativity in the arts. For a total of thirty-six years he has conducted writing workshops and seminars. For a couple of years he taught for Long Ridge Writers.

He has been a freelance editor for Quill Driver Books/Word Dancer Press, and served as translator (from Spanish to English) for The Baja Times. Among many of his ghosting projects was a bible for a new religion–based loosely on Christianity (founded by a man in Detroit), a book about logging in the South and eleven romance novels.

He developed an entire program in playwriting including classes, workshops, and special projects for both undergraduate and graduate students while on the faculty of Montclair State in New Jersey in the 70s.

In one of his other lives Marsh was involved in theatre as: an actor, a director and a scene designer.

He has worked on more than fifty shows in educational, community and professional theatre.

Marsh has a Ph.D. degree in theatre and taught at Kent State, San Diego State and Montclair State Universities. For still another university in California, he once taught a speech course via correspondence.

During a third life Marsh was a professional musician, singing and playing trumpet. But that ended so many years ago – except for appearing in musicals–that it’s hardly worth discussing. For eleven years he also appeared regularly as a magician at schools, clubs and community events. He took early retirement at the age of nineteen.

In Marsh’s fourth life he is an artist. From early on he dabbled in sculpting and painting. Recently, he began splitting his working time equally between writing and art. He works with: Clay, Easel art including painting and collages, and sometimes a combination, Digital art.

He had his first one-man show at a gallery in Rosarito in 2001. Since then, his work has been exhibited in seven Baja galleries.

Most of Marsh’s digital art is realistic. Nearly all of it depicts Baja California subjects.

His collages are a combination of painting and three-dimensional objects, consisting largely of broken jewelry and some “found objects” like sticks and stones.

In other fractured lives he had other jobs–a dozen or so. The first one after he received his Ph.D. degree was as a gas station attendant. He quit a few weeks after being hired when he was robbed by a traveling band of gypsies. At one point while living in NJ, he taught full-time at two universities and half-time at another. All this was when he was writing–with his wife Pat–his first published book. He often wondered why this word “sleep” was so important to most people and what it really meant. Throughout life, however, he has been well-acquainted with the word “workaholic.”

Marsh Cassady was born in Southwestern Pennsylvania where he grew up. He lived for years in Ohio before moving to the West Coast in 1980.

Shortly afterward, he visited Baja. He vowed that as soon as his kids were all on their own, he was going to move here.

Marsh was vice president for three years and president for two years of the San Diego Writers/Editors Guild which held an annual conference in Playas de Rosarito (Rosarito Beach). This, he discovered, was where he wanted to spend the rest of his life.

It took a few years more than he’d planned, but he moved to the area at the beginning of 1997 and has never regretted it–though at first it was a little scary. Marsh was used to trading faxes and/or phone calls nearly every day with editors and publishers. At that time it could take six months or more to get phone.

Until the beginning of 2009 Marsh wrote for The Baja Times–editorials, articles and columns. However, he decided he wanted to concentrate more on his books and art. Currently he’s working on a manuscript tentatively titled: Notes to my Writing Workshop, a book on entrepreneurship with a high school friend who became an entrepreneur, a comic novel titled Double Occupancy about a gay man and a homophobic man trapped in the same body, a book of haiku with each poem illustrated by his own art, an sf novel dealing with the concept of time.

Marsh shares his home in Baja with Jim and five members of the feline persuasion–Mindy Melissa, Carlos, T. Grey, Lene and Little Girl. Marsh is a grandpa eight times over, and so far has one great-grandchild.

Marsh Cassady's books on Amazon: Marsh Cassady

Source: http://marshcassady.com/BIO/index.html

Further Readings:

An Introduction to the Art of Theatre: A Comprehensive Text- Past, Present, And Future by Marsh Cassady
Paperback: 353 pages
Publisher: Meriwether Pub (March 31, 2007)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1566081173
ISBN-13: 978-1566081177
Amazon: An Introduction to the Art of Theatre: A Comprehensive Text- Past, Present, And Future

This is a readable, workable text that deals with everything about theatre and the artists who make theatre possible. Styles of drama, staging, production, directing and acting, along with all backstage functions are defined in detail. Theatre history and the business of theatre are covered fully for the use of both students and instructors.

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